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Ace of Spades

26.07.2018 15:50

Ace of Spades is an online slot game developed by Play N Go. This is one of the simplest versions of a slot game with only one payline and three reels. Simplicity is the main attractive feature of the game as there are people who do not desire to deal with the complexities of some of the modern games. In addition to the simple layout, there are no layered bonus schemes either. Interestingly, there is no free spins mode either, which has become quite commonplace in the contemporary versions of the slot games. The size of the coin can range from 0.25 to 5. The maximum number of coins a player can win is capped at 2500.


The players have a choice when spinning as they can place either 1, 2 or 3 coins. On the screen this is shown on the bottom left corner, next to a box that shows the coin value. The different symbols that can appear on the reels include a clover, J, Q, K, a golden crown, and of course the Ace of Spades. Depending on how many coins the player has bet the payouts are different as well. If one clover shows up on any reel the user will be rewarded 2-6 coins, which is the smallest payout in the game.

Three Aces of Spades will lead to the largest payout - 2500. Ace of Spades also acts as a Wild symbol and can replace any other symbol on the reels. Winning with one Ace of Spades will double the payout, while two of these symbols will quadruple the winnings. Depending on how many coins the player chooses to bet, the Return to Player ranges from 95.94% to 95.87%, which, to be honest, is not as impressive when compared to other similar types of games.


 The design of the game is as simple as its functionality. The color scheme and imagery is old-fashioned and reminiscent of the computer card games that were popular a few decades ago. Furthermore, there are no animations which have become a staple of slot games recently. The symbols remain two-dimensional at all times during the game. This is not necessarily a drawback as some people have become bored of the overly complicated designs of the modern games, with burdensome animations that often make the games freeze.

Ace of Spades Opinions

 Ace of Spades is a perfect game for someone who is trying to get into the slot games. It offers the most basic functionality that underlies all of the other games. Learning to play using this game will equip users with the knowledge that is necessary to understand the more complicated and complex rules of the modern games. Sometimes, when new players try to tackle the more complicated versions of the game first, they get scared off by the convoluted rules and bonus schemes. This type of a game is a great solution for them.

For someone with experience in playing slot games, who is used to different game modes as well as bonus functionality this game might get a little too boring. Although, it is worth the mention that there are some people with a background in slot games, who seek the simplicity. Ace of Spades could be a great solution for them as well. Design-wise, the only advantage of the game is that the imagery is not overbearing, which could be preferable for some players.
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