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German Lottery Monopolies Not in a Good Situation

30.11.2017 20:27
German Court Crucial In German Lottery Monopolies Decision The court in Germany began an investigation into the state lottery monopolies and it found that they are working against the EU law.
The situation is as follows, monopolies are forbidden by law but the state desires to keep them. That contradicts Article 56 of the TFEU (Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union), which allows gambling monopolies under special certain conditions.
The complaint against state lottery monopolies was submitted from a certain Bavarian company that wants to stay unknown and since then has been active and kept by the Munich’s Administrative Court.
The news is going well for the current license holders because the judgment clearly expressed that the land-based lottery monopolies currently in operation in all of the country’s 16 states breached the EU’s principles of “freedom to provide services” and the “constitutionally guaranteed freedom of choice”.
However, the unnamed Bavarian company found few examples of the state monopoly promoting large attractive jackpots, which is opposite from the government’s strong wish to keep gambling to a minimum.
From this entire situation, the biggest benefit belongs to the private lottery operators currently providing their services in Germany.
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