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Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming as common as FIAT currencies. Granted, not everyone accepts this form of payment, for now, but there are still plenty of crypto casinos that you can find, and several great crypto wallets you can use – one of which is the Coinbase Wallet. In fact, Coinbase is not just ‘one of the crypto wallets’ but is arguably one of the most popular and commonly used crypto wallets. So, naturally, it’s also not too challenging to find a Coinbase casino.

But still, how good is this payment method? How does it work and where can you find a good casino that accepts Coinbase? Let’s find out!

Best Online Casinos Accepting Coinbase wallet in 2024

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1 logo

Welcome bonus: 100% on 1st deposit + No Deposit 100 FS

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2 CryptoLeo logo


Cashback: up to 25%

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Welcome offer: up to €2,400 + 150 Free Spins

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Welcome Package: up to €300

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Jackpot Frenzy

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How to play in a casino for real money using Coinbase Wallet?


Register for a Coinbase Wallet account

Coinbase Wallet has an official application that you can download on Google Play or the App Store. Once you do that, open the app and select the ‘Create New Account’ option. You will need to add all the required data and add protection. Furthermore, the app will then show you a 12-digit code that you will need to input if you ever want to recover the account. By following all the registration steps, you will now have an account that you can then fund.


Choose a casino and make a deposit

Once all that is done, you can then proceed to the next step and select a Coinbase casino to play at. Create an account on this platform and, once the process is complete, you need to send money from your Coinbase wallet to the casino account to make a deposit.


Start playing

Then, you can just go out and have fun, play whatever game you want, whether you prefer slots, Roulette, Blackjack, etc.


Withdraw your winnings

Once you have not only played but also have some winnings to withdraw, once again you only need to go to the cashier section and specify how much you would like to cash out.

General Information about Coinbase Wallet

General Information about Coinbase Wallet

Best Coinbase wallet casino Playfina
Fastest withdrawal Coinbase wallet casino Jet
Best payout Coinbase wallet casino Vave
Highest bonuses Coinbase wallet website BitStarz

The Coinbase brand was created in 2012, back when crypto was nowhere near as big of a name as it is today. Originally, it was a very ambitious and, one might say, risky company idea but, as the practice shows, Brian Armstrong – the founder of Coinbase – was more than correct to take that risk. Indeed, nowadays Coinbase is one of the largest and most-well known crypto-related companies, with more 108 million active users.

Now the Coinbase Wallet is just one part of the greater Coinbase company but, while Coinbase itself is a large crypto brokerage where you can exchange, buy and sell crypto, the Coinbase Wallet instead just acts as a wallet. For crypto, however, you can use it to store and make payments using crypto.

How does Coinbase Wallet work?

How does Coinbase Wallet work?

Coinbase Wallet acts pretty much like any e-wallet but, instead of holding a FIAT currency, it gives you access and control over cryptocurrency. So, think of this like your classical electronic wallet, where you have your money stored and, whenever you want to make a transaction (to deposit or withdraw), you just need to select this payment option and either use Coinbase to send money or receive it from a casino.

However, note that while there are casinos that accept Coinbase Wallet as payment – and you can use it at casinos – there have also been some reports of players receiving a warning from Coinbase. This is because, technically, using Coinbase Wallet to pay and receive money from gambling platforms is against their terms of use.

Security of Coinbase Wallet

Security of Coinbase Wallet

The security at Coinbase Wallet is top-notch, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a popular payment method for those that use crypto to gamble. Not only does Coinbase Wallet offers transparent transactions with a lot of details about assets, but the system also implements strong security measures to protect from malicious viruses, unsanctioned transactions, etc. Your account is also protected by a private key or Touch ID and there is a cloud backup and a 12-digit password used for data recovery.

What are the Coinbase Wallet deposit limits?

What are the Coinbase Wallet deposit limits?

