Bonus Hunting at GunsBet with Vlad

My first try

I started my journey with EUR 200 in the account and my idea was to check if any strategies would be helpful or it's just luck. I have been playing random slots, changing my bets. I wanted to get some high wins. I was just gambling, not bonus hunting. After one hour I was down to EUR 0 in my account. That was my first lesson. In future I will use some basic tactics while bonus hunting. Hope my mistake will be helpful to you.

Bonus hunting basics

While wagering you should search for the right slots, with good payback rates (approx. 98%+) and a lot of bonus games to keep you afloat for as long as possible. The main idea is to lose as little as possible, while trying to fulfill the wagering requirement.

Feel free to follow me on YouTube. It will be a lot of fun bonus hunting together!

GL to all of us!

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