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Editorial Guidelines

Updated: 29.05.2024

The Slotsjudge platform is based on transparency and unbiased opinions of experts derived from the team’s research. Thus, the project is working according to the strict editorial policy covering the result of our tests and making the content creation process rooted in real experience.

Purpose of Our Guidelines

Thanks to the strict and clear editorial guidelines, our team can easily follow the basic standards which translate into unbiased and fair reviews our readers get as a result. This means that none of our reviews can go without meeting all these standards, including objective expert opinion and detailed research.

Core Principles

principles of editing

Our Slotsjudge experts work with each casino or game you see in our rating, be it by reading the terms and conditions or testing every feature of the site of the game title. Here are the core principles our team of experts follows to evaluate online casinos and games you find on the site.

Objectivity and Independence

Our reviews are not biased and are impregnable to influence by external parties. We only consider our user experience and real players' reviews to form our rating. This means that we can’t recommend a site or a game if we haven’t tested it or when the operator has serious problems which may cause problems with withdrawals or other complaints. Our ratings and reviews aren’t for sale and can’t be influenced by operators we overview.

There are a range of actions which are against our editorial policy:

Our don’ts Explanation What we do
We don't provide scores in our rating for sale. The rating must be objective with no links to suspicious sites. Relying on our experience, we promote the sites where we could play ourselves.
Our experts never ignore the negative sides casinos or slots may have. Players should know about all the weak points before they start playing. We highlight all the pros and cons and explain how crucial these weak points are.
We don't forget to update reviews to keep them relevant. It’s pretty inconvenient when you see a review with bonuses which aren’t available any more. We always check whether there are changes and update our reviews accordingly.
We don't provide reviews of slots or casinos we haven't tested. We are sure that it’s objective to promote the sites we’ve tested ourselves. Our team tests each site from our rating and shares personal experience.
Our team is illiberal with its praise when features or services are average. It would be strange to overpraise operators who have pretty average features. We do highlight the strong sides, but do it without exaggeration.
We don't promise bonuses which are absent on the casino's site. It’s unfair to offer players to join a certain site by offering promotions which don’t exist. When we mention the site’s strong sides, we highlight only existing promotions.
Slotsjudge experts release reviews only after verifying all information. We believe that our reviews should feature correct payment limits, bonuses, and other info. We prepare a detailed brief before delivering a review and double-check it then.

Total transparency is the bedrock of our project, and we hope that is reflected in the standard of excellent reviews we offer.

Accuracy and Research

When we prepare information about a particular site or game, we examine player reviews and complaints. When the complaints are present, we track how fast a casino representative resolves them. Then, it's time for our research. Our strategy includes testing the registration process, an opportunity to make straightforward payments, a convenient interface to find and play games on varied devices, as well as checking the real money bets and the overall withdrawal process.

  1. Gathering information: First, we must understand the casino's ownership model, licensing conditions, and other essential details, including collaboration with game providers and the site's general terms.
  2. Going through the registration process: Then, we need to ensure that we test the site as genuine users to know all the pitfalls. Therefore, we create an account, deposit, get bonuses, and withdraw funds. We act as real players to get objective information.
  3. Evaluating available games: We check the casinos' catalogues in our reviews. In addition to the games range, we analyse the available types, providers, filters (including the ones by volatility or specific features), the presence of the latest releases, and more.
  4. Examining payment methods: Our experts believe that casinos should have diversified payment methods to meet the needs of players from different regions. We check the transaction speed, especially for cashouts, fees, and limits.
  5. Analysing bonuses: All promotional material must be frequent and multiple to rank highly. But the central aspect we analyse is the presence of affordable wagering requirements. Our Slotsjudge team can also display personal bonuses for our readers.
  6. Testing the site's performance: We try the sites by getting registered, playing, testing navigation tools, and estimating the interface. We conduct this research on desktops and various mobile devices to ensure the casinos are responsive on iOS and Android.
  7. Verifying the casino's security: We commit to demonstrating the casino's security measures, so our research always includes testing all the safety tools. We will always recommend SSL-encrypted casinos, which guarantee players their money and data protection.


