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CrownBet Has The Second Interested Buyer

CrownBet Has The Second Interested Buyer

28.11.2017 22:06
Paddy Power Is Second In Line To Bid On CrownBetLast week reports stated that the British bookmaker William Hill got into discussions with Crown Resorts to buy CrownBet. This week’s reports say that there is another player in the game that is expected to make an offer to Crown Resorts about CrownBet. That other player is Paddy Power.
Paddy Power already owns the main and leading Aussie gambling business, Sportsbet. This already brings quite the profit to the company, as well as a rise in its shares to €98.80. That is a rise of 3.08-4%.
Crown Resorts has already addressed the divest speculation last week. This has raised a completely different question about who the respective buyer is going to be. William Hill confirmed the speculations that they are in the buying game and are making some offers. Will Hill also confirmed being involved in preliminary discussions with Crown Resorts.
They issued a statement in the public after the media speculated their discussions about William Hill Australia making an offer to buy CrownBet, which makes up 62% of the Crown Resorts capital. In the light of these speculations, William Hill confirmed that they are in active negotiations with CrownBet, but nobody knows if they will be successful and fruitful for both sides involved.
The only thing left to be done is to wait and see if whichever of their discussions are going to have a transaction ending.
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