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The 4 Strangest Things That Have Occured at Casinos!

26.02.2018 01:14
4 of the Strangest Things Which Have Happened at Casinos!We can pretty much say that each one of us have had some strange occurrences in our lives. We all know those sorts of situations where the coincidence is just too strong, or happenings which cannot be explained by logic. Sometimes they can even be downright creepy!
And as far as any casinos go, there’s just so much superstition circling in the air that it’s actually weird when paranormal things happen rarely…or, at the very least, more rarely than expected. And yet, one can never cease to be amazed at some pretty ‘normal people’ when they end up doing things which will leave one nothing short of gaping.
We’d like to focus on such ‘special’ situations in this little article of ours, and you can be sure that there isn’t a single person who has seen ‘the weird and dark side’ of a casino more clearly than a security guard who works there.
Lucky for us (and for all of you, who are itching to hear something strange),an ex-security guard from a casino had some “peculiar” experiences while he was still working there. Some of them are just downright bizarre, so can yo choose your favorite from the four we have picked out below?

 1. It’s Just Too Far!

How can you spot a complainer who is just complaining for the sake of it? Easy: once you see someone walking over to a casino guard…and then complaining about the fact that he had to walk over. The guard in question was standing at the casino’s entrance when an elderly-looking man came out from a garage, went across the walkway, up to the guard and said, “I can’t even believe that they expect me to park the entire way in the garage. The parking spaces are too far, I can’t walk that much!” The guard simply pointed out that he seemed to have accomplished that act quite easily, as that was exactly what he had just done! Upon hearing this, the man just turned and ‘made the effort’ to walk the entire way back…

2. Bathroom Shocker

 One day a security guard at a casino was on duty as usual, when he received a call from someone reporting a disturbance… in the men’s WC, of all places! Going to investigate, he found 2 men who were locked together in a restroom stall and busy with, er, “intimate matters.” When the guard knocked on the door, telling these men to get a room, they flat-out refused.
The guard had no choice but to try and open the door to the stall…and, well…we shall spare you of the details on who was in which position. Needless to say, kneeling was involved. Once again telling them to leave the restroom a.s.a.p., otherwise the staff would have to call the police, they listened this time. Awkward

3. Eek! A Ghost!

 Even though we are far from the next Halloween, we still wanted to share this one, as it is just too priceless not to. Like we already mentioned in the intro (and as if you didn’t already know this to be a fact), superstitions have a long and running tradition when it comes to casinos, and gambling in general!

Eek! A Ghost!
In fact, so much so, that every single ‘good luck’ charm, such as, say, amulets, or odd kinds of special rituals, have been acquired and done, all in the honor of Lady Luck, hoping she would be kind enough to look your way, even for just a short while (sometimes that’s all it takes, after all).
No harm done in that, we suppose, but the moment when one actually believes that there’s a miniature man inside of a slot machine, whose all-important role it is to decide whether one wins or not…if that ever happens, then we believe the time has come to call the ‘men in white’. And wouldn’t you know it, it did happen apparently!
At least, according to a casino guard who one day was grabbed all of a sudden on the arm by this peculiar-looking lady. Once she got his attention, looking him in the eyes, she straight-out asked this poor unsuspecting victim to tell the slot machine she had been playing on up until then to let her finally win!
Confused to say the least, this guard patiently and politely tried to explain to her that, whatever the case, an inanimate object such as a slot machine cannot respond to instructions or orders of any kind. The lady actually replied that she knew that (‘duh’), and that what she really meant was for him to tell the little man who was inside the slot machine to pay her.
No matter what the guard tried to do or say, she kept insisting that she was ‘on to them’ (I guess she meant the casinos in general) and she was well aware that there’s this little man inside every slot machine , one who can see the players, and who decides on when these players win, and when they lose!
She further complained that she had been playing the slot machine in question all day long, and demanded that it owes her some money! Guess how this fun little story ended? The guard had no choice but to call a tech for real to come and open up the slot machine, all in order to show this strange woman that there really was no one inside it. And guess what else? Even after they did that, she was still not convinced. No comment…

4. She Did What?!

 Okay, we saved the most “flabbergasting” one for last. Imagine a fancily-dressed middle-aged woman who visits a casino regularly and plays the machines. All seems normal so far, right? …Then imagine you notice this woman switching to the next machine immediately, and once again to the next one after that, and the next - you get the idea by now.

She Did What
You see, it actually turned out that this woman would sit for a while at one machine, or, to be more specific, up until she managed to urinate on its seat! Now, to be fair, we aren’t sure whether this was due to some serious bladder issues, or perhaps she was just too fixated on the game in question.
What we do know, however, is that she would usually end up ‘wetting’ as many as 6 seats in just one session! And that’s not even the worst part…The whole tragedy is that there wasn’t anything they could do about this nasty matter, except for replacing the ruined seats once she was…done with them. Yup, the casino felt they had to let her keep on playing on these machines, since she still brought profits!


 We feel we’ve said enough with these weird (and some of them nasty) stories which have all happened to some unlucky and unsuspecting casino guards. Trust us, we couldn’t be making these things up if we tried! We guess this is just another reason why playing online slots at online casinos is the much better (and safer) option for you! Good luck!
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