Why You Should Never Follow These 5 Gambling Tips

What advice not to follow

Wrong Advice # 1: It’s Alright to Get Intoxicated While Gambling

Uh, no, no it really isn’t. And there is more than a sound reason for why it should never happen. Any intoxicating liquors the player consumes will certainly impair their senses, not to mention their judgement. We’re pretty sure we don’t need t explain how this can spell nothing less than ‘disaster’ when it comes to any gambling game, online slots or otherwise.

Have you ever wondered why casinos are so willing to serve their players free alcoholic drinks? We can tell you one thing for sure, it is anything but an act of hospitality, generosity, or kindness on their part. Rather, its intention is to aid their bankers in winning. Such a simple, yet sneaky strategy is quite commonly practiced in most gambling areas, which is really no surprise, as it has sadly proven more than efficient.

Wrong Advice # 2: No Bankroll Limit While Playing

Sometimes one gets the urge to play and would thus decide to pay a visit to a casino, bringing some  money which is just enough for maybe 2 or 3 games. Our advice is to never bring any credit cards or even extra cash with you while having this urge. Regardless of whether you end up winning or losing, make sure to head home after your personally set number of games for the day has been reached. 


One of the worst ideas is to run and fetch some additional cash in hopes of getting back what you have lost would only further increase the amount of cash you already spent. In other words, it will have the opposite result of what you want.

Wrong Advice # 3: It’s Fine to Play at Any Casino

Hmm, nice of you to think all casinos are equal and all, but that is simply not the case. Each casino has its very own reputation. Some casinos are known for their fairness and big payouts, while others have become famous for quite the opposite, such as, say, cheating. Then again, the sad truth is that cheating is always an option while you gamble, so try and steer clear, as it just isn’t worth the risk. Remember, it always pays to be playing at a prestigious place, so try and look for those high-paying casinos out there.

Wrong Advice # 4: It’s OK to Be Clueless About the Game

No, no, and triple no. It should be crystal clear to all players that they are throwing their money out the window if they choose to play a game which they don’t even know how to play in the first place! Sure, one gambles  to have some fun, but winning some cash is also an important aspect.

And in any case, if not winning any new money from the game, the last thing you should do is squander your own money on it! We sincerely doubt to see the fun in that, though we bet your opponents would. It should be a golden rule to get to know the game well prior to actually playing it. Clueless players are a dream come true for casinos and any seasoned opponents, so try not to give them that satisfaction!

Wrong Advice # 5: Choosing the Wrong Games is Alright!

Do we even need to point out how wrong this tip is? Like we already mentioned above, choosing the right game (one which you are well acquainted with, preferably) is key to actually having the chance to win it! Don’t climb aboard the ego train and think you can effortlessly play any game you set your sights to.


Such an ignorant way of thinking will, without a doubt, end up costing you nothing less than a fortune! We cannot stress enough how vital it is to study the game and practice it for free online, before feeling brave enough to try it out for real money. Every player needs to understand this, since, when it comes to betting with actual cash, it’s not just the fun that matters. Unless you are a billionaire or something, and even then, we do not advise such recklessness.


As you surely know, it is completely up to you to decide on whether you will ignore the bad pieces of advice such as the ones we have criticized here, or go on listening to them. We can only hope that this article of ours was of some assistance to you (or will be in the near future), and wish you luck no matter what you play. This includes playing the many wonderful online slots which are available at our top-rated online casinos!

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