The Most Common Slot Machine Myths & Tips!

Time to Bust Some Myths

First thing’s first, before we let you in on the secrets we know, let us take a look at the 3 main myths connected to slot machines. As you may have noticed, the more popular something happens to be, the more made up stories and false claims tend to revolve around it. We believe it is high time you stopped believing everything you heard, and that’s why we’d like to play myth busters for just a bit.

The Player Can Manipulate the Slot Machines

Even though in the past, there has indeed been more than one occurrence of people winning big without actually playing! But nowadays, you can forget that sweet, albeit dishonest dream. Why? Think of it this way: for every gimmick a player may come up with, there is a slot machine manufacturer looking to stop them in their tracks. Enough said.

There are ‘Cold’ and ‘Hot’ Slots

This superstition needs to die off immediately. Unless you’re playing the part of the eternal stalker by walking around land-based casinos and spying on other players. This, of course, in hopes of spotting a machine which has just been emptied out. Trust us, you’re far better off with the safe assumption that there is no way to know whether a slot machine is truly ‘hot or cold’.

Raise Your Stake If You Are Losing

No, no, and once again, no! This common myth has never proven useful for those which happen to be on a losing streak at the moment. It’s nothing but 1st-grade mumbo-jumbo. In fact, it’s only made matters worse!

The most common slot machine myths & tips - Blog

Know the Game

Before you even start considering playing on any slot machine, you better make sure you’ve become an expert on a game which you are willing to stake money on. We know we sound like party poopers , but this rule applies to anything you want to get at in life. Would you risk starting your own company if you didn’t know the first thing about successfully running a business? We highly doubt it. It’s the same math here: become proficient at your favorite slot games and then seek out some extra help. Like the tips, we are offering here. Leave no stone unturned. Let things such as Scatters, Wild Symbols and everything else which is slot-based become second nature to you. Once you’ve gotten well acquainted with the essentials, here’s where this article will come in handy for you. Without further delay, here are 5 slots tips for winning while having fun.

Play online

The only place you need to dedicate time and money isn’t an arcade or an airport or whatnot, it’s online. This isn’t solely for enjoying a full-fledged casino in the palm of your hand, in the comfort of your home. Not only do casino sites have a far more impressive and diverse list of slot titles to choose from, they also offer many more bonus games! Furthermore, it is online casinos which give you the tempting option of free spins!

Keep an Eye Out for Bonuses

The moment you visit a casino site, you will notice their promotional offers list. Usually, there is a first-deposit bonus, but some of them go as far as to offer a no-deposit bonus too! Having said that, you should be aware that bonuses come with specific wagering conditions. And while these may be a challenge for some players to fulfill, they never are for slot-lovers! If you happen to favor slot games, you should have no problem whatsoever when it comes to covering such conditions. And besides, you won’t find the Free Spin option with roulette or any other gambling games for that matter!

Nevermind the Progressive Slots

You may hear stories of how certain individuals keep on winning jackpots all the time. In fact, that may have been what got you into trying your luck at slots in the first place! But the ugly truth of the matter is, there are plenty of those who keep on wasting their hopes putting in one coin after another. The reason is that progressive jackpot slots need a fair amount of time to collect such a tempting prize. Take our word for it: you’d most probably do far better by sticking with a classic, or a video slot. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not like it’s impossible to cash in by playing a progressive jackpot slot. Just understand that you will have to sacrifice a lot of your money and time. And in the end, it’s not like the win is ever 100% guaranteed.

Listen to Your Budget

Just how common is the ‘one more slot’ problem, when you’ve initially set yourself a limit only to go far beyond it? Very common, apparently. This is yet another reason why online casinos beat land-based ones. While your land-based casino will try to lure you in by keeping its ATMs right in the lobby, an online slot usually doesn’t let you deposit in the middle of a game. Keep in mind that wagering more than you can truly afford is never a good idea. It leads to even more bad decisions like chasing loses and so on. So next time you set a limit, be sure to stick to it at all costs, no matter what happens. It may seem nearly impossible at first, but you’ll get there, just stay tenacious.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people lose sight of their initial goal and get lost in their losing or winning streaks. It should always be amusement you’re after, as it shouldn’t be anything else, such as becoming addicted to gambling, or falling in debt, right? Remember, the keyword here is a game, and you should treat it as such, no matter the fact that it can make you poorer or richer. That depends on you and how you play it. Your main objective should always be to have a little fun, with the internal hope of cashing out lying somewhere in the back of your consciousness.

Wrapping This Up

We hope these few tips will come in handy for any lover of the colorful slot machine world. Always remember to play it smart and never lose your head. We know how desperate one can get when on a losing streak, most of us have been there more than once. This isn’t a job or a punishment, it’s just one of the many ways to enjoy yourself while earning some potential prizes!

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