Everything About Megacluster Slots

What Are Megaclusters Slots?

The Megacluster engine was developed by a very popular provider – Big Time Gaming, and it has completely changed the way slots are played. The way Megacluster works is that you start with a regular 4×4 grid, a cluster-pays format, and a somewhat limited win potential. The overall gameplay is fairly simple: to form a win, you need to land horizontal or vertical clusters of 5 or more matching symbols. These symbols, however, are not like in regular slots, because if you land a winning combo with them, these will split into smaller pieces. So, for example, if you collect 5 symbols, they will break down into 4 smaller pieces per one symbol.

That is how the Megacluster engine works – you essentially get pretty much the same mechanics as in cluster slots, but here the symbols remain intact, while in Megacluster slots the symbols will break down into smaller pieces.

What’s more, in Megacluster slots, the grid will also expand, so if you start with the 4x4 grid, then the symbols will split up, and the grid needs to make room for more symbols. So now, instead of 4x4, you will get an 8x8 grid, for instance.
Megacluster Slots

Advantages and Disadvantages of Megacluster Slots

Of course, much like it is with any engine, whether it’s Megaways or Mega Moolah slots, there are some good and lacking aspects of the system. When talking about Megaclusters, they also have their pros and cons.


  • Additional features

Megaclusters oftentimes have many other helpful features that we’ll discuss below. Some of these include Free Spins, Avalanche, Multipliers, and many more!

  • A much bigger payoff

Courtesy of the expanding grid and symbols that can split into many pieces, the Megacluster slots allow for some amazing payoffs. So if, for example, in regular video slots you can usually get a 4,000x–10,000x/bet max win, with Megaclusters that amount could go as high as 20,000x your bet or more, which is a pretty impressive max win potential.

  • Refreshing mechanics

Playing the slots with the same, regular mechanics can get a bit boring, especially if you’re a seasoned player. Thus, the Megacluster engine provides a new way you can play slots which is not only refreshing and unique but also allows you to try something new.


  • Megaclusters can be overwhelming

For many players, and especially the newbie ones, the Megacluster slots may feel somewhat too fast-paced. All that is due to the Avalanche feature, where the wins will be coming at a fast pace, and you may have difficulties keeping up with the winnings.

  • You have to keep a track of the symbols

When the grid becomes bigger and every symbol splits into a couple of others, it can bewilder some people, as the screen becomes cluttered with too many symbols and you can lose track of what is going on.

  • The initial grid is very basic

When you’ve played on the 8x8 grid and had a lot of fun, then coming back to the regular 4x4 may be rather underwhelming for many people.

Features of Megacluster Slots

A fantastic thing about the Megacluster slots is that they offer not only the mechanics of splitting-up symbols. No, when playing the slots, you can also enjoy plenty of other amazing features that spice up the gameplay and improve the winning chances. Here are some of the most common features in Megacluster slots.


If the game has a special Wild symbol, and you land it, it will award you with the Multiplier feature. With it, you will start at the 1x multiplier, which will increase one unit every time it becomes part of a payout.

One more major benefit of this Multiplier feature is that it has no limits, and will keep increasing till there are no more winning combos.


The most common and interesting feature Megacluster slots can offer is the Avalanche. This is a mode that will be activated when you collect 5 symbols winning combination, after which they will vanish. The new symbols will then fall to the grid (that’s why it is called an “avalanche”) and replace those symbols that just disappeared.

All and all, Avalanche is a very good feature that allows for much more payouts within the same round because the feature will keep going until there are no more ways to form a win.

Free Spins

Nowadays a lot of slots have a Free Spins feature but in these slots, the Free Spins are usually triggered by collecting a certain amount of Scatters. With Megacluster slots, some developers may implement such mechanics, but usually, Free Spins are activated once you’ve triggered the Avalanche feature several times.

Symbol Upgrades

With the symbol upgrade, you have an opportunity to create bigger clusters of symbols, which, of course, improves your winnings. Though we have to say that this is not the feature you can activate, per se, but it will instead become active after you won. The symbols that were next to your winning combo will be upgraded in a tier-like system. Such a system will also allow for some amazing payoffs and win potential.

Best Megacluster Slots

As of now, only the Big Time Gaming studio mostly makes video slots with the Megacluster engine, as this is a provider that creates these mechanics. Although the Relax Gaming company has also made a great Megacluster slot – Kluster Krystals Megaclusters. ****For now, you can play such great Megacluster slots as:

  • Star Clusters Megaclusters
  • Diamond Fruits Megaclusters
  • Cyberslot Megaclusters
  • Kluster Krystals Megaclusters


Granted, while there are currently not that many Megacluster slots, we have no doubt that many more will be released in the near future, as this engine has been drawing quite a lot of attention in recent times. That is not surprising, as in addition to unique mechanics, and great features, Megacluster slots provide a fantastic win potential that people will naturally love.

So now that you know how Megaclusters work, and if you also find this engine interesting, you will be happy to know that plenty of the best online casinos allow you to play Megacluster slot. You can just choose the best one, and try this awesome feature for yourself.

So best of luck!


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Updated: 14.06.2022

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