High Variance Slots

There are several different types of slot games available, with high volatility slots being one of the most popular. The term volatility refers to the combination of three elements of a slot game: the amount paid out, the game’s level of risk, and the frequency of payouts.

When it comes to gambling with your money, high volatility slots usually come with a much higher risk. In contrast to low volatility slots, payouts are often lower and less consistent. However, you can expect to win big, if you win at all. Essentially, the volatility (also known as variance) allows a player to pick the slot game which is best suited to one as well as give them some insight on how much they stand to win or lose. Read this article to find more about high volatility slot machines.

High Volatility Slots

Why is Volatility Important in Slot Machines?

Volatility is an aspect of slot machine games that determines the risks of gambling along with how often the player can expect a payout. As an avid gamer, it is important to identify the probability and frequency of winning. By doing so, you can work out whether this type of slot game suits your budget and available time.

In addition to volatility, it is important to explore the return to player percentage in specific games to understand how much you are set to win. To assess the chances of winning on a specific game and thus select the best slot game for you, you must take into account both volatility and RTP.

The Benefits of Playing a High Volatility Slot Game

The payouts on a high volatility slot game are usually worth the wait and are on the higher end. This type of slot game is particularly suited to risk-takers and can significantly boost their bank balance. Also, high-volatility slot games come with tempting bonus features including free spins and multiplier rounds. Rewards and bonuses like these can significantly increase your chance of winning the jackpot.

  1. Lots of bonuses and free spins
  2. Suitable for more risky players
  3. More funds and money needed than usual
High Variance Slots advantages


What is a high volatility slot game?

A high volatility slot game is the same as any other slot game. When it comes to gambling with your money, high volatility slots usually come with a much higher risk. As compared to low volatility slots, payouts are often smaller and less consistent.

Do high volatility slot games have more risks?

Yes, high volatility slot games come with higher risks compared to their lower volatility alternatives. You can expect wins to be infrequent but often with a much higher payout. 

What are the best high volatility slot games available today?

The best high-volatility games are Book of Ra and Immortal Romance. These games are fan favourites and come equipped with impressive visuals and graphics. You can expect to win big on both of these games with bonuses and promotions available for all players. 

Can I play high volatility games on my mobile device?

Yes, you can play high volatility games on your mobile device. However, you must check with your chosen online casino to determine whether their platform extends to mobile devices. 

When Should You Play a High Volatility Slot Game?

If you’re looking to play a high volatility slot game, you must have a lot of time and money at your disposal. You must be patient whilst playing this type of slot game because you may be waiting a while before you win any sort of reward. 

Typically, this type of game appeals to thrill-seeking players due to the element of chasing the jackpot. High volatility slot games could be the best option for you if you prefer larger, less frequent wins. When playing this type of slot game, however, you'll need a sizable bankroll. This is due to the number of deposits needed before players win anything back.

How to Play This Type of Slot

High volatile slots work in the same way as general slot games. The player only needs to press a button to start the slot machine spinning and wait for the results. Slots games are randomly generated which means that when a player initiates the spin, an integrated Random Number Generator freezes on a random set of numbers and determines which symbols appear on the machine. To win, players must have the desired combination of symbols on the screen.

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Best High Variance Slots

Book of Ra by Novomatic

A 5-reel, Egyptian-themed, high volatility slot game is one of the most played slot games in the world. Egyptian symbols appear in the game, which has several special features such as Wild Spins, Bonus Games, and Scatter Symbols. With a high variance, the risk of playing this game can be high but the reward can be worth your while.

Thunderstruck II by Microgaming

A Viking-mythology-­themed game with a range of bonuses, including random Wilds and high multipliers. The God of Thunder may make an appearance to transform all the reeks into Wilds. Additionally, Thor may even reward you with the jackpot. One problem with this game is the random generation of rewards and promotions. You’ll likely be able to play this game for hours without seeing Thor. However, if he appears, you might win a life-changing sum of money.

Immortal Romance by Microgaming

Immortal Romance is a vampire-themed slot game that features 243 ways to win. This high-volatility slot game features an impressive storyline to add an extra element to gameplay. This is a popular game that is famous for its high payouts.

Slot Machine Volatility Calculation

Different volatility rates power slot machines; the volatility can be calculated if the frequency of symbol combinations and the value assigned to each symbol are established. Typically, a complex mathematical equation is required to determine slot game volatility.

However, as a player, you have many options for determining the slot volatility of a particular game. You must look at the difference between the payouts on 4-of-a-kind symbols versus 5 identical symbols per line to calculate the volatility of the slot game. If the payout for 4 of a kind is low but the payout for 5 identical symbols is high – you can assume the volatility is high.

Identifying the prizes offered by the game developer is another way to determine the volatility of the slot game. If the game is offering a huge jackpot prize, you will most surely find that this is a high volatility slot game. It is often the case that you will not receive the big win very regularly.

Finally, another foolproof way to help players determine the slot volatility is to play in demo mode. When doing so, identify the frequency of high-value wins when playing the slot game – if these are infrequent, it would suggest that it is a highly volatile slot game.

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