Jekaterina Dubnicka

Jekaterina Dubnicka

Communications Manager

Jekaterina Dubnicka embodies the spirit of innovation and dedication in the vibrant world of iGaming, serving as a pivotal Communications Manager at Slotsjudge. Her role is instrumental in sculpting the platform's voice and ensuring that the messaging resonates with its diverse audience. Jekaterina's approach is deeply rooted in a passion for gaming and a commitment to excellence, making her a key asset to the Slotsjudge team and the broader gaming community.

Creating a trusted and dynamic platform for gamers around the world is at the heart of what I do. At Slotsjudge, we’re dedicated to delivering not just information, but a space where every player can find guidance, excitement, and a sense of community.

With a strategic mindset, Jekaterina navigates the latest trends, player insights, and technological advancements to ensure Slotsjudge's content is both impactful and relevant. Her work is characterized by a forward-thinking vision, aiming to set new standards in how gaming information is presented and consumed by enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

  • Bachelor's degree in International Marketing and Advertising
  • Master's degree in Digital Marketing
Jekaterina Dubnicka certificate
iGaming Experience
eSports cup
Jekaterina's iGaming experience is marked by her strategic and operational roles in various reputable gaming companies. Her industry experience is further enriched by her active participation in leading iGaming conferences, including:
  • SIGMA Europe: Contributed to discussions on the future of iGaming, networking with industry leaders to share insights and trends.
  • iCS Georgia: Engaged with professionals on the technological advancements in iGaming, exploring the regulatory landscape and market growth opportunities in emerging regions.
Top skills
professional skills
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Market Analysis and Trend Forecasting
  • User Experience Enhancement
  • Team Leadership and Development
  • Industry Networking and Collaboration

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