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SlotsJudge & Casino Points – Collect and Spend!

Here at SlotsJudge, we like to reward our users for taking part in our services with blog posts, posting and answering questions and giving us their “real player” verdicts on different Casinos and casino points. The way we reward you, the players, is with our very own reward scheme – SJ points.

Below you can see how points are rewarded and accumulated on SlotsJudge and how many points are given per achievement or action. Anything from posting comments, registering payment methods or posting a successful blog – SlotsJudge will reward you! SJ Points can be used in the SJ shop and redeemed for many great rewards!

Every new user receives 25 points after registration
25 points
Each published blog post is worth 100 points!
100 points
Answer player questions to earn 10 points per answer
10 points
Receive points for every successfully referred user!
25 points
Register for a new Skrill account!
100 points
Register for a new Neteller account!
100 points
Turn your SJ points into valuable rewards! The more points you get, the higher your VIP level; higher VIP level means better rewards in the SJ Shop!
1 VIP level
Level for New Accounts
2 VIP level
Achieved after you get 300+ points!
3 VIP level
Achieved after you get 850+ points!
4 VIP level
Achieved after you get 1500+ points!
5 VIP level
Achieved after you get 2500+ points!
6 VIP level
Achieved after you get 5000+ points!
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