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Info & Tips About Online Slots Autoplay Feature

16.01.2018 00:50
Tips and Info on the Autoplay Feature in Online SlotsMany of us have a certain taste for online slot machines, and of course, all of us wish to know what each one of them has got to offer us players. But this time around, we won’t be discussing what may be the most interesting features, such as, say, free spins, as well as any other bonus games.

No, this time around we’d like to focus our full attention on what seems to usually be overlooked, and yet plays such an important part in the slot machines which offer it. We are, of course, referring to the Autoplay (or sometimes also called Autospin) option.

We’d like to take some time and focus on this particular feature, as well as offer up some (hopefully useful) tips when it comes to using the Auto Play option in your particular slot of choice. If you think that this may be something which would interest you and would indeed like to know more about this feature, then all you need to do is continue reading below!

What Is It?

Most of you may already know this, but still, for all of you rookies out there, we’d still like to say a few basic things about this feature. So, even if you haven’t encountered it (or have, and simply weren’t sure how to use it), then this is for you.

To put it simply, Autoplay is precisely what its name suggests. It lets the players repeatedly play their chosen slot game, all without having to manually activate any buttons. Which means that players could wager on their online video slot game, while also engaging in any other kind of activity, all at the same time.

And those reels still wouldn’t stop spinning (and potentially winning!), unless, of course, you, as the player, decided it was enough. In other words, it is truly ideal for any slot player who also happens to be multitaskers! Not to mention that this feature can considerably speed up this game.

It is exactly for this reason that a great number of the online casino software providers make sure to include this Autoplay feature when it comes to any online slots which they create and release.

Some Useful Tips

Some Useful Tips

Now that we’ve briefly gone over what this feature represents, let us not discuss some key points about it, and offer up some advice. Let’s start by discussing exactly under which circumstances the players shouldn’t use this feature. As most of you may already be aware, the Autoplay feature dictates that the player puts the same bet throughout.

And if it happens that you, as the player, want to change any betting parameters, or maybe coin sizes, or perhaps number of coins per pay-line, or even the number of activated pay-lines itself, especially on a frequent basis, then, sad to say, he or she can’t use the Autoplay feature.

Some slots players out there have this specific strategy of increasing their number of coins when they happen to be on a winning streak, and, on the other hand, they also tend to reduce this number of coins if they happen to be on a losing streak. Let’s just say that the Autoplay feature isn’t suited for such slots players.

A Slight Disadvantage

Perhaps the word ‘disadvantage’ sounds a bit too over-the-top, as it is certainly nothing serious. The thing is, however, that most online slots out there are also spun for sheer enjoyment. The audio and visual appeal of these online slots has grown in popularity over the past few years, that’s for certain. We don’t even need to mention that the animations keep on getting better and better.

All fine and good, but, rather, unfortunately, the Autoplay doesn’t allow for the complete enjoyment of such features, and the reason is a simple one - the slot game plays at a really fast pace if this feature is activated!

Therefore, any slots players who are definitely interested in fully experiencing their slot of choice (graphics and music and all), should probably avoid the Autoplay, or at least while spinning the online video slot machine for the first couple of times. It is their choice though, and we’re just making suggestions.

The Most Important Parameter

Well, when it comes to the Autoplay option, then that would definitely have to be the number of auto-spins. While choosing the Autoplay the player is also tasked with choosing and setting the number of spins. Just keep in mind that these spins, the ones made in Autoplay, aren’t free spins in any way. In other words, for each auto-spin, your balance will also be debited.

If you were to ask us, we’d say that 2 factors should decide on the number of auto-spins chosen. The first is the bankroll, together with the amount wagered per spin. As for the second, it is the time that you want to spend on the auto-spin.

We should also point out that there are some bonus features which require you, as the player, to make choices. In such a case, the game will come to a halt, until these choices have been made. In any case, this Autoplay would stop once a bonus feature is activated and completed. Which means that it would be rather pointless to be absent from your computer for, let’s say, more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time while your Autoplay feature is on.

One Last Bit of Info

You should also know that most online gaming software providers hold a number of conditions when it comes to the Autoplay set-up mechanism. If activated, this allows the Autoplay to stop before the set spins have been completed. There are two of these conditions which are not just more common, but also more useful.

The first condition stops the Autoplay in the case of the cumulative winnings exceeding a specified amount. A great deal of regular slots players have an expected target, even before they have started playing. And if they win this expected amount, they are simply overjoyed.

One Last Bit of Info

They are aware of the fact that the majority of online slots have a payout percentage of only about 96%. Thus, if they continue spinning beyond that point, then they might end up losing some of this expected amount, which they have already won. This condition is quite useful for these players.

There is also a reverse condition which stops the Autoplay once a specified cumulative loss has been reached. In other words, this is also familiar as ‘the stop loss limit’. The player's bankroll decrees that he can afford to stake only so much, and not a penny more during a particular session of online video slots. Activating this condition would allow you, as the player, to execute this objective.


We hope what you’ve read here will be of some use to you in the near future. We can only wish you the best of luck in all of your slot machine spinning in any online casino you choose, as well as remind you to always have fun in the process!
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