Coinbase Wallet does have deposit limits and those you will face depend on several factors, such as your country, transaction history, payment method, etc. What also plays a huge role is whether you have verified your Coinbase account (the limit is higher for verified accounts) and what is your account level, because the higher the level of your Coinbase account the more options you unlock, including higher deposit limits.

Can I claim Coinbase Wallet bonuses?

Can I claim Coinbase Wallet bonuses?

Plenty of casinos that accept Conbase Wallet – even those we have listed below – do offer you various bonuses. So, yes, if you register at Coinbase wallet casino and follow the requirements you will be eligible for a bonus.

How fast are Coinbase Wallet withdrawals?

How fast are Coinbase Wallet withdrawals?

More often than not, the withdrawal process using Coinbase Wallet is instant, or it takes just a couple of minutes for your funds to arrive. In rarer cases, the transaction can take a couple of hours or even 1–2 business days, but the latter is exceptionally rare.

Coinbase Wallet Casino Transaction Times and Fees

Coinbase Wallet Casino Transaction Times and Fees

Coinbase Wallet charges fees both for withdrawals and deposits. If you’re using this system to make a deposit then, yes, you will have to pay a 1% flat fee. You also have to pay a fee if you are using a Coinbase Wallet to withdraw and it will be the same – 1%.

As for the transaction time, as we said, this process is usually very quick, and both the withdrawals and the deposits are usually either instant or take just a couple of moments.

How to Deposit at Coinbase Wallet Casinos

Coinbase Wallet allows you to both withdraw and deposit funds and, if you want to deposit, then you can do the following:

1. Sign Up at Coinbase wallet to Gamble

Deposit with Coinbase wallet - Step 1

To begin, you first need to either create your Coinbase Wallet account or log into your existing one. Keep in mind that before you go to a casino you need to make sure that your account is charged, so you can actually make a deposit.

2. Find an Online Casino Coinbase Wallet Offer

Deposit with Coinbase wallet - Step 2

Then you need to select a Coinbase casino you want to play at. You can either find the platform you want to play at on your own or select one of the online casinos with Coinbase Wallet, which we have added below.

3. Register at the Casino with Coinbase Wallet

Deposit with Coinbase wallet - Step 3

After finding the platform to play at, the next step is to go to this casino and create an account there. The registration process at a casino is usually a quick process, but some platforms may have a more detailed sign-in procedure. Moreover, some Coinbase Wallet casinos may even allow for an especially easy registration via a Google account.

4. Select Coinbase Wallet as a Deposit Method

Deposit with Coinbase wallet - Step 4

Once you’ve created your account, you will have to go to the casino’s cashier section and find out the wallet address, then you can use the Coinbase wallet to make a deposit to this address. For this, you need to press the “’Send’ option in the Coinbase app and input the casino’s wallet address and how much you’d like to deposit.

How do I deposit using Coinbase wallet?

  • Create a Coinbase account and charge it;
  • Find a good casino that accepts Coinbase Wallet payment and register there;
  • Learn the wallet address of your casino;
  • Use the Coinbase wallet app and click the ‘Send’ option. Input the wallet address and specify the sum you want to deposit.

How to withdraw from a casino using Coinbase Wallet

It is also possible to withdraw your winnings by using Coinbase Wallet and this process is also quite simple and fast. All that you need is to:

1. Open the online casino cashier

Withdrawal with Coinbase wallet - Step 1

After you have won some money and you want to withdraw it, the first step is to go to the cashier section.

2. Select Coinbase Wallet from the withdrawal options

Withdrawal with Coinbase wallet - Step 2

Next, you need to make a withdrawal request, which you can do by choosing Coinbase Wallet as a withdrawal option.

3. Withdraw as much as you want

Withdrawal with Coinbase wallet - Step 3

Then, specify how much you want to withdraw – you need to input your Coinbase Wallet address where the winnings will be transferred to.

4. Enjoy your winnings

After a while, the sum will be added to your balance – usually, this is a pretty fast process that should take just a couple of moments.

How do I withdraw using Coinbase Wallet?

