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Tribal Casino Facing Legal Battle in Oklahoma Full Story

Tribal Casino Facing Legal Battle in Oklahoma Full Story

22.08.2017 16:46
The US Department of the Interior (DOI) is under siege of a legal battle this month after proceedings were started by the Comanche tribal nation of Oklahoma after the DOI allowed a new casino to be built on the Texas Border.
Chicksaw Nation sought and gained permission from the DOI to build a brand new casino on the Texas border, a decision and act that hasn’t been well received and, as such, has resulted in the beginning of legal actions.
Tribal Casino Facing Legal Battle in Oklahoma-1
An attorney for the Comanche Nation told local news sources that “The Comanche feel like they’ve played by the rules and their competition did not.
The lawsuit was filed in Oklahoma some point last week with the tribe contesting the rights of the Chickasaw Nation to be allowed to build a casino on a site which had once been part of reservation land, after being allowed to do so under a special provision of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.
The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act forbids tribes from building casinos after 17/10/88 on land that was placed into trust.
Tribal Casino Facing Legal Battle in Oklahoma-2
This will no doubt be the last we hear of this battle and the potential for more similar occurrences in the future, we may even see a new bill passed extending the already enforced acts from varying regulators to help control fairness and reconstitute support that helps both sides and enables proper agreements and restrictions in the future.
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