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Caesars Sports is Coming to Mobile!

07.09.2017 12:04
You could say it’s a long time coming as Caesars Entertainment, who are the only ones missing this element, are said to be preparing their own Sports Betting mobile app coming to the App store and Play stores.
Caesars Sports is Coming to Mobile!
There isn’t much information available past the basics with no real comments or confirmations online just yet, but it’s expected that the app will be powered by MiOMNi.


MiOMNi have been in the online space for over 10 years with emphasis in the gaming industry for the last 8 years. All areas of online development and product design are specialized, and build the best-of-breed apps with intuitive user experience and full interactivity
MiOMNi are experts in integrating multiple systems into one seamless customer experience and wallet, and currently have home grown solutions and integrations for Racebook, Sportsbook, Fantasy, iCasino, Concierge, Messaging with Geo-location technology approved by Nevada Gaming Board and GLI, and the ability of distribution to multiple devices with full redundancy backed up by solid SLA’s.
Caesars Sports is Coming to Mobile!-2
It’s very likely that the functionality and appearance, as well as the interface, of the Caesars Sports app will be the same as the other applications on the Las Vegas market and any accounts to be used through the app must be opened in person by persons aged 21 years of age or older.
Th quirk, or requirement you could say, that might restrict people’s use of the app is that they must be within the Nevada space to access sand bet through the app which does have its ups and downs.
The ups are that it helps contain the product, contain the availability and keep everything within the state. The downs being that a committed user of the app couldn’t place a bet if on vacation or on a work-related trip within the states, which may well cause a degree of frustration.
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Gligor 20.09.2017 09:28
Sounds exciting!