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Advertising Gambling To Minors Has Built A Case Progressing Drastically

25.10.2017 10:45
Not too long ago, we here at Slotsjudge highlighted you to the igniting of a potentially huge news story in relation to the different gambling operators all over the industry offering games or promotions, even functions, that could appeal and corrupt minors.
It was thought that this could kick-start a long legal battle or a long drawn out “back and forth” between companies and external sources about the content and its attraction to people all over the world – but it looks like the turnaround has been quick.
To refresh you, The Sunday Times made a very bold and direct claim that gambling operators were creating games that would appear appealing and as a “draw” to children but fell within the Gambling Commission’s guidelines and terms, thereby eluding to the operators use and knowledge of a “legal loophole”.
A Quicker Call to Action-1
The Guardian this week, amongst many other not as well-known newspapers, reported that letters similar to that of a “Cease and Desist” have been sent out to operators of all shapes and sizes in the UK demanding the removal of these games and any such advertisements – a sharp and steep rise in a fast-escalating issue facing the industry.
Global and national names like bet365, the market leader, were recipients of these letters to remove all content that was pertinent or could be seen as pertinent to the claims that are being made, have been made or have yet to made against their service, content and website operation.
A Quicker Call to Action-2
Of course, these letters and demands aren’t coming from newspapers, they are coming from the industries own regulatory bodies and safeguard companies in considerable efforts to protect children and anyone else under 18. Of course, to specifically reference them, these regulators are the Gambling Commission and also the Advertising Standards Agency.
The letters, also signed by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Remote Gambling Association, said sanctions will follow if the words are not heeded and the amendments made – it’s thought and reported that 400k children gamble every week, even with free play games, and this is something which the letters and demands are directly addressing.
We mentioned the CAP code above – the CAP code says that all marketing and advertising of any communication means is meant to and should protect children and their innocence.
Safer and Stronger Community Board (Simon Blackburn)
Councils have previously called for greater restrictions on gambling advertising to protect children and we are pleased to see the steps taken by the Gambling Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority... It is vital our children and young people are kept safe and protected from the problems gambling can cause.
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