Classic slots online

If you’ve ever seen a traditional fruit machine, the chances are this was one of the classic slots too. Classic slots, increasingly superseded by more complex video slots and other games, are not as widespread as they were once. Nevertheless, they can still be found in pubs, betting shops, and online casinos all over the world. 

Although they may be simpler, classic slots are no less entertaining and offer the same capacity for winnings. In our guide about classic casino slots, you’ll find more about a brief history of classic slot machine games, their symbols and bonuses, advantages, and more.

List of the Best Classic Slots

Top Classic Slots 

You’ll find plenty of casinos where it’s possible to play free classic slots online, with no shortage of choice of titles. Since the symbols and paylines are more standardised, the stake and variance are the key differences between different games.

Some of the most popular free classic slots include:

  • Ultra Hot Deluxe Slot
  • Fruit Stack
  • Medieval Money
  • 7’s To Burn
  • Action Bank

Brief History of Classic Casino Slots 

Liberty Bell was the very first slot machine to arrive on the scene in the 19th century. The slot machine, created by Charles August Fey, didn't really take off in the public eye until 1907, owing to Fey's refusal to sell his invention. The bar didn’t appear on the original Liberty Bell terminals but was added later by Herbert Mills who made the first commercial models, and it’s remained in place ever since. 

The very first slots, which were of course land-based, didn’t payout in cash. Strict gambling laws in place at the time prevented players from receiving money for a win. Instead, they received fruity flavoured chewing gum – hence the fruit symbols!

That restriction, however, wasn’t in place for long and players were able to start spinning the reels to win cash prizes. 

Despite the evolution of more sophisticated designs, many players retained a special place in their hearts for the original classic slots. As gambling moved online, developers recognised that there was still a demand for the simple three-reelers, and, over the years, many digital versions of the classic slot have been created.

How to Play Classic Slots Online

If you’re new to playing on the reels, then opting for a classic title is an excellent way to start. Less complex than modern games, they have fewer symbols and paylines, as well as less sophisticated extras. 

Many purists prefer playing classic slot machines because it’s all about spinning and matching the symbols, nothing else. Players will have fewer paylines, particularly if they are playing on just 3 reels, but that’s part of classic slots’ beauty. 

It is possible to find 5-reel classic slots, especially in the latest slots that feature hybrid design bridging the old and new.

  1. Classic slots can be found in almost any casino
  2. You can find classic slots with high RTP
  3. You can play both in demo version and for real money
Classic slots online advantages


Are players more likely to hit winning on a classic slot?

The RTP varies, just like on video slots. Some drop to around 90.09% – such as Fruit Fiesta by Microgaming – but it is possible to find titles as high as 99%. You should expect most to sit around 96% RTP. 

Where can I play classic slots online?

These types of games are a staple: it’s almost impossible to find a casino that doesn’t feature at least a few titles. They're usually found alongside video slots, providing a fun alternative for players.

Can I play free classic slots?

If you want to win real cash, you’ll need to hand over your money for the stake. However, it is possible to play free classic slots where you don’t have to risk any of your cash. The only downside is if you win, you won’t win any real money!

Symbols and Bonuses in Classic Slots

The three-reel design is the most conventional of the classic slots, with just a small number of symbols and bonuses. Although more modern slots can have a wide variety of themes and features, classic 3-reel slots are much more straightforward.

Anyone who has played old-fashioned fruit machines in a pub or casino will know the symbols. You can expect to see the following symbols:


Without these, the classic slot would be unrecognisable. No matter what other symbols you see, the fruits are spotted on the reels with a familiar thrill. For many people, the bright red of the cherries is a big favourite, but keep your eyes peeled for the lemons and watermelons too! There are all types of fruits on the reels, and these may vary somewhat from one game to the next, but they will surely be present at every classic slot online.

Lucky 7

The number 7 is traditionally viewed as a lucky number and it’s one that many superstitious gamblers like to bet on because they often have big payouts.

The Bar

The glistening bars of gold often signify a big payout and they’re much sought-after when the reels are spun. 

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell, another great symbol, is usually related to a successful win. Ring the bell and collect the cash!

Bonuses aren’t typically found on classic slots. You may be used to being redirected to a second screen to play on a secret extra, but with the three-reelers, that's not the case. What you see is what you get – it may be simple but it’s a lot of fun.

Other Types of Slots

Browse through any online casino and you’ll find a myriad of titles and a dazzling array of graphics. Modern games do not feature the same fruit/bar/bell symbols and players can discover an almost infinite range of themes offered.

Video slots typically have a greater number of paylines and extra features such as bonus screens. However, they can be more expensive to play too, so if you’re looking for penny slots or other low-roller titles, classic slots are ideal. Try playing various types of slots to find out which one you like most.

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Classic Slots - Hot or Not?

The inclusion of 5 reels into the classic slots titles provides extra interest in the absence of the more complex features. It is hard to beat a classic slots app if you want to play something genuine and uncomplicated.

If you prefer fast-paced video slots, you can find classic titles to be a little basic in comparison. However, if you set aside your preconceptions and give the reels a whirl, you might be surprised how much fun you’ll have. We love both types, and there’s certainly a place for all of them in any online casino. 

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