Onlyplay: How the New Infinity Play Mechanics Hit the Marketplace

Infinity Play is a Brand-new Game Mechanic by Onlyplay

Onlyplay's portfolio offers a variety of mechanics for a wide audience of players. Infinity Play is our pride. This mechanic is a new direction in game development and evolves from crash mechanics. The special feature is an ongoing game. No need to wait for a new gaming session anymore! The player can easily start playing at any moment.

Here's what Onlyplay CEO Christina Muratkina says about the new product: "Infinity Play is a brand-new successful game mechanic invented by our team. I like the experience of an infinite game - without breaking it into rounds and unnecessary expectations. We were sure that the newly developed unique features will appeal to our partners and players." You will not be able to find similar games from other providers.

Quantum X is the first game of its kind in the Infinite Play line. The company presented this game at the SBC 2022 Summit in Barcelona. The original mechanics of the innovative project is the main feature of Quantum X. There are two endless pay lines on the playing field. The player sees photons coming along quantum strings. After making a bet, the player gets on one of the infinite lines. You need to jump from one side to the other to catch or avoid the photon. It will bring a prize to the player or knock him out with a disguised bomb.

Onlyplay How the New Infinity Play Mechanics Hit the Marketplace gameplay Quantum X - News

Need for X, the second game in the Infinity Play product line. Need for X was presented at ICE London this year and became a hit at the summit. It is an original game with a unique plot and idea that will captivate those who are crazy about racing. Making a bet, the player gets to two lanes of the road, on which there are bonus boxes, and collects them. To catch the prize, the player needs to change the side of the road with the help of a car. But there may be a bomb. Be careful!

Onlyplay How the New Infinity Play Mechanics Hit the Marketplace gameplay Need for X - News

Both Infinity Play product line games have a smooth introduction with a built-in interactive guide that guides the player by showing what is what and how to play. It explains a new concept to the audience. The socialization feature that draws players into the game is also present. It creates a feeling of a community of players united around the game! Players can now personalize themselves!

Onlyplay How the New Infinity Play Mechanics Hit the Marketplace avatar - News

Anna Serheieva, BDO of Onlyplay, told us about the partners' reaction to the new line of Infinity Play games: "When we presented the game Quantum X, all our partners were impressed by the idea of making the crash game continuous and adding the possibility for the player to place a bet immediately after finishing. The new project was highly appreciated. The idea of minimalism, cosmic photons and music captivated players. Our partners and we are betting that Quantum X will unite a wide audience of players around it.

The second game in the Infinity Play line, Need for X with a racing theme, raises even higher operators` expectations from the first release day. It has already performed well in some marketplaces. The most popular Need for X in Brazil, we have the best feedback from there. For many, Need for X reminded them of their childhood when they played consoles, these feelings make them want to try this game. The other part got into it because they like to play modern racing. And everyone understands that such a game has never existed in the gambling world before. The idea of a continuous race makes you want to play more and more.”

Onlyplay How the New Infinity Play Mechanics Hit the Marketplace - News

These games have bright designs and exciting animations. Everyone will become excited and enjoy playing it. Discover all the unique products on the Onlyplay website. Onlyplay is ready to surprise you further because more Infinity play games are scheduled to release in the upcoming months! Follow the LinkedIn account so you don't miss the news about the releases of new games that will enchant you from the first click!

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Updated: 30.03.2023

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