3 Reel Slots Online

Slots didn't always have many reels and rows. They started with 3 drums and now are often referred to as classics. Lovers of traditional gameplay who prefer to spin the reels instead of doing something on the bonus round pop-up screen will find the 3-reel slots quite suitable.

A lot of drums can sound pretty tempting to you due to the increased number of possible combinations. But not all players can beat all 5 reels at once. This is why 3 reel slots have so many followers.

3 Reel Slot Machines

How to play three reel slots

3 reel slots are characterized by their simplicity which is their biggest advantage. The gameplay is fast and bonus rounds often appear rather quickly. Bonus features in such slots vary. Sometimes these slots allow you to play a small and extremely profitable bonus game, but there are examples when it is absent.

You can try your luck at hitting the progressive jackpot in some of these types of slots. This jackpot will increase until you complete the winning combination.

Several recently released 3 reel slot machines have extended bonus features. Free spins feature can be accessed easily, and there’s an option to maximize your winnings thanks to special Wild symbols or multipliers and their attached features.

Before you start playing this type of slot machine, it might be a good idea to try free 3 reel slots games first to see what payments you can get.

  1. Simple bonus rounds to earn extra money quickly
  2. 3-reel slots provide classic simplified gameplay
  3. Payouts in 3-reel slots are often higher
3 Reel Slots Online advantages


What is a 3-reel slot?

Three-reel slots are slot machines with only 3 reels and usually 1 payline.

How to play 3 reel slots?

Place your first bet on an active payline and click on the "spin" button. The reels will start to spin and stop one at a time to reward you with the winning combination.

Can I get free spins or play the bonus game in the 3 reel slot?

Yes, many useful bonus features and special symbols are present in the latest 3-reel models. Try free online 3 reel slots to test the gameplay.

Is only 1 payline featured in a 3 reel slot?

No, in some slots you can get more than 1 payline. More often than not, these games offer a higher jackpot.

Things to keep in mind when playing 3-reel online slot games

Three-reel slots may vary in terms of paylines. For example, a 3-reel slot with one payline will have a random number generator that will not work exactly as in a five-reel slot. Therefore, it is logical to expect slightly lesser payments. We suggest you look at this from a different angle. Slot machines with only one payline can bring you large payouts thanks to the generous paytable and formation of winning combinations on the one payline only.

There’s also an option to select a slot machine with more than one payline. Play slots with for example 3 lines to get an improved jackpot. Three-reel slot machines reward players with big jackpots. On some older models, players have to be ready to play with the highest stakes to have a chance of hitting the jackpot.

You may also find that the 3 reel slot has a high payout percentage. This will allow you to make full use of your gameplay.

3 reel slots strategy

  • Set limits before the first spin

It is recommended to avoid unnecessary costs and a strong blow to the bankroll. If you haven’t received a win after your limit is reached, try out another slot. It is also worth finishing spinning the reels when you have increased your score by more than 40%. Stick to this strategy to maintain a positive balance.

  • Make sure a rate of spinning the reels at matches your bankroll

Betting 1,000 times fewer credits per spin would be a smart decision. In this case, the balance will be held. Thanks to this strategy, you can spend more time playing the game and increase your chances of winning a big prize increase.

  • Set the maximum value for one chip

Again, though, it all depends on the size of your bankroll.

  • Play the game at one rate and do not change it in any way

As a result, you can get a decent win.

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Symbols and bonuses

In modern three-reel slots, the developers have abandoned fruit symbols and replaced them with thematic ones that fit into the overall design.

Three-reel online slots can have special Wild, Bonus, and Scatter symbols. Wild symbols generally substitute all standard symbols to make more winning combinations. Scatter most often acts as a trigger of free spins. More often than not, the bonus symbol gives you access to the bonus game.

You can also play a simple Bonus Game or start a round of free spins using the Scatter symbol. Moreover, 3 reel simulators participate in the progressive jackpot network and feature a bonus game for the jackpot.

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