5 of The Best and Surprisingly Effective Good Luck Superstitions!

Superstitions explained

1. New Year’s and Black Eyed Peas?

No, we aren’t referring to the music band here (though they are amazing, even to this day), but rather, the whole concept of munching on actual black eyed peas in the hopes of getting good luck to follow you. This unusual superstition possibly dates as far back as to ancient Egypt, and back then, this was by all means considered to be a skimpy meal.

Thus, by eating it, those ancient Egyptians strongly believed that they were putting on a humble face in front of their gods, which meant gaining their favor (as is the case with most religions, if you have noticed), for the entire upcoming year. And just like most other old traditions, this one also has certain variations which largely depend on the location where they are practised. For example, there are countries in South America where the people eat exactly 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight (hence the number), rather than any black eyed peas. But the point stays the same: attaining some good luck through your stomach!

2. Sea Salt in Your Wallet?

You bet! This one has proven to be quite a popular charm indeed. It’s very simple: you take a handful of sea salt and carry it around with you for good luck. It may not seem very logical today, but sea salt has had a role for thousands of years when it comes to helping deter any evil forces which may be lurking around and bringing about bad luck.

Moreover, there are lots of religions which have indicated salt as one of the most pure substances on this earth, which also gives it the role of a type of special barrier which no evil spirits can cross. At least, that is what is claimed. But what does this have to do with winning on slot machines?


As random as they are, there have been individuals who have reported massive wins while keeping some salt in their pockets while playing their game of choice. We are well aware that it sounds silly, but hey, it’s not like it can do any harm in trying! You may just end up pleasantly surprised!

3. Look Away!

No, not because there is a horror scene or anything. You may have already noticed that while playing slots in land-based casinos, some people sitting around you keep looking away while those symbols on their slot machine of choice are still spinning (and this isn’t just the case with slot machines either!).

We can say that the origins of this particular superstitious practice are more than a little vague. Some claim that it originates from the human fear of jinxing an outcome from staring at the machine’s reels for overly long periods. You may have seen this practise outside of the casinos walls as well. And while we’re not sure how staring too long can affect an outcome, better play it safely anyway by averting your gaze during those spins. One can never be too careful when it comes to random games like slots.

4. Betting on red

If you’re a seasoned player, then chances are you’ve already heard that red is considered by many to be the luckiest color in the gambling world. This is where that famous term “betting on red” while trying one’s luck with roulette originates from. And indeed, some cultures out there, like China for instance, associate red with good fortune (well that explains why this color seems to dominate when it comes to pretty much anything Chinese!). One way in which you can harness this good fortune is to bring your very own red while playing the game, and the simplest way to do that is to wear a piece of clothing. Trust us, the number of red undies worn at casinos would surprise you!

5. Blow on Dice! 

Last but not least, this one’s also a favorite pretty much anywhere you go. We know that we can’t enter a casino without immediately noticing people blowing on their dice before they throw them  at the craps table.


And you certainly also know that usually (if not always), the one which blows the dice happens to be female. This may stem from the old belief that ‘luck is a lady, whose favor you have yet to win’! The origins here are anything but clear, but we do have one logical explanation!

You see, back in the old days, dice games were usually played out in the open, dusty streets. Which means, the players often managed to achieve a better hand were they to first blow a bit on their dice, for the sake of cleaning the dirt and dust off of them. That custom has stuck around, and is now considered super lucky! Who knows, maybe it really is?


If you were to ask us personally, we would shamelessly tell you that we are prepared to use any and all methods in order to gain even a little bit of extra luck during our gameplay at either land-based, or online casinos. And yes, this includes the superstitions we have discussed for you in this case.

Even though the fact remains that these are all games of chance, there are more than enough players who practise these (and other) superstitions, and end up luckier for it! Whatever it is, as long as it works, we’d definitely try it at least once! And maybe even keep on doing it! And even if you decide that it is isn’t something you’d like to try, we would still like to wish you the very best of luck out there!

Updated: 13.07.2021

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