15 Line Slot Machine Games

Nowadays, slots offer all kinds of features. Volatility levels range from title to title, as does the RTP rate. Most titles may come with free spins, but they also offer jackpots, progressive or fixed, bonus rounds, multipliers, mystery symbols, and more.

Because providers aren’t afraid to experiment, titles also have various numbers of reels and lines. So, you have 15 lines slots as well as slots with more or fewer lines. If 15 payline slots are what you fancy, then have a look below.

15 Line Slot Machine Games

List of 15 Line Slot Machines

What is a 15 Line Slot?

The name of this kind of slot pretty much tells you what you need to know. It’s a slot that offers 15 lines. But the selection of features will differ from slot to slot. This means you can get slots with various kinds of features, different themes, symbols, and so on.

When it comes to their compatibility with mobile devices, most modern titles are mobile-friendly. That’s because the majority of slot players enjoy 15 line slots and other kinds of slots mostly on smartphones or tablets.

What is a 15 Line Slot?

Before playing a 15 line slot, study the paytable to learn which payouts you can expect!

15 Line Slots Content

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Variations of 15 Line Slots

All kinds of slots come in various shapes and sizes. This is true for 15 line slots too. The number of reels, the theme, and bonus features will vary from title to title. In that regard, here are some of the most common kinds of variations:

Differ in Number of Reels

The number of reels is probably something that you notice first about a slot. When it comes to these slots they can have 7 reels or even 5 reels. The possibility of them having as little as 3 reels isn’t excluded.  

15 Payline Slots Vary in Theme

Just like the number of reels, the kind of theme a slot has will vary from title to title. Some will share an adventure theme while others will have horror, mystery, crime, and other kinds of themes. When picking a slot you can stick to a familiar theme or try out something new.

15 Lines Slots May Offer Various Bonuses

The 15 line slots make sure to pack in interesting symbols on the reels as well as interesting bonus features. Free spins might be the most common bonus features around, but players can also expect jackpots, multipliers, mystery symbols, and more.

15 Line Slots With Bonus Buy Option

Among the many features slots offer, the bonus buy feature is one of them. Some titles that feature it are East Coast vs West Coast, Hammer of Vulcan, Money Train 2, and others. With this feature, you can buy the bonus feature of the slot in question.

These types of slots offer more lines and don’t hesitate to throw in some interesting features as well. The 15 lines along with the theme, visuals, features, and mechanics make them compelling slots.

  1. See the Variety of Bonuses
  2. Experiment When You Want To
  3. Know Your Limits
  4. Play the demo first
15 Line Slot Machine Games advantages

How To Play 15 Line Slots

Playing 15 line slots is easy as soon as you’ve picked the ones you like playing. But the picking process can be tricky since there are lots of slots around. So, if you’re looking for some things to keep in mind when playing 15 line slots, then here are some pointers:


Choose Your Favourite Provider

Just like the number of slots grows, so does the number of providers. Having one to rely on is good since it will provide you with interesting titles to choose from.

Choose a Slot To Try

Now that you’re looking at the selection of 15 line slots by your favourite provider, all you need to do is find one slot that’s to your liking.

Try Out Demo Version First

The free or demo variant of this game will give you a better idea of what it’s about. So, give it a spin or two to see if you like it.

Play Responsibly

You can enjoy slots as much as you want to, but the main thing about playing them is to do so responsibly.

Real Money Bonuses for 15 Line Slots

There are bonuses aplenty for 15 line slots and all kinds of slots in general. As you’ll see, you’ll come across more than one type of no deposit bonus. These come in the shape of free spins, free cash, or credits and they can come in handy when you’re playing a certain title. But beware of the requirements these bonuses have.

100% up to €250 + 100 Free Spins — 1st deposit
100% up to €100 + 120 free spins — 1st Deposit
1st Deposit 100% up to €400

Best Providers of 15 Line Slots

It’s hard to tell how many providers focus on producing 15 line slots and other slots in general since new ones are springing left and right. Some are new, while others have already made a name for themselves, but both kinds offer quality titles. When it comes to popular names, you’ve likely heard of Quickspin, Amatic, Thunderkick, Relax Gaming, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, and others.

Here are some titles from these splendid providers:

  1. Aliens by NetEnt
  2. Baker’s Treat by Play'n GO
  3. Castle Builder by Microgaming
  4. Flux by Thunderkick
  5. Fruit Shop by NetEnt
Best Providers of 15 Line Slots

Before playing a 15 line slot, study the paytable to learn which payouts you can expect!

Best 15 Line Machines To Try Out

Quality titles always get the attention of a large number of players. That’s why you’d be looking for such titles. If you are, then here are some titles you can enjoy:

Midas Golden Touch

With a title like that you know you’re in for a great slot. Midas Golden touch offers medium to high volatility and an RTP of 96.1%. On top of that, it has 5 reels of symbols, free spins, multipliers, Scatters, and Wilds. A top prize of 10,100x times the stake is also available.

Midas Golden Touch slot

The Bounty

This is another slot that offers medium to high volatility and has an RTP rate of 96.08%. A 5x3 grid is filled with symbols among which are Wilds and Scatters. Naturally, free spins and multipliers is part of the action, as well as an amazing prize of 5,000x the stake.

The Bounty slot

Aztec Magic Deluxe

Unlike the previous 2 titles, Aztec Magic Deluxe comes with medium volatility. The RTP is 96.96% and it comes with 5 reels of symbols. Wilds and Scatters are part of the symbols and free spins, and a Gamble mechanic are parts of the features. The top prize is 5,000x the stake.

Aztec Magic Deluxe slot

Tips for Choosing a 15 Payline Slot

Most probably you know that there are many variants of slots with 15 lines, so you’ll have lots of them to choose from. So, by keeping a few pointers in mind you can pick out a slot to play. Here’s some advice on how to do that:

Play at a Trustworthy Casino

There are lots of casino sites offering 15 line slots. But the only ones you should play at are the legal ones. They are the only ones you can trust.

Study Slot Game Rules and Paytable

These kinds of slots and other slot types come with rules and a paytable. By going over these details you’ll see what the slot can offer you.

Try Out Demo Version First

When you have a game picked out, make sure to try the demo variant first. This way you’ll know if the slot’s features and the title, in general, are fitting to your needs.

Look for the Casino Bonuses With 15 Line Slots

There are various bonuses available for 15 line slots. If you need one, then go over the terms and conditions before applying for it.


Do 15 line slots share the same variance?

Since there are various kinds of features these slots come with, then they will have a varying level of variance.

How about their RTP rate?

Well, if they have features of all kinds available, and varying volatility it’s natural they will have a different RTP rate.

Do 15 line slots offer jackpots?

Yes, you can find these kinds of slots with jackpots. Most of these jackpots will be fixed though.

How do I find the top bonus for a slot?

Go over the bonuses and their requirements. If they suit your needs, then you can choose them.

Do I always need to stick to 1 provider?

You don’t need to stick to a single provider. If you happen to find another that does a better job, nothing is stopping you from making a switch.

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