Exclusive Interview: Tom Horn Gaming - Book of Cleo

Answers to Our Questions

Answers to Our Questions

1. What inspired the theme and storyline for "Book of Cleo"?

The story behind our new slot game, “Book of Cleo”, draws inspiration from the fascinating world of ancient Egypt. The rich history, mythology, and mysteries that surround this civilisation provide unlimited options for captivating narratives. The allure of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, served as a central inspiration. The storyline unfolds as an adventurous quest through time, blending historical elements with a touch of mystique to create a compelling narrative that adds depth and excitement to the gaming experience. An Arabian Nights-like groove wraps everything up, creating an unforgettable immersive experience.

2. Can you tell us about the unique features and gameplay mechanics that set "Book of Cleo" apart from other slot games?

The brilliance of this game lies in the seamless cooperation of its features, captivating storyline and immersive soundscape. All elements are blended in perfect synergy to elevate the player experience to new heights. And there is of course a popular ‘book of’ mechanics which sets the stage for a captivating experience and players love it. In free spins, a special symbol and increasing multiplier spice up the bonus game experience, helping to accumulate bigger wins. The grand finale comes in the bonus buy feature which takes players right into free spins, where their efforts are generously rewarded. The game is a great blast on mobile devices, with a simple and intuitive user interface that allows players to set their preferred settings such as bet level, autoplay, or turbo mode.

3. How does "Book of Cleo" incorporate elements of ancient Egyptian mythology and history into the game?

We always aim for an unparalleled level of detail in terms of storytelling, visual design, and gameplay experience. Therefore, we meticulously researched ancient Egyptian mythology and history to ensure an authentic and immersive experience in “Book of Cleo”. From the Queen of Egypt herself to the symbols and artifacts that players encounter, every aspect of the game is crafted to pay homage to the rich cultural tapestry of this fascinating civilization.

4. Can you share some insights into the development journey of "Book of Cleo," including any challenges you faced during its creation?

Just like the development of every other game, the creation of “Book of Cleo” was both exciting and challenging. Crafting a game with smooth gameplay, engaging mechanics and a compelling narrative required meticulous planning and creativity. We faced challenges in balancing the game's features to ensure an optimal player experience. Additionally, fine-tuning the graphics and animations to meet our high standards posed its own set of challenges. However, overcoming these obstacles ultimately resulted in a game that we're proud of, offering players a rewarding gaming experience.

5. Can you provide a glimpse of the plans or expansions related to "Book of Cleo" that players can look forward to?

We aim to keep the gaming community excited and engaged, so players can look forward to additional content and features that will further enrich their gaming adventures. Since its release, “Book of Cleo” has been making waves and players love it. This title is a great addition to our ‘book of’ style games and it is following in the footsteps of its successful predecessors such as “Book of Spells”, “Book of Aladdin” or one of our ever so popular games “The Secret of Ba”, which equally draws inspiration from ancient Egypt. Given the success of these titles, we might revisit this concept in the future and, as always, add some new level of excitement in the form of new features that will spice up the gameplay and take the player experience to the next level.

6. How does Tom Horn Gaming engage with the gaming community to gather feedback and improve games like "Book of Cleo"?

Tom Horn Gaming values the input of the gaming community, and we actively engage with players and streamers to gather feedback. We leverage social media channels, forums, and direct communication to create a dialogue with our player community. Regular updates and surveys help us understand player preferences, allowing us to make informed decisions about game improvements. This collaborative approach ensures that player feedback is a crucial part of our game development process, helping us continuously refine and enhance titles like “Book of Cleo” based on the needs and desires of our players.

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We are very grateful to Katarina for unveiling some of the secrets behind the provider’s new Egyptian slot. We are certainly looking forward to new, fascinating content from Tom Horn Gaming! In the meantime, the players can enjoy the Book of Cleo, out on 15/11/2023!

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