What to Do if You Are Caught in a Losing Streak?

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1. Knowing That it’s Coming

We already pointed out that one of the very worst experiences which any gambler can end up facing is an unlucky streak. One can feel at that time as if the whole world were against them, and that everyone is against them. But in order to stop torturing oneself, one needs to come to terms with this.

This brings us to the first thing which one can do to try and beat a stubborn streak of bad luck: namely, to know that, one way or another, it’s coming! It really shouldn’t be so surprising, as the more one plays and the more one wins, the bigger one’s chances are of stumbling upon such a dreaded streak.

This is perfectly understood if one gets the math revolving around casino games. The probability ratios speak for themselves, really. Before you can try and avoid it, it’s best to expect it to creep up on you eventually.

2. Having a Positive Mind-Set

Basically, we are referring to the way in which you, as the player, should be thinking. We had already mentioned in the very beginning of this article of ours that there is no small number of players who enter what can be called a dark and gloomy state of mind’ the moment they start dealing with such terrible losing streaks.


In fact, we can freely say that this, more often than not, can turn into a type of mindset which is almost self- abusive , and at times, can even border on depression. Yes, it can get that serious, folks, which is all the more reason why every player should learn to cope with it and not overreact as if it was the end of the world. Even though we are well aware that it can seem that way in such cases.

So try and look at any silver lining you can grasp while experiencing this bad streak. We are well aware that it can be more than a little tough to maintain a positive attitude while constantly losing money, but we promise that if you succeed in keeping your cool and staying focused, both your bankroll and your brain would be thanking you in the long run.

3. Ever Heard of ‘Tilting’?

There is one word that is often used in the gambling world : “Tilt”. To put it in simple terms, tilting is when a player gets so very frustrated and mad while losing, that he or she enters into what can only be described as a world of their own, thus starting to play rather recklessly. This phase could last from just a few seconds or to as long as a few months. Basically, until the gambler has lost the last cent to their name.

After reading this (or perhaps you already knew it?) we’re sure we don’t need to tell you just how vital it is for both your health and wallet to avoiding the tilt at any and all costs. This is where having a positive state of mind can be so helpful. Just try to remember that any losses are only a temporary setback and that sooner or later, you will indeed be back on your path to success!

4. The Importance of Bankroll Management 

A ton of players makes the terrible mistake of attempting to play at higher limits while they happen to be on a losing streak. The “logic” behind this is that they desperately believe that they can recoup all of their current losses by playing at least a few games at higher limits . 

the-importance-of-bankroll-managementThis is nothing but bad news for their bankroll, and it also proves that these players don’t know the first thing about managing that bankroll. You can be sure that this is one of the worst decisions you can make while feeling desperate with your losing streak, as it will have the opposite effect and make you lose even more of your hard-earned cash!

What you should be doing is the exact contrary to this: once you realize you are momentarily on a losing streak, then play at lower limits and downsize your bets. That way, even if you’re losing, you will at least be losing a lot less, and will thus also be able to cope a lot better with such losses while moving on.


You can always tell us about your unlucky streaks in the comments section, as well as anything else you would like to share with us on this matter! We hope that you found some useful info while reading this article, which can certainly help you with coping while in such situations. Maybe even get you back to your winning ways? Who knows! All we can do is wish you the very best of luck out there with all your gaming, whether online slots at online casinos, or any of the other gambling games there are.

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