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Best Online Casinos List 2019 - Extensive List of Top-Rated Casinos

No matter if you're a casual gambler or a real pro, you're always interested in great online casinos ranking that have a lot to offer. Being gamblers and gambling experts ourselves, we have firsthand knowledge of how often online casinos claiming to be the best turn out to be nothing but ordinary. This is why from the very moment of its creation SlotsJudge made a promise to give his players only those top-rated online casino that underwent our meticulous scrutiny, proving themselves completely secure and worthy.

No matter if you play whenever you have a free hour or spend half your day gambling online, you will always be able to find the most popular and best online casinos based on the reviews we offer.

SlotsJudge is affiliated with best online casino websites offering exquisite gambling experience to international players. That means that one of our responsibilities is delivering the latest details on best promotions and most lucrative bonuses, as well as new online games. We also aim to keep our players well-informed of any terms and conditions to keep in mind when making deposits, effectively planning and managing their bank rolls.

How we Review Online Casino

Before anything is published, we make sure to get all the facts about the casino the review is being written about. If you ever did any such research on your own, you're well aware of how difficult it might be to get the information that matters the most such as reputation, legal background, payouts and house edge among online casino. Let's see together the most valuable aspect for an online casino.

1 - Online Casino Reputation

When it comes to reputation, reviewing a casino online that everyone heard about and that already comes with thousands of users across the world is surely easier than gathering data on the one that recently opened its virtual doors. However, we consider this aspect to be one of the key ones crucial to the final review rating. We wonder about the opinions of players that already tried the online casino, especially those that happened to deposit and withdraw more than once. There are many questions to ask to understand what a certain casino really is about. Getting those answers helps us make sure we're dealing with a truly reputable gaming establishment with a clean track record.

2 - Payouts & Jackpots

No matter if you're primarily interested in free play online casino or intend to make your deposit as soon as you come across the right place, it makes sense to focus on those that offer good payout ratios. There are casino that offer truly unbelievable payouts - and we make it our business to locate them for you. We go for the biggest jackpots as well, as the best online casino never miss to offer a wide selection of jackpots.

online casino3 - Casino Game Availability

No one will argue that there are way too many online casino to choose between. What makes all the difference is the choice of top providers and the number of games you can choose between. We usually end up recommending websites with quite a few software providers and a great variety of games that will keep you busy and excited for a long time. Shirley enough, slots are everyone's favorites, but let's not forget about such important ingredients many players expect as live casino, video slots, jackpot games and many other kinds that you will feel like trying sooner or later.

4 - Theme and Appearance

Another important aspect we focus on is the casino's theme and appearance. Some of them make you want to play from the first second you visit, while others push you away in the same fashion. There is a reason why some online casino soar to the top and others remain mediocre gray mass for months, closing shop in the end. Some might say that the overall design of the online casino does not matter that much, as you come there to play the games, but we beg to differ.

A proper online casino must offer convenient navigation, pleasant design and user-friendly interface that does not take days to study and master. We judge casinos by ease of navigation, location of important buttons that make it easier for you to get from point A to point B and visibility of customer support, usually live chat, which makes asking for help quick and easy. Any casino that thought its navigation through usually has a lot to offer besides that.

5 - Casino Game Testing

Before giving you a review of any slot we make sure it gets thoroughly tested. It is our policy to play every game at least 1,000 spins at five different online casino. That way, we're confident we get the whole picture and can give you the courtesy of truthful and unbiased information. Following this rigorous testing we make sure to analyze all the information collected, offering most relevant insights crucial when you are playing the actual slot game. When testing the game we evaluate:
  • how it works
  • which playing options it offers
  • which casino bonuses are available
  • how often bonuses come up
  • how worthy it is of your attention

Only The Best Online Casino 

At SlotsJudge you will get only nonbiased reviews and accurate information about the best online casino that gets cross checked in case of any doubt. Our expert gamblers find online casinos that our players might be interested in and deliver their full profile to make sure you don't miss something truly special, lost in the great number of gaming establishments trying to get your attention. We see it as our mission to help players keep away from any online casino that have nothing good to offer and may look shady. So, no matter if you check out our top 10 casino on line or top five on line casino, you can be sure that this rating is based on thorough analysis and hard work of gambling experts well aware of what's expected of them.
At this point, we'd like to explain our process to make it clear for you how each and every casino you see reviewed gets analyzed. First and foremost, it's no longer a secret that there are way too many websites in the gambling industry with hundreds or possibly even thousands casinos online claiming to have it all. Naturally, not every one of those casinos will do what they promise, and some of them are downright scam. Our thorough vetting process is aimed at allowing you to play at best online casino for real money without being worried about your safety at any point.
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How do I register on an online casino?
The procedure for sign up in every online casino is quite similar and very easy. You will have just to choose your product, fill the form with your personal data and insert a valid payment method. In order to play with real money and be able to withdraw money from your account it will be necessary to complete your online casino sign up by sending a valid identity document.
Which one is the best online casino?
The very best online casino is the one that is safe and secure to play at. The choice of games and the bonuses are the next things to consider when choosing an online casino. You also have to check out the banking options and level of customer support service. All these factors taken together are all features the best online casino should have.
Can I play casino online games on my mobile device?
Yes, since most newly released slots and casino games are optimised for mobile play. They are mostly compatible with most brands of note including iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets. You generally have slightly less choice of mobile optimised casino games, since not all the older releases have been adapted for mobile play; nonetheless, the gap is bridging and the choice of mobile optimised slots is satisfyingly comprehensive.
Can I play at an online casino for free?
Many online casino games are free to play, which is extremely useful for players as they can get accustomed to the gameplay and wagering process. It is also a great source of entertainment for players who only play for fun. The free games can generally be accessed just after signing up at a casino online, but before any deposits are made. Once you have played a game for free, you can always set up a depositing method and start playing with real money.
Which payment methods can I use to play?
Just after you sign up at an online casino, you will be prompted to set up a banking method to fund your account and start playing for real money. The exact payment methods differ with each online casino, yet the majority of them accept safe and secure banking methods like credit and debit cards. Bank transfers and prepaid cards are options, while many casinos also accept eWallets like Skrill and Neteller. It has become more common to see the best online casinos accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Any of the above might be on offer at a reliable online casino, and the banking system will be protected by encryption software to keep all data safe and secure.
Are there any limits to depositing and withdrawing my funds from an online casino?
Each online casino will have its own minimum, and maximum limits in place and these should be checked out before signing up. You can find the restrictions listed on the casino online FAQ section or cashier page. Depositing generally comes with a low minimum of around €10 or €20. Upper withdrawal limits vary widely with some online casinos having very high weekly ceilings.
What do I need to subscribe to an online casino?
The first thing to do is sign up. That entails providing your basic contact details like telephone number, physical address and email address. Once that is done, you get full access to the online casino games. You then need to set up your preferred banking service to deposit and withdraw your funds. In this instance, you will be asked for documents to verify your identity and banking method. These may include current and valid personal identification documents such as a passport or driving license. You will likely be requested to provide a utility bill not older than three months with your name clearly visible. If you are using a debit/credit card, be prepared to send a copy of both sides of the card, while blanking out the security numbers at the rear. You need to be a legal resident of one of the listed countries where the casino offers gaming services and over 18 years of age.
Is it legal to play at an online casino in the UK, Canada and New Zealand?
Most online casino operators around the world have licenses governing which jurisdictions they are permitted to offer their services in. It is illegal to play at a casino that does not provide services in that country. All casinos show clearly which regions they can operate in according to their licenses. It is perfectly legal to play online casino in the UK, Canada and New Zealand provided you hold residence of one of those countries.
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