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Best Fishing Games

Updated: 16.05.2024
Reviewed by Joe Booth
Fact checked by Aleksandra Andrishak
Don’t feel like going to the lake or sea to cast your line? Fishing games are a fun and entertaining alternative, regardless of whether you’re a full-blooded angler. Even though virtual fishing has been around for a while, it didn’t take off as a popular stand-alone activity until people were able to play at online casinos. Is casting a virtual line a suitable activity for you? Learn more about it through this article.

Fishing Games - Full List of Free Games

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Page content
  1. List of free Fishing Games
  2. What Are Fishing Games?
  3. Best Fishing Games Site for Real Money
  4. How Do We Choose Fishing Games?
  5. Types of Fishing Games
  6. Payment Methods for Fishing Games
  7. How to Start Playing Fishing Games
  8. Cashout in Fishing Games
  9. Cashout in Fishing Games
  10. Where to Play Fishing Games Free
  11. Best Fishing Games
  12. Fishing Bonuses
  13. Fishing Strategies
  14. Tips and Tricks
  15. Mobile Fishing Games
  16. Fishing Games Providers
  17. Best Casinos with Fishing Games
  18. Fishing: Statistics and Numbers
  19. Takeaway

What Are Fishing Games?

What Are Fishing Games

Fishing games are any type of game where you take the role of the fisherman. With the first of its kind coming out in 1977 through William Engel’s Gone Fishin’, the original concept has been retained even in the latest versions of this game. There are many places where you’ll see this, from arcade to console, to PC and mobile.

But what does fish game gambling bring to the market? Apart from introducing various gameplay elements to set interesting mechanics for cash payout, the gambling version of the game also gives you the possibility of going home a little bit richer. Whether you encounter it in casinos or other forms of video-based entertainment, one thing will always remain the same: the game will always mimic recreational fishing.

How to Play Fishing Games

The exact rules for playing will vary depending on the exact title you choose, but in most cases, these rules will apply:

  1. Select a fishing game that you want to try.
  2. Understand the rules associated with that game.
  3. If available, learn about the stats related to the game, such as the RTP and volatility.
  4. If possible, observe other players and find out which strategies are working for them.
  5. Formulate a strategy based on your understanding of the rules.
  6. Press or click a button to get some fish.
  7. Get the prizes associated with your haul.
  8. Keep playing and have fun!

Depending on the type of fishing game that you’ve accessed, there may be bonus rounds that amplify your potential payout. Some games also have a huge payout reserved for players who have been playing for a while, so look out for them!

Game Odds & RTP

With RNG games where the outcome is not determined by a person or “real life,” there are two things that you should look for: game odds and RTP. Find the relevant information on these stats about fish games gambling below:

  1. RTP. The Return to Player percentage determines how much of your wagered money you’ll get back on average. For fish games, it works in this way. However, this figure is usually based on millions of rounds of playing, so the RTP, in your case, may be better or worse than what’s established by the developer.
  2. Game Odds. There are usually no published game odds for fish titles because you also have a hand in whether you win or lose. As far as odds are concerned, the only thing that they determine is how much each sea creature is worth. And just like with any type of game, the bigger the potential payout, the smaller your chance of landing it.

Best Fishing Games Site for Real Money

Today, one of the most popular ways by which you can access fishing games is through online casinos. Is that something you’re open to trying out? Here are our recommendations for the best casinos with fishing games:
  1. 1xBet Casino

    How does a welcome package of 1,500 EUR and 150 free spins sound to you? 1xBet offers this and so much more! Known for supporting over 100 currencies, including crypto, this online casino is all about opening up possibilities. This includes an impressive variety of games, with a fair few fish games from top developers.


    1xBet review Play here

  2. Lemon Casino

    Lemon Casino is far from a disappointing lemon with its beautiful and highly responsive site, generous promotions, and the overall top-notch playing experience that it offers. On top of various RNG and live games, this online casino also has a respectable selection of fishing games. But what separates it from other gambling platforms is the treasure boxes that you get to open as part of the loyalty programme. Having that unknown is pretty exciting!


    Lemon review Play here

  3. 20Bet Casino

    Founded in 2020, 20Bet Casino has successfully grown its clientele and is now one of the best-known casino brands in the industry. One of the strategies that it has employed is to ensure it has the greatest variety of titles. That’s why you’ll find so many fishing games here! And once you hit the big whale, you’ll be able to cash out easily with the many convenient payment methods available to players.


