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The Amazing Effect of Slot Sounds on Slot Players!
The Amazing Effect of Slot Sounds on Slot Players!

The Amazing Effect of Slot Sounds on Slot Players!

09.01.2018 21:13
The Wondrous Effect Which Slot Sounds Have on Players!We think it’s pretty safe to say that all of us players have our personal favorite online slot games. Having said that, it is not as simple as it seems to try and figure out why we are so fond of this game or that game, and why we prefer it over any other.

This could be for more than one reason. It might be, for example, that we have a huge win which still lingers in our minds, and thus, perhaps even subconsciously, makes that slot game our lucky slot game by default. That is, at least until we hit another huge win while playing a different slot game, and, you guessed it, it’s that one’s turn to become our new lucky slot game, and so on.

Anotehr reason may be that we really like design of that particular slot’s graphics, or perhaps even the world which they portray. An ideal example of this which comes from the top of our heads would be NetEntertainment’s “South Park” slot, which we cannot help but connect to the series of the same name, which may just happen to be one of our all-time favorites!

Or Maybe…Just Maybe…

The reason for us falling in love with a particular slot may not be as obvious as we’d like to think. What if, of all the things a slot can offer, it is actually the soundtrack which makes us truly like a certain slot. Yup, you better bet that those seemingly unimportant (or, at least, not as important as the gameplay or the prizes!) sounds which keep on playing in the background while we spin, can have quite the influence on us…without us even realizing it!

While a slot’s soundtrack may be the very last thing on your mind, you shouldn’t be so quick as to disregard the importance of this accompanying slot music. Having a hard time believing us? Fair enough, why don’t you do a little test for yourself: just try and play merely a few rounds on whichever slot you’ve chosen, only make sure that the sound is turned off. We guarantee you’ll soon see what we’re on about.

You, just like most (if not all) other slot players, will become bored and lose interest at an astonishingly fast pace. Really, it’s pretty much the same logic when it comes to with movies – think about it! It’s really hard to watch a movie without any of the dramatic music or special sound effects added to it. You just don’t feel the same excitement or vibe!

Sounds Affect The Player

Sounds Affect The Player

Let’s take a deeper look into this: a renowned sound consultant by the name of Julian Treasure, explains that there are as many as 4 ways in which sounds can affect us. For starters, physiologically – meaning, the sound waves will penetrate our bodies and thus, cause the cortisone levels we all have to increase, as well as making our heart rate react.

Second of all, any sounds affect us psychologically too. Music can soothe or energize us, or even birds singing can calm and reassure us. These are the types of reactions which are embedded in our very core, since, for thousands, or even millions of years, when any birds sang, it was like nature’s sign that everything was alright for the time being, Likewise, if they suddenly stopped singing, humans immediately knew that something could be wrong.

As for the third way in which sounds can affect us is cognitively. You see, the human brain has a rather narrow bandwidth when it comes to sound processing. Merely one example for this would be the difficulty we have when it comes to listening and comprehending 2 people who talk simultaneously. Another example is that when working in an open office, a human’s productivity levels can staggeringly drop – by no less than 66% at that! – and it’s all due to the background chatter.

Lastly, the most intriguing of the 4 ways, is the behavioral way. Sounds can have an effect on the way we act and how we do things. For instance, imagine a car with fast-paced hard-rock music blasting through the rolled-down windows. Do you honestly expect such a car to drive at say, 20mph? Yeah, we don’t either.

The Sound of the Slots

Getting back to our main focus, the background sounds, aka, the soundtracks in slots. You may have already well noticed that every slot has its own separate sounds. Don’t take this for granted. For practically a century, up until the 1990’s, the mechanical slot machines produced the very same ‘rolling-and-bell-clinking’ sounds.

Of course, that all changed once the online video slots appeared. Needless to say, an entire world of possibilities “magically” opened up, and we mean both graphically and audibly. The fantastic ability to customize every slot with its own, unique graphics and sound effects lead to the creation of hundreds, or rather, thousands of versatile slots. Let’s just say we won’t ever have to settle for fruit or bell symbols, or the same old, same old, ringing tunes ever again.

The Amazing Effect of Sounds in Slots

The Amazing Effect of Sounds in Slots

The Department of Psychology had conducted some recent studies at the University of Waterloo, where they had a nice, deep look into the huge impact of sounds in modern online multi-line video slot machines. And from the results of this fascinating research of theirs, they published a thirteen-page paper.

The end results were clear as day. Sounds had an enormous influence on the slots players (90 of which took part in this experiment), and this in not just psychophysical, but also psychological ways. Like we hinted, it made sure to increase their engagement with the slot game itself, along with their overall gaming enthusiasm and their desire to keep on playing. To put it simply, the sound effects made any slot far more enjoyable!


You better believe it’s as simple as that! So, now that you know this interesting bit of information, maybe next time you take a spin at your favorite online casino slot, you may just take a moment to pay more attention to the many different sounds in the background. Maybe you’ll even develop more appreciation for them? Either way, we wish you the very best of luck in your audio-filled gameplay!
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