Why Did Live Dealer Slots Completely Fail?

Live Dealer Slots: What Are They?

As well as with tables, live slots are the ones that are hosted by a dealer. Each of your actions, including launching the game, is done by a person that represents the game. In addition to the presence of a real person, the game is played at a real studio with the necessary equipment.

Regarding technical parameters and some gameplay options, everything is pretty standard. You have to choose the bet size, click on the ‘Start’ icon each time you want to launch a new round, and withdraw money whenever you win. But some features still make the gameplay of live dealer slots a bit different:

  • Players can communicate with dealers as well as while playing tables
  • At the time you want to start the game, the wheel is launched by the dealer
  • The gameplay is a bit slower as it takes time for the dealer to launch the wheel
  • Dealers announce the results and talk to gamblers

And as now the only type of live dealer slots is equipped with the wheel only, it will determine the results instead of the standard reels. This wheel works as a classic wheel of fortune, it includes credit values and other perks that can be won.

The Only Live Dealer Slot You Can Launch Today

As mentioned, today, the only live dealer slot that can be found is a title from Evolution Gaming. It’s Mermaid’s Fortune that displays the marine theme and is hosted by a woman dressed as a mermaid on the Caribbean beach with decorations of sand and palm trees. This woman spins the wheel and entertains players. The title can be found at some Evolution casinos and is, for now, the only machine of this concept.

This approach is really different from the one that is used for classic live dealer games. Here are the main aspects that differ:

  • Live dealers are usually wearing classic, official suits
  • Here, you won’t find standard elements like reels and rows
  • The location doesn’t look like a real casino
  • The atmosphere of this machine is more fantasy

Do Live Dealer Slots Have Potential?

Actually, a software-generated version is enough to cover the basic needs of online gamblers. However, many of us remember the atmosphere of real gambling halls and want to recreate it. That’s why live titles of any sort should be enjoyed.

And even standard slots with a bit of human interaction become more engaging. Moreover, the present title with a bonus wheel makes the whole gameplay focused on this wheel, while most machines use it only as a bonus round.

Why Did Live Dealer Slots Completely Fail? - Blog

Why Live Dealer Slots Failed: Five Reasons

As being said, Mermaid’s Fortune is the only machine of this type available today. But you can be surprised as it was launched in 2010 and still isn’t a hot machine everybody desires to try out. And the fact that the supplier hasn’t developed any other live machines within a decade is saying something. So here are the reasons.

No New Solutions

To make table games with dealers so popular, suppliers have been working on them for years, improving the streaming quality, equipment of studios, and even the manners of dealers. While live slots seem to be abandoned as the machine we have was developed a decade ago and no one is going to improve it by adding new, innovative features to the gameplay.

The Games Are More Expensive

Standard online slots have a free demo version and a wide range of stakes to play for money. And the minimum bet can stand at about €0.20, which allows gamblers to play with little to no risks and have a lot of rounds within a single gaming session. And live titles can’t boast of this opportunity as the expenses for a real dealer, studio, and other details make the games more expensive to play. The minimum to play will start from about €1.

Far From Being a Slot

As the only option players have today is a wheel of fortune rather than a standard slot, many users may find it disappointing. No standard reels, no paylines, and Wilds. Moreover, today, operators offer a whole lot of wheels of fortune with dealers that have a more pleasant look and features. Though some players may enjoy exactly this gameplay and it’s just a matter of taste.

There Are Better Analogs

If you want to play a title with a wheel of fortune, there are loads of analogs with more attractive conditions. No need to stare at a bit of a weird location and place too high stakes as operators provide players with many advanced titles with similar wheels and professional dealers based at well-equipped studios.

Only One Title Available

When the range of these machines increases, the opinion of players can change. But today, the list of live dealer slots includes only 1 product and it’s difficult to make a conclusion by experiencing only it. And as no one is producing something of this kind, it looks really suspicious.


With only 1 title of this kind available today, there are not many chances that this direction will thrill you. There are many analogs that will be worth your time. And if you are looking for traditional slots, that’s not the way to go. However, those who want to experience something unexpected and new can give this direction a shot. So it’s worth your time only as an experiment, no more.

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