    20Bet review Play here

  4. HellSpin Casino

    If fast payouts and 24/7 support matter to you, you’re going to have one hell of a time at HellSpin Casino. Apart from its fishing games, there is so much more to love here. The games are logically organised, so it’s easy to find titles you’re interested in. You can use the search bar, existing game categories, and provider filter to discover titles you’ll enjoy more efficiently.


    Hellspin review Play here

How Do We Choose Fishing Games?

The concept behind fish game gambling for real money has encouraged developers to create a lot of titles that this market demographic will enjoy. But in determining the best of the best out there, we have created a quick and straightforward method to find what we’re sure you’ll like. Here’s how we did it:
  • 1

    Search for Fishing Games

    To create the largest selection pool in finding the best fishing games, we employed web scraping methods across various sites. The goal here is to get the most extensive list of titles possible. We have compiled everything in our database, along with all the relevant information. But as we want to verify each game thoroughly, we removed titles that we couldn’t test out due to accessibility issues.
  • 2

    Check for Payment Methods

    The payment methods that you can use to play fishing games depend on the casino you’re accessing them from. So, we worked under the assumption that what’s available in the casino can be used for the game itself. We expanded our analysis here to include the default currency that the fishing game uses to also consider the losses from exchange rates.
  • 3

    Learn Key Points About the Game

    Fish games have certainly evolved into something more than just a replica of recreational fishing activity. So here, we look at the gameplay, the theme, and other elements that can make the game more exciting for players. We also assess what people think about the game based on reliable player reviews.
  • 4

    Read the Casino Review on Our Website

    From depositing to withdrawing your winnings, the quality of the casino will impact your enjoyment of fishing games or any other type of entertainment. So, look into the reviews we have here on the site to get a more in-depth understanding of what to expect on these platforms.

Types of Fishing Games

Remember how we mentioned earlier in the article that fishing games don’t just exist in the context of gambling? Below are various types that you may encounter:

Slots Machines

Fishing games can also be understood in the context of slot machines because there can be an established RTP, a feature statistic normally associated with slots. The concept of fishing is also used a lot for slots.

Video Games

The first fishing game was a video game. And even though the field has evolved since then, this is still one of the prevailing forms of fishing entertainment. It is a more encompassing categorisation because most fishing games feature vivid animations to bring more life to the virtual fishing experience.

Mobile Games

Unlike casino games, the mobile counterparts are usually played solo. Depending on the developer, there may not even be a point to the game except to pass the time. You can get these mobile games in the form of an app.

Payment Methods for Fishing Games

If you want to play fishing games for real money, there are many ways that you can fund your betting account. Learn more about your options below:

Fishing Crypto Games

You’ll see cryptocurrency widely used now for various forms of transactions, including gambling. For fishing games, it’s not usual to see crypto as the main form of currency; however, if you’re playing it from a casino, you should still be able to use it to withdraw and deposit money. Below are some common cryptos you can use:

Fishing Real Money Games

Even though more people are using cryptocurrency these days, nothing can still beat fiat. There are many ways by which you can transfer money in or out of your betting account, such as:

If the casino you’re using doesn’t support your regular currency, be prepared to exchange funds every time you transfer money to or from your account.

  • Coinbase wallet
    Coinbase wallet

    Coinbase Wallet is a popular decentralised cryptocurrency wallet that provides users with a secure and user-friendly platform to store, manage, and trade of digital assets.

    Show casinos with Coinbase wallet
  • GrabPay

    Looking for a payment system for Malasyan players? Then consider GrabPay!

    Show casinos with GrabPay
  • MobiKwik

    MobiKwik is a very popular payment system used by many casinos, especially by Indian players. But how does it work, exactly?

    Show casinos with MobiKwik
  • MyСitadel

    MyCitadel is a secure online payment system providing e-wallet and payment processing services at online casinos.

    Show casinos with MyСitadel
  • NeoSurf

    NeoSurf is an easy payment method for making payments using the e-wallet of the same name and vouchers.

    Show casinos with NeoSurf
  • Nubank

    Nubank stands as a favored payment method among Brazilian online casino enthusiasts, providing a seamless, convenient, and secure transaction experience for its users.

