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5 Other Ways Casinos Play With the Player's Brain
5 Other Ways Casinos Play With the Player's Brain

5 Other Ways Casinos Play With the Player's Brain

16.01.2018 11:58
5 More Ways Casinos ‘Control’ the Player’s MindRemember a while back when we posted an article which had to do with the many different kinds of tricks which slot casinos use in order to keep the player playing for longer? Back then we numbered five of those, and now, once again, we’d like to present you with another 5 ways which casinos use to keep you in their grasp! Enjoy!

Sounds Lights, and Atmosphere

Most casino jackpot slots are a real cacophony of both pleasing and tempting stimulation: clanging change, ringing bells, flashing siren-like lights, whirring slot wheels, and beeping digital sounds. Needless to say, this is all quite captivating to be sure. Why is it so very captivating to begin with? Why, this is simply a non-verbal communication which keeps saying: ‘Win! Win! Win!’.

In other words, it gives an impression that every player is winning when, in truth, we all know that is not the case, as it’s not possible for all of us to be on a winning streak at the same time, and at all times. The point here is, whether the player happens to be winning or losing, whichever slot machine they are currently on would still be blaring out euphoric, festive sounds.

Such sounds encourage people and make them want to get in on this action themselves, in hopes of becoming part of the whole winning atmosphere as well. Human logic simply works this way, it always has: ‘this is such a fun and happy place, how could I ever lose?’.

Besides the sounds and lights, pretty much everything in these casinos is slick, polished, and gleaming with a rather hypnotic vibe to it. And so, at least on some level, every player, regardless of them being either a big or small bettor, becomes attracted to such ostentatious displays of flamboyance, luxury, and excess. We must admit, even from our objective point of view, it is rather contagious to be in the middle of such an atmosphere.

Labyrinth-Like Design

What exactly do we mean? Well, we don’t know if you’ve ever noticed or not, but casinos are basically built like giant mazes. which have been intentionally set up for the player to ‘get lost’ in them. An ocean of various slot machines and game tables also have the purpose of creating barriers and obstacles which keep you from leaving, even though you may not even be aware of this!

Furthermore, there isn’t any kind of logical arrangement. For example, multiple slot machines may be in one location, and at another location, you will find the exact same slot machines, let’s say about 200 feet away. The end result? Utter confusion from the player’s side.

You remember that the casino’s exit was located near those video poker machines, but wait…which set of video poker machines exactly? Indeed, there are numerous ‘nooks and crannies’ which abound with all kinds of twists and turns.

This perfectly connects with the common mental error which most humans make, every time they believe that if they continue walking along a certain path, then they could also easily turn right around and exit the same way from which they came. That would be wrong, as the path which leads out turns out to be unfamiliar, since, from a visual point, it is totally different!

Labyrinth-Like Design

Those tall slot machines we see and which make up the larger part of the floor layout also serve to prevent people from seeing too far, which, of course, only further disorients them. Additionally, some of the more modern casinos actually have lower ceilings which hinder the player from seeing any landmarks when it comes to the walls or the ceiling in the distance, which would help orient them, thus, keeping them longer in the casinos itself. Moreover, and this applies especially for those who have been drinking alcohol, finding one’s way out is pretty much like taking part in one large and interactive brain teaser. We kid you not.

Speaking of Alcohol

This is such a clear and obvious trick (as obvious as the ‘freebies’, which we discussed in detail in our previous article), and yet, it might just be the most potent of them all! The whole ‘free drinks’ offer ‘works its magic’ on several levels, in fact. First of all, they are FREE. This pretty much speaks for itself, as there are only a handful of players out there who wouldn’t take advantage of free stuff, including drinks.

It’s not like one has to be an alcoholic to enjoy this ‘generous offer’, and it is certainly no secret as to why this would keep anyone put – after all, it helps them feel satisfied, as well as cheerful, and in the mood to do some more gambling.

Second of all, alcohol can make even the smartest of players sloppy. Let’s say we have a player who uses some basic strategies while playing blackjack – for such a player, the alcohol would slow their brain activity and therefore, corrupt their ability to make the right decisions.

Most gamblers would also become far more liberal when it comes to their money if they happen to be a little drunk. They may even become as reckless as to start throwing the playing chips around as if they were nothing more than toy chips.

The Well-Thought of Location of Services

Say you want to use the casinos’ restroom, or maybe grab a thing to eat, or perhaps cash out your chips. In any of these cases, you must go even deeper into the casino’s bowels. This is because such services are wedged as far back as is possible. This is pretty much a last-ditch effort of keeping you inside. You’d have to walk through the entire place again and so, pass all of these tempting little machines and tables.

And in some casinos, there are several escalators, stairs, and the like, which represent the only way to get both to and from your destination, once again passing up all of those various temptations on your way.

These Things called “Near Wins”

These Things called Near Wins

Besides actually winning, the other thing which gets a person’s adrenaline to pump is that ‘nearly winning’ feeling. In other words, the bittersweet realization that one almost took money from this casino. Almost.

You better believe that each game, no matter if it is a table or a machine, is sneakily designed to pay out minor wins during the short run. Slot machines would keep making small payouts to the player, while, at the same time, being just one cherry or star symbol away from the big win, or jackpot.

The same thing goes for all of the other gambling games, such as blackjack, keno, or craps. Here, you, as the player, have a direct influence on your outcome, like, say, by throwing the dice or by picking your own numbers. This is just another way pf giving you a false sense of complete control, no matter shat game you are playing, and thus, causing you to play for longer. That’s why you should never overestimate your true chances of winning. These near wins are one weapon which casinos use to also coax players into coming back for more.


One again, we aren’t saying that you should stop having fun (and potential profits) from such games, and this includes the online slots found on online casinos (which may just be a far safer method, since most of the things we numbered apply to on-site casinos). Just keep your eyes peeled and always make sure to know your limit. Good luck out there!
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