AI in Gaming: How Innovations are Changing The Future

Why does AI matter in gaming?

Why does AI matter in gaming? - Blog

Put simply; the user experience!

How the new level of AI can assist in creating a unique gaming adventure is still being explored and debated among academics and business behemoths such as, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, and Nintendo.

One point most observers can agree on, though, is that the advancement in AI makes obtaining procedurally generated user data much more manageable while simultaneously increasing immersion for players.

For example, AI forms a crucial part of the process that mines user data, which affords valuable insight into what gamers enjoy. By understanding which features are popular, developers can create new entertaining content tailored to those interests and preferences.

In video games, AI is crucial to developing and maintaining non-player characters, or NPCs. These video game characters depend on AI-powered algorithms and engines to guide their in-game behaviour. Every character in a video game and subsequent in-game stories and environments is the product of an AI generation.

All character interactions and decision-making moments are tracked and fed back into massive databases, allowing developers to garner full discernment of how a certain segment of a game is performing.

In iGaming, the same AI principles apply. Using current technology, mining user data is increasingly streamlined, and previously undetectable trends and playing patterns are mapped out more efficiently.

Much like video gaming, the net benefit of AI in the iGaming sector is a better user experience for people.

Kirill Miroshnichenko has helped slot provider Endorphina surge to the top of the developer tree in iGaming in his time as CCO, and he believes there is a massive opportunity for AI to help provide a more rounded journey for all online casino players:

“AI technology can analyse vast amounts of data in real-time, enabling personalised recommendations (Netflix approach) and targeted marketing campaigns to engage players effectively.”

He also acknowledged the impact AI could have on his company:

“For game providers, it can also optimise gameplay, create graphics and many more functions.”

Ultimately, Mr Miroshnichenko sees AI as a gamechanger in many facets of the sector:

“AI-powered algorithms can detect and prevent fraud, ensuring fair play and maintaining the integrity of the gaming environment. It can provide more accurate odds calculations, resulting in improved sports betting predictions. Potentially, AI in the iGaming industry can enhance user satisfaction, drive operational efficiency, and contribute to a safer and more enjoyable gaming environment.”

Can AI make games?

Absolutely! AI can play a significant role in the development of slot games. At least according to Mr Miroshnichenko, who has seen his company take bold and industry-leading steps to embrace the new, game-making technology.

He said:

“Theoretically, AI algorithms can be used to generate the underlying mathematical models that drive the random number generation and determine the game's odds and payouts. By analysing large amounts of data and simulating different scenarios, AI can assist in optimising the game's mechanics to ensure fairness and an engaging gameplay experience.”

He also highlighted the creative potential the advent of AI in iGaming could provide:

“AI can contribute to the creation of captivating visual and audio elements in slot games. By training on vast datasets of existing slot games and understanding player preferences, AI algorithms can generate unique and visually stunning graphics, animations, and sound effects. This can lead to the development of highly immersive and appealing slot game themes.”

Mr Miroshnichenko believes the prospective benefits of AI in iGaming are massive, and he believes it could be in use across the industry as a whole before long:

“For now, AI technology is still at an early development stage but has a huge potential to revolutionise the slot game industry by optimising game mechanics, generating captivating visual and audio elements, personalising gameplay.
Its capabilities in data analysis and pattern recognition make it an invaluable tool in creating innovative and entertaining slot games. I’m proud that we are the first game provider who started using AI tools in game development and I’m sure more and more companies will use AI tools in the iGaming industry in the near future.”

Like many game-changing technologies, it is challenging to predict the future of AI in gaming. The AI journey will be non-linear but exciting to follow.

Joker Ra by Endorphina

Joker Ra by Endorphina

The release of Joker Ra by developer Endorphina made shockwaves in iGaming in April 2023, with it becoming the first-ever online casino game to be made by AI.

Speaking of the game, Mr Miroshnichenko told us how proud he is of the online slot, citing the immersive qualities brought to the table by AI.

He said:

“This groundbreaking development merges the realms of imagination and technology, bringing forth an extraordinary gaming experience. Powered by AI graphics that dance with life-like precision, players are immersed in a visually stunning world where the ancient meets the futuristic.”

