Low Variance Slots

The risk level of slot machines is set by their volatility or dispersion. This characteristic is one of the most important for regular and professional gamblers as it determines the frequency with which the winning combinations are formed. In this article, we’ll tell you more about low variance slots, a few popular titles of this type of slot, pros and cons, and more.

Best Low Volatility Slots

Types of Slot Machines Volatility

When you open the official website of your favourite online casino, you are presented with a list of online slots to play. Each of them has its volatility. There are only three types of slot variance:

  • Low
  • Middle
  • High

The frequency of the formation of winning combinations of slots directly depends on the type of their volatility. Each of these types has their characteristics and are focused on a particular player.

For example, selecting the slot with the highest volatility would result in a greater win that you will receive faster than slots with medium or low volatility. However, players must place higher bets to win big in high-volatility slots.

Low Volatility Slots

Low volatility slots are built for those who enjoy fast and easy wins. The majority of low volatility slot spins would produce positive results. Although winnings will be frequent, they will never surpass the size of the wager. The only exceptions are high-odds winning combinations.

Middle Volatility of Slots

This type of volatility is ideal for beginners who don’t yet have a large bankroll but already want to try to win a big jackpot. Slot machines of this type quickly give out winning combinations and raise the amount of payments.

High Volatility in Slots

These games are suitable for experienced players who are ready to play for large sums, although they are quite difficult to play. The point is that they constantly reduce the number and frequency of winning combinations. You'll need a lot of patience to wait for the jackpot on such slots.

However, the amount of the won jackpot will delight everyone, because, in slot machines with high volatility, it is much higher. We do not recommend high-volatility slots for beginners, because you can spoil the first impression of the game and lose considerable sums.

How to Determine the Volatility of a Slot?

To determine the volatility of the slot machine, you can use the following methods:

  • It’s necessary to study the paytable of several machines
  • Take a look at the statistics of winnings on slots
  • Try to play a slot machine yourself and watch its behavior
  • Carefully read honest and independent reviews from other gamblers

After these actions, feel free to start playing the video slot and focus on your goals. 

  1. Low volatility slots have the highest jackpots
  2. You can withdraw your winnings at any time
  3. Less risk of spending the entire deposit in one game
Low Variance Slots advantages


What is volatility?

Dispersion or volatility is the ratio of the frequency of the jackpot to its size.

Which volatility should I choose?

The most popular and profitable volatility is low. It is where gamblers most often receive winnings for small amounts.

Is low volatility beneficial for gamers?

Definitely yes. The player can keep their budget under control by playing low-volatility slots. This means they won't be able to withdraw their money in a matter of minutes.

Does low volatility equal no risk?

This is not entirely true. Machines with low variance, as well as others, have the potential to take away winnings at any time. As a consequence, it's worthwhile to treat the game with caution.

Low Volatility Online Slots

Due to its simplicity and availability, low-dispersion slots are most often found on online gambling portals. Although small odds and wins are typical for these slots, this does not make low variance online slots less profitable. In fact, in the long run, this type of game can prove to be the most generous.

The main feature of low variance machines is the highest chance of winning, which made them so popular and in demand. These slots are designed in such a way that they form winning combinations on the paylines as deftly and quickly as possible. Almost every spin of the reel in these games succeeds.

Their key drawback is the limited jackpot sizes, which rarely surpass the amount wagered. But you can still win a lot of money on such slots. The total sum of earnings will end up being very high due to the regularity in which winnings appear.

Low volatility online slots are suitable for players who don’t want to wait for winnings, for which there are no guarantees. Indeed, it’s much more pleasant to often win small jackpots and sum them up in a large amount, rather than chasing one big one for a long time, investing large sums and your time.

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List of Low Volatility Slots

If you've decided that low volatility slots are for you, we suggest that you try your luck on the best low variance slots mentioned below.

  • Hit in Vegas

This low-volatility slot from NetGame will mentally take you to the atmosphere of a land-based Vegas casino. The game has 5 reels and 40 paylines, making it easier than ever to line up winning combinations and enjoy winnings. The slot machine has great bonuses and provides a lot of free spins.

  • Fruit-o-Matic

The Fugue provider has pleased us with a timeless classic – a fruity low-volatility slot. The game has 5 reels and 40 paylines.

  • Lion King

A five-reel slot with 1,024 paylines will move the player into a hot safari. The king of all creatures, Leo, is the game's key symbol. The drums are decorated with tribal symbols and images of wild animals.

  • Our Days

Microgaming has developed a charming low volatility slot machine that tells the tale of a romantic couple. The game has 5 reels and 243 ways to win.

  • Startup Valley

An online slot True AB with 5 reels and 15 paylines. Images of coffee cups, computers, and other office equipment can be seen on the drums.

  • Okie Doogie

Low volatility plays a star game with a dog theme. The main symbols on the reels are cute dogs, bones, and their booths. The slot features 5 reels and 243 ways to win.

All of these popular slots provide the player with stable small jackpots.

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