3 Tactics for Overcoming Slot Zombie Syndrome

Updated: 19.10.2021

Use These Tips and Tricks

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you will have to abandon this hobby as the slot thing can be entertaining and nice. The slots really have what players need, especially when they are modern games with a pack of innovations.

However, we are going to help you change things a bit, adding more fresh ideas to your routine gambling. So, how to shake the slot zombie syndrome, and what tactics can help you gain new experience?

More Actions: Move Around!

Doing the same thing over and over again may be not only boring but also harmful for your brain and body. Sitting by the slot or the screen of your gadget is both tiring and bad for your concentration. So let yourself relax from it by getting up and moving around, whether it’s a walk about the casino hall or a short break when playing at home. This warm-up may be useful for several reasons.

  • You get rid of the feeling of being oblivious to the world. If you are at a casino, talk to other people or simply walk around. This way, you will save some money and won’t miss the excitement gambling halls can bring
  • The other way to go is to change the machines. If you do so, it’s reasonable to try out some new titles with an element of user interaction, where gamblers can pick items, spin the wheels, and do other things to influence the outcome

A short break can make your brain work so that you will feel more concentrated and out of the slot-zombie zone.

3 Tactics for Overcoming Slot Zombie Syndrome - Blog

Give Video Poker a Shot!

As being said, one of the ways to avoid the zombie syndrome in gambling is to change the software you are playing. And if you find attractive sides of slots, you can enjoy another game that is a bit similar to slot machines but with a different concept. Yes, it’s video poker that is a blend of slots and cards.

Video poker is bound to help you move out of the zombie state for several reasons:

  • The games with this concept can be played randomly, but when you think of the strategy and your steps, you win more often, so it’s a good motivation to stop simply clicking mindlessly on the ‘Start’ button
  • These games have a huge RTP rate, which may help you ‘wake up’ when another portion of winnings is coming
  • Video poker terminals can be easily found at every gambling hall, while online casinos are packed with these virtual machines

The gameplay of video poker terminals is really different from slots as the outcomes depend on your decisions and the cards you keep or remove. Of course, this isn’t as difficult as the real poker game is as you won’t have to think of your opponent’s solutions or analyze the cards left in the deck. Just the middle ground.

And when getting bored of this entertainment, simply grab your money and come back to slots with a renewed vigor and a stimulated mind. Slot machines aren’t something bad and you shouldn’t be scared of them. Just keep in mind that you have to relax from them sometimes and it’s impossible to do so without abandoning these games for a while.

Completely Another Game to Try Out

Yes, we were talking about slots and you probably are fond exactly of this software type. But when it’s the only type of casino game you are playing, especially when doing it for hours, no wonder that a slots zombie syndrome takes place. So the last tip we can give is to look around and pick some casino games you haven’t experienced before.

This can be a short gaming session or a small bet in the games you are new to. Here are several ideas:

  • Betting on races or other sports events is a good way to go as the outcomes don’t depend on you, but you can watch the process and even predict the outcome relying on the facts or skills of participants
  • Visiting a poker room is another idea for you. Of course, you will have to learn the basic rules first, but this experience is unforgettable and will definitely make your brain work
  • Try to experience some other table games, to begin with, blackjack and to end with lotteries, which are instant yet dynamic and diversified

The core idea of doing this is to shake things up and try out something new. So there is no reason to place massive stakes or experience everything at once. Simply choose an entertainment you are new to and opt for small bets.

You will be surprised how refreshing some games may be. Plus, some of them may let you control the situation as the games of skills have enough space for strategies.

And one more tip is to try some of these games with real dealers or other players as communication is the first thing to help players avoid the zombie state. Interact with anyone and you will notice that you can go on playing with new energy.


Let us remind one more time that we don’t find slots bad and don’t think that it’s a wrong choice. We just want to stress that casino games are more than just clicking on the button and putting coins into the cup. So we strive to show you the other types of entertainment available.

When you have a choice and understand how thrilling the gambling diversity can be, you will easily avoid the common problem of slot zombie syndrome. Staring at the reels and clicking on the button for hours is not real entertainment, right? We are sure that the gameplay must bring you excitement rather than boredom or even irritability.

You should agree that any activity, even the most pleasant one, can become boring when there is too much of it. So use our tips, experience more new things, remember to relax, and let yourself go beyond the standard experience, trying out something new or just walking around the gambling hall, communicating with other players and dealers!

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