As the reels spin, the magic of AI breathes life into every symbol, creating a symphony of visual brilliance that transcends the boundaries of possibility. Prepare to embark on an adventure like no other, where the development of Slot Joker Ra becomes an unforgettable journey into the realm of AI-powered enchantment.

To find out more, read the full Joker Ra game review.

This Girl Does Not Exist by Cute Pen Games

This Girl Does Not Exist by Cute Pen Games

A fun, new-age puzzle game, This Girl Does Not Exist is an immersive and relaxing AI-generated game that stands out in its field.

Everything, from the art to the characters, was put together by AI in the first video game of its kind. The game was produced by Cute Pen Games and focused the storyline on a first-person dating journey.

How is Artificial Intelligence Evolving?

There are several factors in the explosion in AI's evolution, which include the development of deep learning algorithms and robotics.

Autonomous driving, healthcare informatics, finance analytics, and social media monitoring are all areas of everyday life whereby AI has had an impact.

One of the most game-changing outcomes of the boon in AI has been the capability to process large datasets that can interpret complex patterns, generating accurate, educational, and digestible information.

The future of AI in gaming industry

The potential is eye-boggling, and it's not difficult to find instances of AI already being used in Video Game and iGaming products.

Like many game-changing technologies, it is challenging to predict the future of AI in gaming. The AI journey will be non-linear but exciting to follow.

Artificial Intelligence and games of skill

Artificial Intelligence and games of skill

Spreadsheets, scribbled notes on a notepad, mathematical pie charts - there is a long list of strategies employed by poker professionals and sports betting boffins that has come to the aid of many down the years.

In a new age, AI is bringing fresh benefits to gamblers in g. Take poker, for example. New players making their way into the game back in the 70s and 80s would spend hours studying math and reading guides. Thanks to AI, they can press a few buttons on a keypad and have applications advise them on the best way to play.

🏆 AI in sports games

In dynamic and action-packed sporting arenas, AI does have a role to play, but it becomes more effective when gathering data points and zooming out to analyse them over a more extended period.

While AI-generated algorithms and data trends are already in use by sporting analysts, many prospective AI-powered technologies could become part and parcel of any sport.

Some examples include:

  • AI Referee:

Forget VAR (Virtual Assistant Referee). Hello AIR (Artificial Intelligence Referee)! An AI referee could take the heat off humans in charge of the current technology. We are specifically talking about football, but AI referees could be in place in most sporting arenas.

  • Match Predictions:

The beauty of watching sport as a fan is not knowing if your team will win. AI won't have the power to spoil your blissful ignorance, but it can give you the tools to make a good guess at the result.

  • Player Performance:

While AI is always learning, it is also teaching! Such is the depth of insight into player data, coaches can learn a lot about their team and use it to improve technique.

🎮 AI in videogames

Not only does AI play an essential part in the creation and maintenance of video games, it can also form the central part of the plot.

There are several video games to explore the AI phenomenon, including:

  • Detroit:

Become Human: A cinematic, interactive adventure game that follows the stories of three androids struggling to survive in a future version of Detroit.

  • Cyberpunk 2077:

An open-world, action-adventure RPG in which players explore a futuristic cityscape and craft their own stories by completing missions and forming relationships with characters.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn:

Another open-world action role-playing concept, where players must navigate a post-apocalyptic world where robotic creatures run rampant, and humanity must fight for survival.

  • Mass Effect:

A sci-fi action RPG that follows Commander Shepherd's journey to save the universe from an ancient, unstoppable machine race.

  • TimeShift:

Released in 2007, this Saber Interactive-produced thriller invites players to step into a time-altering suit and manipulate the flow of time to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

What's fascinating to note is the doomsday-esque plots in many video games covering the topic. Game designers paint a bleak picture of a future run by AI.

Artificial Intelligence and Games of Chance

Artificial Intelligence and Games of Chance

Classic live casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are staples in online and land-based casinos. There are strategies for each of them.

There are computer-based methods of approach in blackjack, for example, including a genetic algorithm (GA), which is a type of evolutionary algorithm that uses principles from genetics and natural selection to solve optimisation problems. In our example, blackjack is a problem; the goal is to maximise winnings while minimising losses. A GA generates possible actions in any given situation. These scenarios are evaluated, and those that perform better are kept, and those that perform worse are binned. This process repeats until the algorithm creates an optimal strategy.

