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Blackjack Professional Strategy

There's not a human being on this planet who's entered the world of gambling who haven't heard the myth that card counting is a blackjack strategy. But is it really?

Sure, maybe in land-based casinos, and sure, maybe used by blackjack players who have played the game for their entire lives. But online? I don't think so.

One thing you should be well aware before we get into the whole pro strategy thing is that if you’re looking for a strategy to beat on a blackjack game online, you’re doomed. No, seriously.

Online blackjack games are controlled by a Random Number Generator, a device that generates the outcomes of the game at random. This device shuffles and reshuffles the deck and makes sure that you cannot predict the outcome of the next hand or the dealer’s cards.

So is there really something that can help you to become a pro in online blackjack? Sure there is. You won't have control over the game, but what you will have is knowledge on which steps to make and when. Basically, you will learn how to increase your odds of winning.

blackjack-professional-strategy-how-to-winThe Basic Blackjack Strategy Really Works

The world’s most brilliant minds, geniuses and most successful mathematicians have studied the strategies and rules for winning at blackjack, and they have all concluded that this game can bring you really great wins if you follow the basic strategy. Basically, you need to know the rules on when to stand, hit, split or double down by heart.

The shortest way to describe the basic strategy to you is the following:

  • Stand whenever your hand is a soft 18, 19 or even higher or a hard 17
  • Hit whenever you have a soft hand or a hand totalling in 11 or less
  • Split whenever you get a pair of 1, 4, 8, 5, or 10s 
  • Double down whenever you get a hand which totals in 11 or 9

Some tips

Until You Master the Game, Avoid the Insurance Bet

If you’ve read a review or two that tells you the insurance bet is a good bet, forget about that immediately, at least until you really master the game. Sure, the bet pays double your initial bet, but do you know how tricky it is really?

Basically, when you place the insurance bet it means that you’re betting the dealer’s face-down card is a 10 value card. But do you know what that really means? It means that you have no doubt in your mind that there is a ten-card left in the deck and undealt.

Provided we concluded that card counting is impossible in blackjack when you’re playing online, it means that you can never be absolutely sure that the dealer’s card is a ten-card. Therefore, until you become a pro, forget about the insurance bet. 

Raise Your Bets Whenever You’re in a Streak

Now, this may sound confusing, but in reality, it is a money management strategy that really works, as confirmed by real blackjack pros. When you notice that you’ve won three hands in a row, it is time to raise your bet. But how? 

Well, here comes the money management thing. Before you join an online blackjack table, make sure you set a mental limit on how much you are comfortable spending for the entire duration of the game. Say, you are comfortable spending $2,000.

Now, put your money on three piles. One pile with $25, another with $50 bets and the third one with $100 bets. Start with the $25 bets, and as you hit a streak, start placing bets from your second and third pile. 

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