Some of The Silliest Superstitions Revolving Around Gambling!

No Scoring in the Bedroom, If You Want to Score at the Tables!

Sounds familiar somehow? That’s most probably because you may have heard some coaches tell their team of players to skip on sleeping with someone before an important match. Or, maybe you even remember from personal experience, being a professional sports player yourself?

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the very same unwritten rule applies for gambling, at least if you were to ask some gambling lovers out there. Many of them strongly stick to this idea, and avoid getting lucky in bed, shortly before they hit any casinos, all in the hopes of getting lucky in their game!

Whatever You Do, Do Not Accept 50-Dollar Bills!

You may or may not have noticed how casinos, more often than not, pay you, as the player, out on any winnings you’ve collected in either banknotes of 20 dollars or 100 dollars. And no, as simple as the solution might be, it isn’t that they’ve run out on 50-dollar bills.

The real reason is, there’s a pretty good chance that the casino in question does not stock these bills at all! Why? Well, you see, it’s a pretty common occurrence for players to flat out refuse any payments in the form of $50 banknotes.

The same can’t be said for the other way around, as a casino will never refuse a 50-dollar bill as payment, even though it will never use it to pay out your winnings. So, don’t worry if all you happen to have at that particular moment is $50 banknotes.


No one is really sure why gamblers prefer to steer clear of this specific banknote, although there have been many speculations throughout the years, and we have no doubt there will be many more. We might never know the answer to this for sure, but whatever it may be, one thing remains certain: if the player happens to be of the superstitious sort, and the cashier tries to pay them out their winnings in the form of 50-dollar banknotes, chances are they will most probably refuse it.

Changing Your Fortune with Soap and Water?

Yup, you read that right, folks. It seems that carrying a bottle of Purell (or any other similar product) with you while entering and playing at a casino, may just turn your luck around! Well, at least that’s what some gamblers believe. There is this particular belief that the chips you’ve touched are filthy, and it may not be so wrong.

The nasty truth of the matter is, some players think that not washing their hands may end up in their favor and increase their luck. They think that if, say, they’re in the middle of a major winning streak, washing their hands before they are done could break that streak!

The disturbing result is that they might just go a long period without touching water or soap…yes, even after using the restroom. The only good news with such a dirty superstition is that once they end up with a losing streak after all, some major hand-scrubbing follows!

Entering the Casino Through the Main Entrance is a Big No-No

Or at least that’s what certain people think. Once again, no one is really sure where this silly superstition stems from. But if you happen to be one of those people, who’d do anything to avoid taking the front entrance, you’re in luck already!

There are more than enough entrances to the casino in Las Vegas and other gambling hot-spots, including through stores attached to the casino entrance, or entrances in the back of the establishment.

Forget About Counting Your Money or Chips

Yet another one in the collection of crazy beliefs. And actually, a successful, responsible player should do exactly the opposite of that. The logic as to why is very simple: by counting your money on a regular basis, you have a good grip on how much you’ve spent, and how much more you can afford to spend! One should always have a decent handle on their finances, even if they’re not the gambling type!

And yet, no matter the common sense of doing the opposite, many gamblers will still prefer not to count their chips or money, firm in their right to do so, as it will bring bad luck – according to them, that is.



As an extra, you may have already heard that most casinos (with MGM being one of the rare exceptions) don’t have a 13th floor? This is rather a ‘western culture’ thing, as not all nations or people find this “dreaded” number to be so unlucky. Still, it is what it is, and even the casinos which do happen to have this floor, the superstitious gamblers among you always stay away from them. And hey, if it makes you feel safer, do your thing!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list on things which you might be doing yourself, or are currently shaking your head in disbelief. We also hope you’ve learned something new, good luck to all of you players out there!

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