The 4 Future Gambling Centers in Asia

Top future gambling centers

1. Manilla, Philippines

That’s right. First up on our list, we’d like to discuss some key facts concerning the rapid growth of this city when it comes to its gambling industry. And mind you, this is in spite of certain ‘issues’ it has had with the Chinese Government. This is largely thanks to the successful Macau developers, very promising indeed for this city’s grand ambitions.

In fact, several analysts expect this country’s annual gaming revenue to be even higher than 10 billion dollars. This, following the completion of the 4 gambling resorts. Who knows, maybe your next vacation idea may draw you directly here? You wouldn’t exactly be wrong, especially if you are a seasoned player willing to try promising new hotspots.


2. Singapore

Next up on our list of future Asian gambling centers, we have Singapore, as a rather early entrant to the gambling sweepstakes in Asia. We won’t be wrong by saying that this sovereign city-state has made a ‘mold’ of sorts, which is bound to be followed by a large number of its fellow gaming hubs. This, in their own future plan development as aspiring gambling venues, of course.

We can clearly see that, in the clear development of integrated resorts, Singapore has set its sights firmly on gamblers of the ‘big-ticket’ variety – no small fish here. Back in 2013, this city-state was successful in bringing in around 6 billion dollars in gambling revenue.

And yes, we are fully aware of what some of you might think or say. Why would we be talking about the 3rd largest gambling spot in the world as if it were an ‘up-and-coming’ gaming destination? This is mostly because there is plenty more room for further expansion here, believe us. It might be easier to understand when one realizes that the local authorities in Singapore only allowed the legislation of such gaming in 2010.

And yet, despite the steps it has yet to take, we can certainly see why this city-state is well on its way to posing a challenge to Macau for the crown of worldwide gambling. It may just happen sooner than anyone expects!

3. Tokyo, Japan

Much like South Korea (more on that later), the government in Japan has already set the wheels in motion, at least when it comes to following the Singaporean example and its resort formula, so to speak. But before some of you become overly excited, we hate to have to inform you that gambling is still very much considered illegal on this island nation.

The silver lining is that the chances for this changing in the rather near future are quite positive! As a matter of fact, many experts expect the first casino to officially open around 2021! Proven developers from the Singaporean resorts have expressed their earnest interest in transforming Tokyo into a sparkling new gambling world destination.

And unlike the case with Seoul (once again, later!), numerous experts strongly expect Tokyo to provide more than a healthy share of local gamblers, not just tourists. Though it’s not like there will be a lack of foreigners, either. This creates quite the lucrative outlook for both investors and developers.


4. Seoul, South Korea

Ok, that ‘later’ has finally become ‘now’. Last but most certainly not least on this list of ours, is the South Korean capital, Seoul. You can look at it this way: if they consider Singapore to be the textbook example of ‘concept’, then this city is by all means what you would call a ‘gambling experiment’.

While still taking baby steps in its initiation to the gambling industry, this metropolis is truly showing great promise. If we were to put it in gambling terms, we could say that it is pushing all of its chips to the very middle of the table. This is mostly due to the desire to capitalize as much as possible on the rapidly-expanding numbers revolving around Chinese tourism.

There are already 16 ‘foreigner-only’ casinos throughout South Korea, and there are plans for this massive gambling project, predicted to open sometime in 2030. Contrary to Singapore, Seoul mainly intends to focus on the casual types of gamblers, rather than any high-rollers. And this may prove lucrative indeed since the upper-middle class of China seems to be looking for ‘one-stop gaming fixes’.


There you have it. These are exciting times indeed for the entire Asian continent, as more and more of its nations will continue to build destinations which are nothing short of ‘enticing’. This, mostly in the hopes of drawing in as many Chinese tourists to their shores. It’s a no-brainer that the gambling industry will keep on flourishing under such circumstances. This enormous region, ranging from Russia to as far as Australia, could be on the verge of revolutionizing the entire gambling industry as we know it! We wish them the best of luck, and in case you yourself are feeling lucky lately, you may want to book your plane tickets in advance!

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