Betixon became a licensed provider

About Betixons progress

Focused on mobile, it is poised to raise the bar and begin content development in several regulated markets.

The developer previously received a second class Romanian license, and its new products are certified throughout Europe. The next goal of the company was to enter larger markets.

CTO and co-founder Lior Cohen hastened to express his satisfaction with such news as obtaining a UK license. According to him, the company will soon implement all its plans.

Cohen also noted that this achievement best demonstrates the company's rapid growth and dedication to its work.

Plans for the future

Betixon is proud of its wide range and variety of games, including the forthcoming first line of “Fortune Breakers”. According to the developer, there will be many useful bonus features as well as high-quality graphics.

Well, the team of professionals is seriously committed to advancing into new markets. And their efforts were not in vain, because, since 2016, the brand has reached great heights.

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