    Show casinos with Nubank

How to Start Playing Fishing Games

Starting to play fishing games is very easy because you don’t have to go to so many sites to access your favourite games. Because the titles are all on one gambling platform, the process has become highly simplified, as we will discuss below:
  • Choose a Casino From Our List

    Choose a Casino From Our List

    Every casino that we recommend has gone through an extensive assessment process to ensure that you’re only getting the best experience every time you bet. Check them all out to see which one best fits your preferences.
  • Complete the Registration Process

    Complete the Registration Process

    Each gambling platform will have a specific registration process, but they usually require some basic details like full name, date of birth, and email address.
  • Make Your First Deposit

    Make Your First Deposit

    Choose from the payment methods available and deposit the amount that you want to bet with.
  • Choose a Game and Start Having Fun

    Choose a Game and Start Having Fun

    Use the search functions available on your chosen casino site to find a fishing game that you want to try. We recommend going through the casino’s verification process to avoid issues with withdrawing your winnings later on.

Cashout in Fishing Games

As discussed, the withdrawal methods available in the casino will be accessible to fishing game enthusiasts as well. You will be able to use the following to cash out your winnings:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Neteller
  • ecoPayz
  • Payeer
  • WebMoney
  • Jeton Wallet
  • Online Banking
  • Skrill
  • iWallet

Where to Play Fishing Games Free

If you’re not committed yet to using real money to play, many fishing game titles are available right here on Slots Judge. There are a few other casinos that let you play for free through the demo mode. Some titles that you may be able to play include:

  • Alaskan Fishing
  • Fishin’ Frenzy
  • Fishin’ Reels
  • Golden Fish Tank
  • Fishing Cash Pots

Best Fishing Games

Now that you know how to play fish games, which ones are worth the try? We compiled a list of five games that we believe are worthy of your time.

Fish Catch

Even though officially classified as a slot game, Fish Catch is a highly interactive fishing game for anyone who likes the deep blue sea. This 2018 RTG Asia release is a three-player game where the goal is, quite literally, to shoot fish in a barrel. The weapon you choose determines how much you wager, with the more powerful ones multiplying your wager by a certain number of times. Feeling lucky? Perhaps the Mermaid’s Luck wheel will appear and grant you as much as 250x your wager. You can even try to shoot the mermaid for a huge reward!

Fish Catch

Fishing God

Released in 2007 by Spade Gaming, Fishing God may be old, but the concept still holds up. This game takes you right to the seabed and allows you to vanquish the fiercest sea creatures to claim the most handsome treasures. There are three levels to this game: Junior, Expert, and Godlike. The higher you go up in the levels, the bigger the starting wager becomes. But in exchange, you’ll also get the opportunity to grab even more generous rewards. Look out for the laser crab and dragon king, which will get you 120x and 300x your bet.

Fishing God

4 Dragon Kings

Fishing games, as you know them, have evolved to incorporate not only fish but also the Asian theme in this mobile release, 4 Dragon Kings by KA Gaming. If you’re a fan of over-the-top graphics and animation every time you win, this is a must-try! The game offers a max. win of 388x.

4 Dragon Kings slot

Fishing War

Stop the war and let the fish roam freely - that’s the central theme behind Spade Gaming’s Fishing War. Even solely as an arcade game, this release doesn’t disappoint. It has a lot of features that make it extremely interesting, and this introduces a lot of variety for players. You can choose between single or double cannons, participate in the Random Wheel Game, accumulate multipliers, activate the Massive Earthquake feature, and much more! All this helps you generate a bigger payout and have more fun playing!

Fishing War

Hungry Shark

The oceans are filled with dangerous predators, but the ones you'll find in KA Gaming's Hungry Shark can give you massive rewards. Get ready to battle these creatures and enjoy generous payouts! This game grants random prizes and a special power weapon that turns you into a shark-killing machine! You can even increase your payout by killing a few fish in a row—all these, plus stunning graphics that pop off the screen.

Hungry Shark

Fishing Bonuses

Because the game itself is in a casino, you’ll be able to benefit from the bonuses available on the platform. The most frequent that you’ll encounter are deposit bonuses, the reward from which you can use to bet on your favourite fishing game. However, within the game itself, you may also find some pretty nice perks that can greatly help in improving your payout:

  • Multipliers. These multiply your current winning by the multiplier.
  • Bonus Rounds. In terms of payouts, bonus rounds are usually an extreme version of the regular gaming mode. These are time-limited, so you better make the most out of them!
  • Free Play. Some games may give you a few free play credits to win even without spending money.

What will be available will depend on the game developer. So, before you cast the line, read up on the game mechanics first.

Fishing Strategies

Fishing Strategies

When playing any casino game, you have a higher chance of winning by coming in prepared. Try out these strategies before you play your next session of virtual fishing:

  • It’s not always about catching the big fish

It’s tempting to go for the biggest fish to maximise the average returns for every line you sink. But in chasing for that big win, you may end up not taking home anything at all.

