Pear Fiction Blazing Mammoth XL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Interview Highlights

Exclusive interview with Pear Fiction

Jekaterina was asking Jeremy really interesting questions to highlight both the studio’s workflow and his vision of the further trends of the iGaming industry. These are the main interview highlights.

Creating Blazing Mammoth XL

Jeremy explained that Blazing Mammoth XL is a sequel to the Blazing Mammoth slot which was released in 2021. The previous version succeeded, so the PearFiction Studios team decided to benefit from it even more by using this theme and mechanics and creating their first-ever sequel. Considering thousands of fans of the original version and a few twists added to the upgraded version we have today, the Blazing Mammoth XL is certain to burst the gambling industry too.

Longevity of the Slot

Jeremy states that the company’s goal was to create not just a new title but a revolutionising slot that players would enjoy for a long time. The main things which will contribute to creating something that will live long in the players’ memory are PearFiction's excellent production values, their great artwork, and high-quality graphics bringing gamblers into the prehistoric world with unique animals like saber-tooth tigers which were also present in the original game of this sequel. Moreover, the team added even more mammoths all producing different features, including the cute baby mammoth.

Player Engagement

The team decided to leave the original animals which remind players of the original Blazing Mammoth slot and show that it’s not a new game but a sequel. However, the studio added the engaging Big Win Celebration. When wild animals are about to reach the cute baby mammoth, the player’s big win can change it since the big mammoths will appear to protect the baby.

Innovative Mechanics

Jekaterina didn’t ignore the very essential point of the slot’s mechanics, including its potential, and Jeremy did his best to explain all these details.

  • The main thing he wanted to emphasise was the collection of fixed jackpots on the left-hand side of the reel set. This way, lucky gamblers can win anything up to 5,000x.
  • One more thing Jeremy highlights is the presence of three different mammoths, while the original version had only one character.
  • Another detail not to miss is the live casino vibe when the mammoths come rampaging across the screen and players hear the ‘Blazing Mammoth’ shout speaking for a big win.
  • PearFiction’s team also worked well with the bonus game round since 3 Scatters activate a Free Spins wheel where gamblers can hunt for 8 to 15 free spins with multipliers worth 2x to 8x. Moreover, Wilds can trigger re-spins and bring extra multipliers to reach a total of up to 100x.
Blazing Mammoth free spins

Slot Strategy

When discussing the strategy which is the most suitable for the Blazing Mammoth XL hit, Jeremy described the two main options which make the gameplay vibrant during both the main and the bonus games. They are both connected with special bonus symbols.

According to Jeremy’s statistics, the Splitter Mammoth symbol comes in about every 3 or 4 spins, while the Swift symbol is less frequent and comes in every 10 to 12 spins, bringing players a re-spin.

The effects of both these symbols are amazing. The Splitter Mammoth not only shakes the reel set but also adds additional symbols, increasing the reel up to six symbols and boosting the chances to win.

As for the re-spin mammoth, besides its basic option to trigger a re-spin, it may also randomly add winning symbol, which can be a good case when you lack 1 of the 3 Scatters or need to finish a winning line.

Insights from the Creator

PearFiction Studios is an innovative team known for its outpacing solutions and vibrant features. Jeremy shared with us that feedback from players and iGaming experts is a great way to understand what gamblers need and what things could be improved. Tools like tournaments help with this a lot.

He also boasted plenty of positive comments from players testing the game for the last few weeks. Those who have also tested the original version were glad to see that the new options of the sequel still match the basic theme of the popular slot. It was also nice to hear that casino managers have been just as complimentary.

Future of Online Slots in 2023-2024

“We like to know that what we are developing is going to be a success”, said Jeremy to emphasise the company’s striving for new achievements. He is sure that the upcoming year 2024 is going to be one of the most productive. Besides the new Night Fever Chicken release the team awaits pretty soon, they want to produce 8 to 10 new games during the year.

Most likely, Piggy from Squealin’ Riches will see a new sequel too. Besides, the team is certain to do something with Granny Versus Zombies since it’s a great release with lots of new opportunities for further modifications. Some games won’t be just typical since the brand plans to test more unusual graphics and themes, such as Dungeons and Diamonds.


Our Slotsjudge team is grateful to Jeremy Coleman for sharing insights about Blazing Mammoth XL and providing such immersive details about the company’s work and their vision of the iGaming industry. We like the ideas and features behind Blazing Mammoth XL and believe that PearFiction Studios will impress our readers with even more bold releases shortly!
PearFiction Studios exclusive interview with Slotsjudge! Hello everyone online slots lovers, Slotsjudge is here. In this video we interviewed Jeremy Coleman - Commercial Director at PearFiction Studios. In the video Jeremy talks about how the team created Blazing Mammoth XL slot and why online casino players will love this slot.\n\n00:00 - Introduction\n00:30 - How Blazing Mammoth XL slot was created\n02:00 - How to make a slot that will be played for a very long time?\n03:55 - How to make a slot that will make you want to play it?\n05:50 - Innovative mechanics implemented in Blazing Mammoth X\n08:45 - A little bit about slot strategy\n11:05 - Insights from creating the slot\n12:45 - What do players want from providers in 2023-2024?\n\nThank you to our guest, Jeremy, who shared his impressions and story about the creation of Blazing Mammoth XL, an online slot that is sure to be popular with online casino players. Friends, subscribe to Slotsjudge - your best advisor in the world of online slots! We plan to keep interviewing people from the iGaming industry to be the first in the news about new slots.\n\nNo links used during live stream or in the description are transaction links.\n18+ | Play Responsibly |\n\n#slots #onlinecasino #bigwin

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