Comparing Land-Based and Online Casinos: Which is Better?

A more cost-effective option?

Besides the comps one may receive, there are lots of other ‘financial motivators’ to aid you in making up your mind on which type of casino suits you best. Investing one’s gambling money by playing at an online casino might just prove to be slightly more cost-effective, at least in the long run.

Think about it for a second: if you decide to take a trip to an on-land casino, you would also have to include the expenses of travel, accommodation, meals and more into your overall planned budget. The truth of the matter is, not only would you not have to break a sweat about any travel costs (you can play in you PJs for all we know!), you might also benefit from better pay-outs from the online casinos.

This is due to the fact that websites have much lower overhead costs, meaning they require as much income in order to produce the very same profit. In other words, they offer the player more money for their bets!


Another plus when it comes to online casinos is that if you see you have fallen into an unlucky streak, you can always log-off, and log-in after a while, at what is hopefully a more productive time for you. It’s not so easy when you find yourself in the middle of a losing streak when on a weekend to Las Vegas, as you don’t have all the time in the world to leave the casino and come back again and again.

Another argument for these modern online casinos is that they show your bank account clearly, giving you a full idea of how much you are spending while playing. The same cannot be said for land-based casinos, as they offer colorful playing chips (which look a bit like candy to us, to be honest), and thus, even without noticing, the player may not take their money so seriously, and end up squandering it a lot easier and faster!

While the way your money is shown is a lot less fun when it comes to the online alternative, what really counts is that it helps you keep a complete check on reality, instead of throwing around plastic chips which are actually worth hundreds, and more!

What About the Atmosphere?

We know we have said many things in favor for the online casinos, but it’s not like they have everything to offer. Indeed, they might end up costing you, as the player, less down the road, but there’s a good reason why the real casinos are more money-consuming in general.

Namely, they spend a great deal of that money on creating the ideal atmosphere for you, their valued player!

It’s not secret that with such casinos, the gambling part is only one small fraction of the whole fun. There are plenty of things for your enjoyment, making you truly feel like you’re on vacation. We all must admit that we have made some real memories while playing at a luxurious land-based casino, instead of sitting in front of our computers (like we do every average day of our lives). It’s not like you’re making any life-long memories in front of your screen, well…at least not in most cases.

Plus, there’s also the socializing aspect one needs to remember here. Dressing up all fancy and getting to know exciting new individuals (you never know who you’ll end up meeting, after all!), which may just turn out to become life-long friends, or even the love of your life! Hey, it can happen. As a matter of fact, it has happened on many an occasion before.


Of course, we understand that not everyone wants to be in a room crowded with people and other machines, which can be quite e distraction. Usually, the aspect in favor of the on-site casinos which we just discussed is better suited for the extroverts among you, while the introverts will surely enjoy a far more private, home atmosphere - and that’s where the online casinos come in.


As you can well see, there is something for any type of gambler, and that’s why we really can’t make a final decision on which type of casinos are the better option. You will hear different answers from individuals if you were to do some asking yourself. Then again, that’s the case with most things in life isn’t it? Whatever you end up choosing, we wish you luck with all of your games, whether online slots, or otherwise!

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