  • Go to the cashier section and select Coinbase Wallet as your preferred withdrawal option;
  • Specify how much you wish to withdraw;
  • Input the address of your Coinbase Wallet where the money will be sent;
  • Confirm and wait for your funds to arrive.

Best casinos with bonuses for Coinbase Wallet users

To make your search for the Coinbase casino a bit easier, we’ve decided to share with you several casinos that accept cryptocurrencies and, although not offering a Coinbase option for now, are a good choice for crypto payments. Below, we’ve listed some of these casinos, which all have diverse bonuses you can obtain! So, let’s look at some of the options we recommend:

  1. Playfina

    Playfina is a very popular casino, with a very rich games catalogue, consisting of over 8,000 titles! On top of that, there are also plenty of incredible additions that Playfina offers – a lot of payment methods, responsive customer support, a live casino, a pretty design, and even a VIP club with even more bonuses!

    • Rich portfolio of 8,000+ games
    • Has a VIP system
    • Allows searching by provider
    • User-friendly and understandable interface

    Playfina review Play here

  2. Bitstarz

    An award-winning casino, Bitstarz is also an incredible option if you’re looking for a great crypt-friendly casino. Not only does Bitstarz have more than 4,000 available games and a user-friendly design with several language options, but this is also a very safe and trustworthy place, with strong security, confirmed by several certificates.

    • Has tournaments and a VIP club
    • The presence of several certificates
    • A great system with level-ups and other bonuses
    • A lot of payment options to choose from

    Bitstarz review Play here

  3. Vave

    When talking about some of the best Coinbase Wallet casinos, we can’t forget to mention Vave, which is one of the most beloved crypto casinos out there. It has a rich collection of more than 4,000 games, a sports section, many payment systems and great security.

    • Has a Curacao license
    • Several VIP club offers
    • Multilingual
    • Has a live casino

    Vave review Play here

  4. Jet

    Jet is another amazing Coinbase Wallet online casino with some great bonuses on offer. This is a multilingual platform, which has an official application that you can download, and also a lot of incredible bonuses, such as Cashback, Reload Bonus, Welcome Bonus and more.

    • Presence of a mobile app
    • Allows for searching by provider
    • User-friendly search bar with a lot of options to choose from
    • Allows registering via Telegram or Google, for more convenience

    Jet review Play here

  5. Arcanebet

    Last but not least, an amazing Coinbase casino that we recommend is Arcanebet. This is a Curacao-licensed casino, with a rich collection of games you can play that include not only slots but also Roulette, Sic Bo, Lotteries, Baccarat and others.

    • A rich games collection with over 3,000 games
    • A lot of bonuses on offer
    • Has low wager options
    • Features a Loyalty Programme with even more bonuses

    Arcanebet review Play here

Fees and commissions

Coinbase wallet payment - Fees and Commissions

Much like all crypto payments, the Coinbase Wallet also charges a transaction fee. So, no matter whether you withdraw or deposit using this system, you’ll have to pay a 1% fee. On the brighter side, this is a flat fee, which remains the same for any cryptocurrency you are using.

Other than that, the Coinbase wallet doesn’t charge you for using it or if you’re transferring money from one Coinbase wallet to another.

Coinbase wallet payment - Fees and Commissions
Payment Founded License Deposit fees Withdrawal fees
Coinbase Wallet June 24, 2012 FCA 1% 1%
Dash January 18, 2014 MIT License 0% 0–2.5%
Litecoin October 7, 2011 MIT License 0% 0–2.5%
Ethereum July 30, 2015 MIT License 0% 0–2.5%

Deposit and withdrawal time

Coinbase wallet payment - Deposit and Withdrawal Time

We’ve mentioned its ease and the deposit and withdrawals with Coinbase wallet are indeed very fast, and oftentimes your transactions will be processed immediately. In some cases, for instance, depending on your country and the casino, this process may be a bit longer – from a couple of minutes to several hours.

