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Dead or Alive

02.01.2018 20:18
NetEnt Dead or Alive Complete Slot ReviewAre you ready to ‘buckle up’ and ride alongside the town’s sheriff while together facing the disreputable ‘Wild West bandits’, cowboy? Well, you better be, as this is exactly what this online video slot from NetEntertainment, called “Dead or Alive”, offers! Be prepared to face all kinds of wild-west-related dangers while improving your gun-slinging skills!

You would need to ‘arm yourself’ (get it?) with lots of patience, because in this ‘cowboy country’ is nothing less than cruel…yet also tremendously generous! Just make sure you deserve it. This 5-reel slot machine offers the player 9 pay-lines, so just remember to keep that finger of yours on the trigger, and we mean at all times, if you want a sniff of those bonus features!

Theme and Symbols

This video slot, whose theme has clearly been inspired by the old Wild West, provides interesting and fun graphics as well as realistic-enough sound effects, all of which make your gaming experience all that more rewarding! And this is even further enhanced by the offer of a Free Spins feature and even Sticky Wilds! More on those later, though.

What this online slot offers any player is a bunch of perfectly iconic symbols of this famous lawless era taking a huge page in American history. Thus, the themed symbols you can expect range from Sheriff Star Badges and Liquor Shots to those traditional Cowboy Hats and Boots. There’s even a ‘Wanted’ poster, which, if you ask our humble opinion, is quite a nice touch to the whole atmosphere which NetEnt was clearly going for.

This Poster takes on the role of the Scatter Symbol in this slot, and we can only praise the creativity of this Symbol playfully matching with the title of this game. The graphics themselves have been designed with an attention to detail (not too much), and are downright nifty! Like we said, the sound effects here are anything but lacking, and bring about an atmospheric, as well as suspenseful, and even rather stereotypical feel!



Needless to say, this slot is all about the suspense factor. And they have definitely succeeded, as any player would feel the tension building as they eagerly await a real big hit. The biggest thrill is provided by none other than the Sticky Wilds.

Just like any NetEntertainment slot, this one also features Free Spins, assuming the player experiences a stroke of good luck and obtains three or more Guns at the very same time on their reel grid.

If that does indeed occur, then the player would be rewarded with 12 Free Spins, and each win will also be in the company of a 2x Multiplier! Each one of these Free Spins has the name of one of the five most-famous Wild West heroes, or even anti-heroes, including Jesse James!

What’s more, if you happen to be a casual gamer, we guarantee that you will adore “Dead or Alive”. And if you happen to belong to the ‘anxious gambler’ variety, then you may just need to keep your senses as sharp and attentive as you can! After all, only the most hardcore among you will prevail in this merciless, coyote-howling territory presented here.

You can always take a rest and put your boots up if you choose the Autospin Mode, and let those reels do their own spinning for a while! The coin values range from $0.01 to $2, while the maximum bet here amounts to 16 coins. As for the Jackpot, it goes as high as a whopping 90,000 coins! Yee-hah!


Even though this NetEnt slot only offers the player 9 pay-lines, you can be sure that your efforts are bound to be well-rewarded, assuming you’ve got some luck riding your way! And that is exactly what we wish for you, while you take a chance at playing this slot on one of our top-rated online casinos! Remember, in such a lawless land, you will need to make your own justice, and catch your own bounty!
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