Gambling Strategies That Proved Successful of All Time

Stick to Smaller Bets

Do you know of a famous saying: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”? That pretty much should be your motto most of the time. We know how some say to throw caution to the wind and make the highest bets to get the better prizes, but that is just a very reckless and irresponsible approach to gaming. When you bet all your money right away and then lose after one or two stakes you’ve made, you will then be left with nothing more to bet.

Then you will either be done for this plane session or worse will feel the impulse to bet more than you originally intended and that becomes a problem. Is that what you really want? No, trust us, slow and steady wins the race, and it is better to bet a smaller sum, but then have a possibility to bet again and again.

Opt for Slots With Many Paylines

If you often time play online slot machines, then you know that often times a lot of them come with a feature that allows you to adjust paylines. If you do come across a slot with adjustable paylines, it's a very good gambling tip to play on as many paylines as you can. That is because the more paylines the slot has, the bigger your prize will be on the win.

Always Check Out the Demo Mode

The demo mode of the game is not just an opportunity to check out the functionality and the design of the online slot. It is also a very good opportunity to see how the features of the game work, and how to activate them. This is a very good online slots gambling strategy since by playing in the demo mode you can even work out a certain strategy and your game style for this specific slot, which can payoff (both figuratively and literally) when playing the version for the real money.

Aim for Smaller Jackpot

Remember that gambling tip we gave about making smaller bets? Now apply a similar approach to the jackpot you're aiming for. If we're talking about online slots, for instance, many of them have several jackpot levels where you win one and then start to progress to a higher and higher jackpot.

The gambling strategy we highly recommend is to first aim for the smallest available jackpot, and when you're lucky to get it, then you can consider whether you want to get to the next jackpot level, or that it is better not to risk it. The most important thing is to keep it slow and steady, and not get overwhelmed by one win, rushing in and betting more and more because you think that luck will again smile at you. Remember to stay realistic and with a cool head!

In Baccarat, Bet on the Banker’s Hand

Let’s spice up our online slots tips, and move into another very popular game - Baccarat. One of the best Baccarat gambling strategies there are is to bet on the banker’s hand. To specify, in Baccarat there are three available betting options: tie hand, player’s hand and banker’s hand, the latter is the one we highly suggest betting on most of the time.

That is because the banker’s hand has the lowest house edge, and the lower the house edge is, the less profit casino receives and the better payout you get. We should also note that betting on the banker's hand in Baccarat is a good gambling strategy for beginners and casual players since you don't need to think of a complicated strategy and just need to make the same bet almost all the time.

Consider Using the Martingale Strategy

Martingale is a gambling strategy, where after each loss you double your bet, and that will help you win back the lost sum and even receive a small profit. This is an interesting and one of the most popular and best betting strategies; easy to use and can bring you good results. The downside however is that Martingale is very risky, and would only work for high-risk players with a large bankroll.

Keep Your Head in the Game

No matter if you’re playing Poker, slots, Roulette or whatnot, any game that you're playing should be your sole focus. Minimize all the distractions, loud noises, and leave all the work and affairs behind. This will allow you to keep a cool head, and not only control your gambling impulses but also to approach the game with rationality. Plus, that way you can fully focus on your gambling strategy.

Manage Your Money and Time

Finally, the most important gambling tip for everyone, no matter if you play Poker, Roulette, online slots etc, is to always keep track of your funds and time.

Managing time is a matter of restraint and self-control, and if you often find yourself getting so immersed in the game that you lose the track of time you can use something as simple as an alarm clock. Set the maximum time which you want to spend playing, and once the time is out, so if your gambling session for today.

As for money management, a very good and helpful option is to set a deposit limit on your account, if your casino allows it, and we highly recommend casinos that do have such a feature. Usually, to set the limit you can contact the customer support of your casino.

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Updated: 09.08.2022

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