Coinbase wallet payment - Deposit and Withdrawal Time
Payment Minimum deposit Deposit time Minimum withdrawal Withdrawal time
Coinbase wallet €1 Instant €1 Instant
Dash 0.25 DASH Instant 0.45 DASH 0–24 hours
Litecoin 0.01 LTC Instant 0.33 LTC 0–24 hours
Ethereum 0.01 ETH Instant 0.013 ETH 0–24 hours

Mobile Casinos Accepting Coinbase Wallet

Now, if you want to find a good Coinbase Wallet casino but also one that has an app from where you can play, then you’re welcome to check out some of these options!

  1. Jet

    Jet is not only a wonderful crypto-friendly casino, but it also has an official app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. What’s really amazing about Jet is that not only is this a mobile-friendly casino but also a safe one, complete with a licence and many positive reviews from users.


    Jet review Play here

  2. Vave

    Another amazing casino with a Coinbase Wallet is Vave, which offers a rich collection of games, bonuses and payment options. Plus, Vave also has a great VIP club offering even more prizes!


    Vave review Play here

  3. Arcanebet

    Arcanebet is also a very good option if you’re looking for a good Coinbase Wallet casino with bonuses and a lot of games. One of the best things about Arcanebet is that it not only has all these benefits but also low-wager options for bonuses, a live casino, several free spins bonuses, cashback and even a Loyalty Programme and a VIP system.


    Arcanebet review Play here

Comparing Coinbase Wallet with Other Payment Options

Now, let’s say you want to consider some alternatives to Coinbase Wallet. If so, what would they be? Well, another really popular payment system that uses crypto is Dash. Just like Coinbase Wallet, Dash allows you to both withdraw from and deposit at casinos and this system also has an official app for your convenience.

However, there are also some major differences, namely the fees. While Coinbase Wallet charges you a 1% fee for transactions, Dash has variable fees, but they are still usually lower than 1%. Also, Dash is more widely available but, in order to use it, you need to open a digital wallet.

Comparing Coinbase wallet with Other Payment Options
Payment method Type Minimum deposit Payment time Withdrawal limits

Coinbase wallet

Cryptocurrency €1 Instant €100,000
Dash Cryptocurrency 0.25 DASH 0–24 hours €40,000
Citadel Instant Banking Online Banking €10 0–72 hours €50,000
CashU e-Wallet €1 0–24 hours
Neteller e-Wallet €5 0–48 hours €5,000

Overall Experience

If you’re looking for a reliable and simple-to-use crypto wallet that allows you to store and make transactions with crypto, then Coinbase wallet is a pretty great option to consider. It has a very good reputation as one of the most popular crypto payment systems and offers strong protection of your funds too. Plus, Coinbase wallet is also convenient as it not only has an app but comes with a fairly decent fee too.

Coinbase Wallet Expert Opinion

I have been writing and reviewing slots for several years now, so I’m familiar with this industry and a lot of people working within it. So, when I write these articles, I collect the information from trustworthy, reliable sources, oftentimes direct ones, to ensure that you read only credible and helpful reviews. Of course, all of them are also double-checked by our professional team of editors.

Updated: 28.03.2024


Is there a limit on how much I can withdraw with Coinbase Wallet?

No, Coinbase doesn’t have a withdrawal limit.

Which cryptocurrencies does Coinbase Wallet accept?

Coinbase Wallet accepts eight cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Polygon, Litecoin, Solana, Ripple and Stellar Lumens.

How did Coinbase know I was sending Bitcoin to a casino?

They may know this because Coinbase is tracking user activity and watches transactions. This is to ensure that people don’t use their platform to make illegal purchases that go against Coinbase’s terms.

Can I withdraw money from Coinbase to an online casino?

Yes, you can use Coinbase Wallet to withdraw from a casino and vice versa, but keep in mind that doing so technically breaks the terms of this payment system and, in some instances, users even receive a warning from Coinbase.

In which countries can I use Coinbase Wallet?

For now, Coinbase Wallet is available in almost all EU countries, the UK, the USA and Canada.

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