The Best Tips for Gambling Beginners

1. You Need to Do Your Research

First thing’s first. It’s not like you’re planning on jumping straight into the ‘playing field’ without having a look and feel first. At least, we hope you aren’t, as that would be a big ‘no-no’ for any beginner in any field. You need to do some gambling-related homework – by asking around, for example. Typical questions every player should ask are ‘Do the terms and conditions apply to me? What are the safest casinos to try? Where can one find the most suitable bonuses? And many more. But let us address these three, such as the ‘safe casino’ dilemma. Of course, you will need to make sure it is all legal and proper, as what you should be aiming at is ‘good, clean fun’.

As for the matter of the best bonuses for you personally, that’s a bit more difficult. Each player will find a different bonus most to their liking. But what you should remember is this. For instance, if you’re into playing live dealer games, you shouldn’t sign up and claim a bonus which is suited for slot machines. Why you ask? Simple: it’ll be a whole lot harder to fulfill the specific playthrough conditions. And while we’re on those, we may as well discuss the ‘terms and conditions’ question. The welcome bonus also comes with certain terms and conditions. You may be asked to play through it several times, 20 at least! Then there are other games such as those of the scratch or slot variety, which are even ‘heavier’ when it comes to the wagering requirements. On the other hand, a game like a BlackJack contributes only about 20%. As you can see, choosing the type of game which is best suited for you is a must.


2. Practice Makes Perfect

No greater truth was ever spoken. Now, there is no way that we (or anyone else for that matter) can promise you’ll win for sure on any game. But you better believe that practice makes all the difference. It can make a world of difference in both your gaming skills and wallet, so never underestimate it. As a beginner, you will certainly need to practice tons, but we’re sure you already knew that. And that’s exactly the beauty of many of the modern online casinos – they let you try out their games free of charge! Which means you can practice all you want, without losing a cent! This is until you feel ready enough to give the real thing a try for your money. But we should mention that even the most seasoned of players sometimes choose to practice on their game of choice before feeling confident enough to actually gamble. So, make sure to take advantage of these precious demos. You should also observe the behavior of experienced players in a live casino. Speaking of live, there is something special you can do at live dealer tables – you can bet behind a player! How? Easy enough, just pick a player you think wins more often than not, and place your bet behind their bet! This eases you from making any hard decisions, such as whether to stand or hit. And yet, if the player wins, you get a profit as well!

3. Perfection Achieved

In all honesty, we don’t believe in totally perfecting your gambling skills. Even the most daring and risk-taking players, as well as those who seem luckiest, can strike out sometimes. We all have our winning streaks and losing streaks. And that’s why we cannot stress enough how important practice is – it can lower your chances of losing big, as experience means quite a lot. Or did you maybe think it was just blind luck which one needed to hit it off? Think again.

Another important piece of advice we can offer you is to know when to stop. This means setting yourself limits and sticking to them at all costs. Managing your money, as well as your time, is truly vital. Always make sure to handle your funds responsibly. Remember, you’re playing for fun, with the possibility of gaining some cash. But it can also be the other way around, and going bankrupt by desperately playing while on an apparent losing streak is the worst that can happen to any player. Unfortunately, many players, even those who’ve played for years, can lose themselves that way. So, take it from us: never forget that your main objective is enjoyment, and wait for the prizes to come themselves, instead of chasing after them.

Our last piece of advice is to get to know your preferred games from inside-out. Some players make the ‘rookie mistake’ of playing a slot machine at the minimum bet when it just so happens that the rewards one’s after come only at maximum bet. Polish your skills and strategies by researching some advanced techniques. These can range greatly, from card-counting and charts while playing blackjack, to betting strategies like the Martingale system when it comes to roulette.


As you can manage to deduce from this, there is more than one way to skin a cat-ers, we meant, win a bet! Do some exploring of your own and see which games you like best by initially giving their demo-versions a try. Never overstep your limit when it comes to how much you are willing (and able) to pay. If you remember to enjoy the experience itself, while keeping the win opportunities in the back of your mind…you’ll do just fine, kid.

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