Four Poker Game Alternatives to Texas Hold’em!

Most popular alternatives

1. Pineapple Poker

Let’s start with the one with the funniest name. We’re not sure why it has been named in honor of a tropical fruit. Maybe it’s because just like a real pineapple might sting one’s mouth, this poker game might sting one’ s bankroll if they are not careful enough. On the other hand, it could also help grow it, so don’t feel discouraged before you have given it a shot for yourselves!

But before you do, there are a few things you should know about it. First off, Pineapple is quite a bit like Texas Hold’em, with the largest and most obvious difference being this one crazy little element. You see, the difference starts at the very beginning, when each of the players receive  3 hold cards, rather than 2.

Pineapple pretty much follows the very same betting rounds as well. Having pointed that out, things start getting a bit crazy just as soon as what is known as ‘the flop’ (meaning the first 3 cards) have been dealt on the playing board and the 2nd  round of betting is completed. These are called the community cards, not your 3 hole cards. And at this point, all of the players have to discard one of these hole cards of theirs.

2. Omaha Poker

You may or may not have known that Omaha had risen to popularity just shortly after the world-famous Texas Hold’em did. You can imagine that it has always kind of been ‘in the shadow’ of this game, and that is clear from the fact that it isn’t as widely played as its more popular sibling, at least in worldwide terms.


Though, it’s safe to mention that, at least recently, it has been gaining popularity. One would find Omaha poker events at, say, the World Series of Poker, as well as several online poker websites which make sure to feature Omaha cash tables, and let’s not forget tournaments 24/7.

You may have even supposed by now that, just like Pineapple, Omaha is also a lot like the sought-after Texas Hold’em. Your goal here is to build the very best five-card hand which you can manage, while using a combo of not just community cards, but also your hole cards.

The main difference is that In Omaha, you would be dealt 4 hold cards. Furthermore, while there are 5 community cards which are in play here (just like with the Texas Hold’em poker game), you, as the player, would need to use 2 of your 4 hole cards, and precisely 3 community cards.

3. Razz 

Here’s another one with an odd and quirky name, folks. What is it all about exactly? Well, if you just so happen to be the type of poker player who finds himself or herself sitting on a constant basis with the lowest possible poker hand, then we’ve got news for you: you may want to consider switching to Razz. In this rather popular poker game, the goal of the player is to get the absolute lowest hand which they can manage.

Yes, you read that perfectly, no need to wonder if you need glasses. The lowest hand is equal to the winning hand in this particular case! Sounds fun right? Something new and unexpected for a change, to break from the ‘same old, same old’ poker playing routine. We know we’ve always loved games which break from the norm, and we aren’t even referring to just poker either!

The further good news here is that things such as straights or flushes in this game do not count against you, the player, which means that you could still build yourself a low hand using those, while potentially coming out on top with a massive win! Odd name, odd rules, but we love it!

4. 5-Card Draw

Last but by no possible means least, there is the 5-Card Draw poker variation for you to try out if you’d like. This one is especially fitting for all those of you who have a thing for video poker games! We are fairly certain such types of poker players would love 5-Card Draw. In fact, this particular poker variation had been possibly even more popular worldwide than Texas Hold’em! That is, prior to the huge ‘poker boom’ which was caused by Mr. Monkeymaker.

Like its name already suggests, all the players receive 5 cards. But they aren’t required to hold onto all 5 of them. Following the 1st  round of betting, the players are invited to either hold on to all 5 of their cards, discard all of them, or choose to keep or discard any combo of cards. Needless to say, the choice is entirely up to the player.

The best part with video poker is that you don’t need to break a sweat bluffing your way to victory, or trying to keep your poker face straight at all times. You can relax and enjoy the potential profits, which makes video poker always a good choice (at least if you ask us).


Actually, any online gambling game is a good choice for those who wish to avoid crowds and noises and lay back in the comfort of their home while possibly winning tons! Maybe instead of poker, online slots are more your cup of tea? All well and good, as you can always try your luck with those on one of our many top-rated online casinos. Whatever you choose to play, we wish you the best of luck!

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