Real money slots

There are loads of slots available online. You’ll find them classified under certain themes, features, and even prizes. That’s how slots real money came to be. These slots give you the chance to win big prizes, which is why they get a lot of attention. Naturally, they have interesting features that make them interesting slots as well. Some of that is just because it is fun but when there’s the opportunity to win real money, the excitement is even greater. So, if you fancy such slots, then you can look at the selection of titles below.
Real money slots

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Why Play Real Money Slots

The thing that makes these kinds of slots interesting is the size of the prize they offer. They don’t offer one prize, but they’re packed with many. Sometimes these prizes will be fixed jackpots while other times they will be progressive ones. Either way, all of them offer big prizes. You also have an array of bonuses to choose from when you play with real money, which is another thing to consider.
Why Play Real Money Slots

Manage your bankroll when wagering on real money slots to play responsibly!

Real Money Slots Content

Here at, we aim at providing the unbiased and most up-to-date content for our readers. In this topic we cover the following areas:

Types of Slots for Real Money

Just like slots in general, their real money counterparts can come in all shapes and sizes. In other words, you can find lots of different kinds of slots online. In that regard, here are some of the many variants of these slots:

2D Slots

As the name suggests, 2D slots are 2 dimensional. The animations in these games can be pretty boring compared to 3D slots. However, that doesn’t make these games lacking excitement. In fact, lots of them are quite good games.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Online slots of real money can be those with a progressive jackpot. This kind of jackpot has no limit as to how high it can go. Also, there’s no telling when it’s going to land which makes these games pretty exciting.

Megaways Slots

The thing about megaways slots is that they usually offer 117,649 ways to win. Some offer more, but all of them have cascading reels, multipliers, and big prizes in general. They’re also paired with high RTPs and high volatility.

Slots With Bonus Game to Buy

When you play slots for real money online, you’ll notice that some of them have the bonus buy option. This option lets you buy the bonus feature for a certain amount of your balance. Once this happens, the feature is triggered immediately.

3D Slots

These kinds of slots offer 3D characters and animations which make the gaming experience much more enjoyable. For example, a character can pull a reel of symbols mid-play when a nudge is activated. That’s what makes them so interesting.

Big prizes, high volatility, and high RTP rates are the things that make up real money slot machines. These are entertaining slots that take the gaming experience to a higher level.

  1. Always Start Small
  2. Go Over Bonus Offers
  3. See Many Casino Sites
  4. Know Your Limits
Real money slots advantages

How to Play a Real Money Slot?

There are many ways to enjoy these kinds of slots. Naturally, you’ll need to pick out the right one first. The size of the prize, as well as the number of payline need to be considered. The volatility, as well as the RTP rate, are important factors. In that regard, here are some things you can do when picking and playing a slot for real money:

Choose Your Favourite Provider

It’s a good idea to have a provider you can stick to. If you have one, then you can rely on it to provide you with a selection of slot games online for real money to choose from.


Choose a Slot To Try

In the myriad of slots, you should pick one that seems good. You can go over the settings of the slot to see what it has to offer.

Try Out Demo Version First

When you’ve picked a slot that seems good, then you can try the demo version next. That way, you’ll see if it’s worth playing or not.

Play Responsibly

Yes, you can play slots for real money as much as you like, but the main thing to remember is to enjoy them responsibly. 

Casino Bonuses for Real Money Slots

Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. No deposit ones are pretty popular with real money slots online. So are free spins bonuses. However, all of them have certain conditions you’ll need to fulfil before you apply for them. These conditions can be described as the disadvantage that all bonuses have.

Always read terms and conditions attached to a certain casino bonus before wagering your money.

100% up to €300 — 1st deposit
100% up to €200 — 1st deposit
100% up to €400 — 1st deposit

Best Providers of Real Money Slots

When you play slots for real money online, you’ll see that they don’t come from the same provider. In fact, several ones constantly pump out new titles. These include the likes of Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, BTG, ELK Studios, Iron Dog Studio, and more. 

Here are 5 top slots that you can try out:

  1. 50 Dragons by Aristocrat
  2. Carnival Queen by Thunderkick
  3. Trillionaire by Red Tiger
  4. Valley of the Gods 2 by Yggdrasil
  5. Vikings Go Wild by Yggdrasil
Best Providers of Real Money Slots

Check out for the bonuses that come with real money slots!

Top 3 Real Money Slots to Play

Some slots seem to stand out. These next 3 slots belong to that calibre and that makes them worth your while. They offer high-quality entertainment which is why they’re worth a spin or two.

Jammin’ Jars

Jammin’ Jars is a highly volatile fruity slot that comes with a decent RTP of 96.83%. It has 8 rows and reels of symbols and offers cluster pays instead of ways to win. The top win in this game is 20,000x times your stake.

Jammin’ Jars - Slot

Legacy of Egypt

With 30 ways to win and a 5x3 grid, Legacy of Egypt is one of the top online slots for real money you can play. The volatility is high and the RTP rate is 96.5%. On top of that, you have Wild/Scatter symbols, free spins, and a max prize of 5,000x the stake.

Legacy of Egypt - Slot

Golden Fish Tank

Although it’s a deep-sea slot, there’s nothing fishy about Golden Fish Tank. Its volatility is medium and the RTP rate is 96.4%. Also, the game comes with a 5x3 grid and 20 ways to win. Golden Fish Tank also offers Wilds, Scatters, free spins, sticky and random Wilds, multipliers as well as a top prize of 400x/spin.

Golden Fish Tank - Slot

Tips for Choosing a Real Money Slot

There are many real money slots, so you will have a great selection to choose from. If you need some help with that, then here are some suggestions:

Look for High or Medium RTP Slot

Medium and high RTP slots offer a bigger percentage of your money back over time. This increases the size of the slot’s prizes.

Try Out High Volatility Machines

Highly volatile slots are a good variant of online slot machines for real money since they offer bigger prizes over time. Seek them out if you’re into these kinds of slots.

Bonus Buy Function: Best Choice

These titles have the bonus buy function, which lets you exchange a certain amount of your balance for the bonus feature in the game.

Best Bonus Offers

Finally, you have lots of bonuses available for these kinds of slots. Also, these bonuses have pretty attractive offers.


What makes a real money slot?

The high volatility and RTP rate as well as the size of prizes offered can make certain slots real money slots. You can check them out on this website.

What’s the role of high volatility in a slot game?

High volatility in a slot means that you can expect bigger prizes over time. That’s why most real money slots are highly volatile.

Does a high RTP matter?
The higher the RTP is the bigger percentage of your deposit you get back. This is tied to the volatility of a slot which determines if you get that percentage sooner or later.
How to increase your chances of winning a jackpot?
The thing about jackpots is that you don’t know for sure when they land. So, there’s no foolproof way to win a jackpot.
How do you find the ideal real money slot?
It comes down to what this means for you. So, you can go over the reviews on this site and find the titles that suit you.

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