  • Observe before diving in

Even if you’re excited to play, it can pay to just look and wait. Use it as an opportunity to observe other players’ strategies. If there’s one that works for them, you may want to try it out as well.

  • Don’t join after a big payout

Chances are it will be a while before a huge prize will be given out next. In this case, boring can be good. Especially for high-volatility games, it means a huge win may be around the corner.

Tips and Tricks

Do you want to improve your odds of going home a winner? Check out these tips:

  • Account for how long it takes for the line to go through the water
  • Target fish that are in large groups
  • Observe the speed of the fish
  • Practise your skills in the demo version
  • Patience will help you more efficiently use your bullets.

Mobile Fishing Games

If you’re playing in an online casino, you can just as easily access their gaming options on your mobile device. There are also mobile fishing games on an app. However, these are usually played purely for fun with no monetary wagers involved.

Fishing Games Providers

If you have ever tried fishing games before, it’s easy to conclude that the providers of these titles have a lot on their plates. Not only do they have to ensure the fairness of the mechanics, but they also have to make sure that everything works well as a video game. And, like with everything else, some do a job better at it than others.

Some of the Best Fishing Game Providers

Which ones were able to deliver exceptional results? Many game studios have triumphed over this challenging task. Based on overall brand reliability and quality of releases, some have truly risen to the top. Here are some of the top fishing game providers that have titles worth getting hooked into:


Spadegaming promotes itself as the source of Asia’s top online slot titles, but if you’re looking for quality fishing games, they also have a few great options. What sets them apart from their competitors is how much importance they place on smartphones and handheld devices in online gambling. That’s why, since as early as 2013, this game studio has been developing games meant to generate an enjoyable experience when using your smartphone.

KA Gaming

KA Gaming lets its work in the gaming industry do the talking. With 55 fish games developed so far, this software developer has introduced numerous theme varieties to the niche. They have gone far beyond using fish in fish games, having created titles where rabbits, planes, and cats are central characters. So, if you’re looking for something unique, KA Gaming will go above and beyond to satisfy your fishing game craving.

Best Casinos with Fishing Games

Are there sufficient fishing game options in the game library? Even though that’s a fair ask if your interest lies solely in this type of gambling entertainment, it’s not enough to put a casino on our list. To guarantee fairness, we have compared qualified choices based on payment methods, site design, transparency, and customer support. Here’s a list of the best options based on our team’s assessment:
Top rated 1
1xBet logo 1xBet Review
Welcome Offer: up to €1,500 + 150 Free Spins
  • Huge collection of bonuses, including the Loyalty Program
  • Supports over 100 different currencies, including crypto
  • Over 2,000 games
Top rated 2
Lemon logo Lemon Review
Welcome Package: up to €600 + 200 Free Spins
  • Rich selection of games
  • Interesting loyalty program
  • Availability of a license
Top rated 3
20Bet logo 20Bet Review
Welcome Package: up to €220 + 170 Free Spins
  • Cryptocurrency accepted
  • Fast payouts
  • Over 2,000 slots

Fishing: Statistics and Numbers

Fishing games are not only fun but also very interesting. Here are a few facts and stats that you may want to know about:

  • 38% of people use fishing to relax, which is probably why you’ll see it incorporated in many types of games.
  • The record for the most consecutive number of catches in 24 hours is 6,501 times by Brent Olgers from Macon, Georgia.
  • The heaviest fish recorded to be caught was a 1208.37-kilo great white shark in 1959.
  • China is the biggest producer of fish in the world, accounting for 35% of global production in 2021.
  • The first fishing game for gambling appeared in China as early as 2005.


Fishing games are as much about luck as they are about skill. So, while it’s important to look at various details like RTP and game features, you should also harness your skills in catching virtual fish. And with multiplayer games, it’s very important to have a consistently strong internet connection. This lets you better account for latency between pushing a button and your line starting to move. Other than that, have fun! Fishing games are highly entertaining. Not only is there a chance of winning real money, but there’s also the competitive spirit that keeps you pushing yourself to do better.
Joe Booth
Joe Booth
Joe is an expert online casino player, who knows all the tricks and tips on how to get to the most massive wins. He is also an experienced online casino games reviewer, with hundreds of written articles behind him, on all kinds of online casino games. He makes sure to play them, see how they work, and then gives his honest expert opinion about them to other players, our readers.