When our team provides examples or adds statistical details, we back them up with links to trustworthy sources. Furthermore, we try to add screenshots of certain processes, such as registration, during the content creation process. When we mention certain terms and conditions of an online casino, we mention what sections of the terms cover the information we are talking about. As a result, each review is professional and informative.

Content Creation Process

Slotsjudge is an iGaming project fully focused on reviews of industry products, be it an online casino or a game. We communicate with our readers through our reviews, video guides, and other content types, so the content creation process is also well-regulated and aimed to make each review objective and engaging for readers.

Expert Contributions

Our Slotsjudge experts are iGaming enthusiasts who have been in the industry for years. Besides the passion for delivering high-quality and engaging content, our team has professional skills to work with statistical details, find proper sources to get relevant information and analyse the needs of players to deliver reviews which cover all the questions users may have.

Review and Oversight

Besides the basic editorial guidelines followed by our writers and experts, our Slotsjudge team also has professionals working on these reviews before and after publishing. First of all, we prepare a structure which will have all readers’ questions answered. Furthermore, the peer review and the oversight by senior editors keep these reviews correct, relevant, and as informative as possible.

Updating and Correcting Content

Updating and Correcting

We know from experience that bonuses and other conditions of online casinos may change. That’s what we consider during regular updates. Moreover, we track the operator’s reputation and check whether there are new complaints or positive comments to rank the online casino accordingly. That’s why our Sltosjudge content is always correct and up-to-date.

Continuous Updates

You can notice that our reviews have signs of the last update time. This means that we don’t leave our content as it is and regularly update it to cover all the changes on the website and new opinions of existing customers, both positive and negative. Thus, you can be sure that you access up-to-date content which reflects relevant information.

Handling Errors

First of all, our Slotsjudge writers are professionals who can boast both research skills and a high education level. When the review is finished, it’s proofread. Additionally, our experts check existing reviews when updating them and quickly identify errors if any to fully fix them and maintain content integrity.

Ethical Considerations

We focus not only on the content we deliver but also on the people who create this content and the main audience. We make sure that our team doesn’t face a conflict of interest and that our reviews aren’t against basic standards of fairness and unbiased opinions.

Dealing with Conflicts of Interest

When it comes to our company, we consider the needs and interests of each employee to manage potential conflicts of interest. The same is true for our reviews. We don’t use our reviews to deliver unfair information which can spoil the brand’s reputation, and we also don’t hide weak points to make our ranking objective.

Advertising and Commercial Influence

The Slotsjudge project is overviewing popular operators and software providers, but our reviews are never influenced by these brands. We won’t rank a casino high when its services don’t meet our standards, and we always highlight both pros and cons to let our readers make the right choice. Thus, we gain the trust of our readers and value our reputation.


The main goal of our Slotsjudge project is to be helpful to players. We want to stand out from the rest of our competitors by providing relevant, objective, and professional reviews and tips. Since we are passionate about the gambling industry, it's easy for our team to stay up-to-date with the latest gambling trends and get involved in the industry to the maximum by visiting gambling conferences and viewing the latest news.

Commitment to Standards

Our editorial policy and principles are based on transparency, objectivity, and honesty, which translates into a safe and fair experience for our readers. Our reviews are not biased and are impregnable to influence by external parties. We only consider our user experience and real players' reviews to form our rating. Thus, our experts commit to the highest industry standards when working on each review or rating, so our readers can trust the ranking and get an unbiased opinion which covers both the pros and cons of each site.


How can readers report concerns or errors?

When you have questions, concerns, or feedback, please get in touch with our team on this page or via the contact details available at Slotsjudge. We are happy to hear from you and make our project even more user-friendly!

How do we handle user feedback and complaints?

When we work on our reviews and ratings, one of the most essential steps is estimating players’ feedback on independent resources, so we always consider all the complaints and track how operators react to them.
Aleksandra Andrishak
Aleksandra Andrishak
Expert in: News, Blog
Slotsjudge's Editor-in-Chief Aleksandra Andrishak bridges the gap between slot providers and players by providing up-to-date information on the latest releases and industry news. With her vast iGaming knowledge, she offers valuable insights and analysis to help readers make informed decisions about their gameplay. Aleksandra is also an international speaker attending major global Gaming conferences, like Judging at CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards 2024, where she makes new connections with providers and industry experts to gather the latest updates on online slots.