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» SlotsJudge – Read All About Us!

SlotsJudge – Read All About Us!

The world of online gambling can be a difficult place to navigate or understand, especially if you’re new to gambling itself or even new to the internet. SlotsJudge was founded to give you, the players, a voice and create a specific online community that starts with gambling but can end with anything else!
SlotsJudge offers a full ‘all-round’ service with Casino & Slot reviews, Player blogs, loyalty programs & even an online shop. The SJ points and SJ shop are an innovative rewards system to give continually show gratitude for your input and the help you give other players online.

Our players have the chance to write their own blog posts about anything to do with gambling or whatever else is on their mind - our moderator will review all submitted posts and the best ones will appear in the SlotsJudge website with SJ points handed out for successfully published blog posts.
New reviews of online Casino's and new Slots are added all the time; our network of players help each other with their problems, their complaints and their misunderstanding of anything to do with gambling or anything else through our Question & Answer section, bringing about a sense of community, fair play and direct assistance in a different way than any company customer service can provide.