🎰 Artificial Intelligence in slot machines

Much like video games, modern-day slot machines depend on AI to enhance believable gameplay.

For example, the appearance of the Fairy God Mother on the reels in the Wish Upon A Jackpot slot is a random bonus game that can appear on any spin and has the potential for big wins. The character follows pre-set movements, and its AI-generated motion graphics quality increases the experience for slot players.

Can AI know when a slot machine will hit?

No - it is impossible for AI to know if a slot machine will hit it big, because at the core of most slot machines is a Random Number Generator (RNG), a computer programme regulated by state-backed gambling authorities, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

The RNG computer programme generates millions of random combinations and outcomes. It ensures each spin of the reels is entirely independent, making it impossible for users to predict or influence the outcome or engage in cheating.

🎲 Artificial Intelligence in casino games

The use of AI in casino games from a player's perspective is limited to strategic programmes and digestible data from algorithms.

It would require discipline from the bettor, but for those who bet with a view to losing as little money as possible, following an AI-designed strategy could prove beneficial over time.

From a responsible gaming standpoint, AI is being touted as a potential game-changer, with some programmes already in the works.

🎫 Artificial Intelligence in lotteries

The presence of AI in lotteries is very limited, for a number of reasons!

We asked ChatGTP whether it could predict the lottery numbers for us. It responded: "No, unfortunately, ChatGPT cannot predict winning lottery numbers for you. Although it is capable of generating creative and unique responses to questions, its responses are not based on any factual or predictive data."

Technically, some theories may help you find winning numbers, but it comes with a health warning on complexity! Indeed, mathematical algorithms called pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs) are so complex, ChatGPT is a long way from acquiring the level of sophistication needed to perform that function.

The future of AI in gaming industry

The potential is eye-boggling, and it's not difficult to find instances of AI already being used in Video Game and iGaming products.

Like many game-changing technologies, it is challenging to predict the future of AI in gaming, but our editor in chief, Aleksandra Andrishak, believes the journey will be non-linear and exciting:

"The possibilities of AI in iGaming are endless. With technology advancing at breakneck speed, developers, operators, and companies can create more immersive and engaging experiences for players that would otherwise be impossible. There will be peaks and troughs, but limitless potential."

The pros and cons of using AI in game development

There are many rewarding advantages to using AI in game development, but while there are major opportunities for innovation, there are ways in which it could prove a hindrance, too.

We've broken down the pros and cons for studios that count AI as a key element of the creation process:

The pros and cons of using AI in game development
Pros Cons
Improved User Experience: AI can create more immersive game experiences by fostering more intelligent character reactions. High Costs: We’re at the dawn of a brave new age, and it doesn’t come cheap! AI solutions and implementation is likely to be expensive.
Increased Efficiency: AI can automate certain processes within a game, such as environmental generation or NPC behaviour. Human Behavioural Interpretation Issues: We’re all different, and difficulty processing all human characteristics could lead to glitches.
Cost Saving: AI-assisted game development can reduce the cost of game production due to the increased efficiency of AI. Troubleshooting Issues: It’s tricky enough at the best of times to uncover issues with a video game. A new technology like AI could pose new problems.
Automatic Skill Level Adjustment: The user’s level of ability is determined by AI by analysing their gameplay. It can allow for a rich video gaming experience. Limited Prototyping Opportunities: AI-driven games require a lot of data to be able to work properly, which can limit the number of prototypes you are able to create.
Heightened Realism: We can expect AI to add to the already-advanced nature of video motion graphics, sound engineering, and many other sophisticated aspects. Limited Scalability: It’s difficult to scale an AI-driven game due to the complexity of the technology.
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What is AI in gaming?
AI refers to Artificial Intelligence and can affect and shape the behavior of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and the way they interact with human players.
What are the kinds of AI in games?
From NPCs to motion graphics, AI has multiple functionalities and possibilities. In addition, AI in games helps developers distinguish what players enjoy.
Will AI Make Games Too Hard?
There is a fear that AI could make games too difficult, but those have so far proven open-ended.

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