5 of the Biggest Mistakes Made by Slots Players!

Top 5 biggest mistakes

1. The basics of logic

Many players are firm in their belief that after quite a lengthy losing streak, the slot machine in question simply has to get ‘hot’. Fair enough, even we must admit that it makes sense to a point. One huge win could more than make up for not just one, but multiple loses  which have been suffered by the player. 

Now, having said that, we must also point out that there is just no way at all  of telling when exactly that hopefully huge win will make its grand appearance. If it just so happens to be your lucky day, it might come even sooner than expected, which would be great, of course! But one has to be realistic here, as it might also come much later than one would like. And the saddest scenario of all: it might never come - period! 

The bitter truth of this matter is that many players who have visited land-based casinos ended up playing for hours on end, without any success whatsoever! And what’s even more painful is that in some cases, as soon as they leave their machine of choice, having given up, they witness another person taking their turn on the very same one, and winning right away! Ouch, indeed, but luck (and life in general) can be random that way. 

It can also occur that this new player ends up with the same rotten luck, by unwillingly continuing the losing streak. The moral of the story? If one is to play slots, then they would have to be ready for just about anything!

2. Winning the Entire Time?

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? If you happen to be a slots player, whether online slots or otherwise, we’re fairly certain that you have some friends which also share this passion of yours. In fact, certain individuals might even have a friend who plays the entire time, and always ends up winning! Lucky friend … but wait, is this actually possible in real life?


The plain and straight answer is 100% NO . You’d be wise not to believe such tall tales. Now, we don’t want to call your friend a liar or anything, but the facts never lie! Sure enough, one whose luck is with them can gain big cash while playing slots. And yet, when it comes to games of chance, no matter how lucky one is, there is simply no such thing as ‘never losing’. Even if it’s on extremely rare occasions, it still happens at one point.

The reason for this is that the hit frequency of any slot machine makes it purely impossible for the player to always get their way. So next time your buddy is bragging, you can call his bluff! They may have indeed won a staggering jackpot, or their winning streak that day has been wonderfully long-lasting. That still doesn’t mean that they have never felt the bitter blade of losing.

3. Baby steps

Many players believe that by playing the low-denomination slot machines, they are saving money. Well, as nice as it may sound, this is also not true, and is one of the most common mistakes made by slot players anywhere. By trying out your luck on what we like to call ‘penny slots’, you are by no means saving up. The thing is, the payout percentage is just the same as one would find it with those slots which have higher denominations. Here, the player ends up with a far lower pay-out. In other words, we would recommend playing the higher-denomination slots any day.

4. Polish your math skills 

Another common (yet completely erroneous) belief that many players share is that casinos are the ones who are favored by lady luck most of all. Thankfully, this is downright untrue. You should know that establishments like casinos don’t base a single thing on just blind luck. After all, they have a complex business that needs running, and they also need all the profit they can get! So believe us when we say that each casino, regardless of it being online or land-based, bases absolutely everything on math. Keeping that in mind, maybe you can try to apply some math in your gambling as well?

5. Tempting Practices

Last but not least, let us take a quick look at the oh-so popular ‘loose’ slot machines which one may find at land-based casinos. People believe that these are always placed at the very front of the land-based casino, all in order to attract more players. Once again: wrong! There is simply no possible or logical way that one can truly tell if a slot machine is loose or not.


Those who win do so due to pure luck, and certainly not due to the case of the slot machine being faulty.As for the whole ‘luring bait’…well, in all honesty, casinos don’t need to use loose slot machines, as there are more than enough visitors anyway!


There you have it folks. So next time you sit down and play a slot, whether actually going to a land-based casino, or trying out the vast number offered on our many top-rated online casinos, you would be wise to keep these ‘mythbusters’ in mind. We know old beliefs and habits are hard to break, but the proof is solid here, and it is only in order to help you with your playing. Lastly, we can only wish you the very best of luck out there!

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