Things You Can Learn While Playing Slots!

Fun as Well as Profitable!

Slot machines come with all kinds of themes (not to mention the vast and various plateau of bonus features most of them offer you), which would suit the tastes of even the pickiest of players out there! Being slot lovers ourselves, we know what we are talking about.  For example, there is the ever-present chance of one winning a giant jackpot, or maybe it is the fully -personalized and modern gaming experience which pulls at the player’s heart strings. As silly as it may sound, some slots players are even fans of those flashy lights and sounds which are so easily recognized as part of your typical slot machine.

Having Said That…

All fine and good, but we feel obliged to mention that  all of this fun also comes with a price, and if you’ve played this game of chance for yourself, you would know this perfectly. In this case, any complicated strategies or acquired skills are nothing more than useless, since winning at slot machines is centered around luck alone. The sad truth of this is that most players will end up with more losses than wins, unless they are inhumanely lucky. This is a very important lesson one needs to learn (and make their peace with) before actually sitting down and taking a spin or two. There are certain other things which one can learn from playing slots, and we’d like to take a closer look at these things below.

1. The RNG Doesn’t Stop

And we meant never, at that. You see, the computer chip which is located inside of any slot machine has the extremely important job of generating numbers at a constant pace. In fact, right now, as you are reading this, every single slot in Las Vegas is busy with thinking up those random numbers, and you can be sure that there is no end in sight! And yes, that means even when there is no one playing.

It is more than clear that this is further proof which demonstrates the sheer randomness when it comes to the crucial question of winning at any slot machine out there. However, other than that, it also clearly eliminates any practicality of the so-called slot lurkers. In case you have never heard of this creative term before, basically, this implies to those players which seem to constantly be standing right behind the other players in hopes of those same players losing.


We know, utterly detestable. But this is where the beauty of what we explained above comes into play: it simply doesn’t make any sense whatsoever if there really are dozens of completely random numbers being generated between the previous player’s last spin and the next player’s first spin. It’s a pleasant thought to keep in mind.

2. The Machines are Completely Random

We know we have already mentioned this a couple of times now, but we feel we cannot stress it enough. Ironically, back in the day, one may have indeed been able to succeed in developing some sort of special strategy in hopes of overcoming the edge on those mechanical slots. But for all those of you who are into slots these days, you may as well kiss such times goodbye, as they are long over, and, as much as we too would hope for the opposite, they are not coming back.

And we believe we don’t even need to go into long explanations as to why that is: the fact remains that slot machines now use electronic RNGs which are downright impossible to beat. Well, unless one would maybe engage in some illegal business, but you wouldn’t do that, right?

3. Created Equal?

Nope, not in this case. If you were to decide on playing a lower denomination slot machine, thinking it would be safer by keeping your gambling in check, then you’d be wrong. In fact, quite the contrary, as you can very well end up with even more losses that way!


Those nickel slot machines are usually set at 85 to 90 percent payback, but it is those 5 dollar slot machines which are commonly set at 95 to 98 percent. And trust us, this is a major difference, even if it might seem minimal at first glance. The seasoned players among you know what we are referring to.

4. Malfunction Time!

This one is sure to get you in the dumps, but it must be stated: hitting a jackpot may not mean one’s ‘ticket to Richtown’. Did you know that casinos have legal permission to deny the player their jackpot payout? As scary as it sounds, it’s true, and this is in the case of them deciding that it was a malfunction which caused the win. So next time you feel tempted to tamper with your machine of choice in order to win bigger … let’s just say it’s not worth your time in the least.

5. Skipping the Jackpots?

Surely this would be madness! Well, no. While we’re on the subject of jackpots from our previous sub-point, we may as well mention something more about them which one learns the hard way. You should already have realized that hitting one of those babies is quite unlikely. It is such a rare occurrence, that only a handful of players claim their lives were changed with such large sums.

So, the logic here is to go for something which you have better chances of actually winning, such as aiming for the machines which have generous secondary wins. An indication of such good machines would be those with double pay, triple pay, and even cherry symbols! That’s our advice to you.


We hope we have taught you something when it comes to your favorite gambling gadgets. Whether you are playing at an actual land-based casino, or prefer to kick back and play at the vast number of online casinos offered, we sincerely wish you the best of luck!

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