Slot Machines: Should You Ignore the Odds or Not?

The Statistics on the Matter

Let’s look at some potential losses during, say, 10 hours of playing. Your potential losses with 1-dollar slots in a 2-coin game go as high as 800 dollars! As for the potential losses of 25-cent slots in a 3-coin game, those would be 350 dollars. Now let’s compare those to the potential losses during 10 hours of playing, say, 25-cent video poker in a 5-card game – they’d amount to 125 dollars. And what about 5-dollar per bet Roulette? That would amount to a potential loss of 79 dollars. And lastly, with 5-dollar per hand Blackjack, the potential losses for 10 hours of play go no higher than 25 dollars! The statistics hardly ever lie, folks, and this case is no exception. And they all point to one ugly truth: slots have a higher tendency than other gambling games to be a source of money loss.

Yet Still…

And yet, the fact remains, they are super-popular among any type of player, whether a high-roller or a newbie. Surely, we can’t be the only ones who’ve done the math up till now, surely others have realized they could end up losing a lot less playing something different. So why do players keep feeding slot machines? Get ready for another truth: these numbers can be slight…deceiving. This is largely due to slots being faster than any other casino game. Which, of course, makes the potential of chipping away at the player’s bankroll a whole lot bigger. But wait, you might ask, doesn’t that make the potential to make more money also bigger? Particularly with those alluring progressive jackpots simply waiting to be popped? Well, theoretically, yes, it does. So, the question stands here: How can a player make sure they are making more money and not losing it? We might just have some small, albeit useful, pieces of advice for you all. It might sound silly, but just ignore those odds and try these rather smart strategies instead.



Well, there you go. These useful tips have come in handy for those who have already given them a try, so they might just come in handy for you too! Now that you’ve been acquainted with the proper stats and gotten to know the whole truth, you can choose which games to play. We’re by no means saying you should stop playing your favorite slot machines, but at least try and play it smart next time. Good luck to all of you players, no matter what and where you decide to play.

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