Medium volatility slots

Medium variance slots are probably the most popular and most loved slot category. This is because medium volatile slots possess the best features from both the high variance and low variance slots. 

When compared to high variance slots, they might offer smaller payouts, but they are far more frequent, whereas their payouts are much higher than the ones of low variance slots. Additionally, medium variance slots usually come with tons of bonus features which are the key factor in having a pleasant gaming experience. Players love bonuses and great gameplay, and that is exactly what medium variance slots will provide them with.

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Medium volatility slots

List of the Best Medium Variance Slots

What is Meant by Medium Variance Slots?

As stated earlier, medium variance slots represent the sweet middle between slots with high volatility and the ones with low volatility. The risk with medium volatile slots is much lower than the one in highly volatile slots, yet the rewards are far greater than the ones with low volatile slots. 

One of the easiest ways to check the volatility of a certain slot is to see how rewarding the jackpot is. The higher the prize is, the higher the volatility rate will be. Other factors include bonus rounds, size of other payouts, random features, etc. The medium volatility slots category features medium-low, medium-medium, and medium-high volatile slots.

What is Meant by Medium Variance Slots?

Opt-in for medium variance slots if you have a bigger budget and are looking to play for longer!

Medium Variance Slots Content

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Tips for Choosing a Slot with Medium Variance

There are several things that you might want to consider when picking the best medium variance slots. By following the tips that we are about to show you, you will end up choosing a very good slot that will provide you with a unique gaming experience. 

Play at a Trustworthy Casino

First off, you need to make sure that you register and play at a trustworthy casino. The best way to determine that is to check for the casino’s licence. Trustworthy casinos are also supplied by some of the world’s best game providers. 

Study Slot Game Rules and Info

All of the best medium variance slots come with specific terms and conditions which are applied to the gameplay, rules, etc. Reading them before you start playing is a smart decision as you will become more familiar with what the game has to offer. 

Try Out Demo Version First

Trying out a demo version before playing for real money is a smart thing to do if you want to determine whether you like the game or not. Some online casinos offer demo play, but you can also access the provider’s site and search for the slot there.

Look at the Bonuses with Medium Volatility Slots

All medium variance slots come with certain bonuses. The more rewarding they are, the better it is for you. The final thing to do before choosing a slot game is to look at all the bonuses and see whether they are rewarding or not.

Unlike low volatility slots, which often pay out small wins, and high variance slots, which pay out big amounts only occasionally, medium variance slots tend to pay out great wins now and then. It strikes a nice balance between low and high volatility, that’s why medium volatility slots are so popular.

  1. See the RTP of Slots
  2. Check Out Bonus Features
  3. Set Your Limits
  4. Go for a Nice Bonus
Medium volatility slots advantages

How to Determine Slot Variance

Determining the slot variance is possible by looking at several indicators. These factors will provide you with enough information to see what is the variance of the slot you chose, or in this case, determining medium volatility slots. Let’s check out what are some of those indicators.

Study the Paytable of the Slot Game

First off, studying the paytable of the slot game is one of the best indicators. The more rewarding the slot is, the higher its volatility rate is. As we mentioned earlier, medium variance slots fall in the middle – their rewards are not extremely high, but they are not low as well.

Look at Prizes Offered by the Game Developer

Checking the prizes offered by the game developer will give you an insight into what is the main focus of the company. Medium volatile slots feature prizes, but not as much as slots with a high volatility rate. 

Check the Max Bet in the Slot

Similar to the paytable, the higher the maximum bet in the slot is, the higher its volatility rate will be. High bets lead to high rewards. The paytable and the max bet are among the best indicators of the slot variance.

Read Reviews About the Slot

Finally, reading reviews about the slot is extremely worth it as you will get more familiar with not only the slot variance but some of the technical information as well, which will prove to be of massive help.

Real Money Bonuses for Medium Volatile Slots

Medium volatility slots are no strangers to casino bonuses. One of the most frequently issued bonuses for these games is Free Spins, which is a no deposit bonus. Match deposit bonuses can also be used on slots. Using these bonuses is a smart idea since they can boost your winnings and/or allow you to play medium variance slots without making a deposit.
Welcome Bonus: €200 Bonus + 100 Extra Spins
Welcome offer: 100% up to €100 + 100 Free Spins
100% up to €300 — 1st deposit

Best Providers of Slots with Medium Variance

The more reputable the game provider is, the higher the quality of the slot game will be, thus you are provided with a better gaming experience. That is why it is important to check which game providers supply the online casino that you chose. 

Some of the most reputable game providers in the world for medium volatility slots are Big Time Gaming, Microgaming, Endorphina, Amaya, Novomatic, and NetEnt. As for some of the most popular slots, the list includes:

  1. 243 Crystal Fruits by Tom Horn Gaming
  2. 3 Devils Pinball by Microgaming
  3. 7 Oceans by Microgaming
  4. Age of the Gods by PlayTech
  5. Aloha! Christmas by NetEnt
Best Providers of Slots with Medium Variance

Look at prizes offered by the game developer when searching for a slot!

Best Slots Featuring Medium Volatility

Choosing the best medium variance slots can take a lot of research from time to time, which is why we decided to help you out in this field by providing you with a small list of the best slots that feature medium volatility. Let’s check them out.

Action Dragons

Action Dragons is a slot game by Ainsworth. The layout for this game is 5x3 and both Scatter and Wild symbols are featured. The max win of this slot game is 1,500x your stake and the theme is Asian. This is one of the best 2020 releases by Ainsworth and features a Free Spins mode and a total of 30 paylines.

Action Dragons - Slot

Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods is inspired by Greek mythology and lets you conquer Mount Olympus. This slot by Playtech offers 20 paylines and a maximum payout of 250x your stake. The RTP rate of this game is 95% and both Wild and Scatter symbols are featured. Players can also earn Free Spins.

Age of the Gods - Slot

Alkemor’s Tower

Betsoft brought the magic world to life with the wizard that will help you reach the ultimate prize. This slot game features a total of 243 paylines and has a jackpot with a maximum payout of 1,750x your stake. A Wild symbol that will help you form winning combinations is featured and Free Spins are included as well.

Alkemor’s Tower - Slot


Do all low volatility slots offer the same features?

Different providers put different kinds of features into their games. That’s why these kinds of slots vary significantly.

Do low volatility slots offer bonus features?

Some low volatility titles offer bonus features such as free spins and multipliers. But some like to keep it classic and don’t offer any bonus rounds.

Are there low volatility slots with jackpots?

Yes, there are. Some of these slots offer jackpots, but they’re usually fixed jackpots.

How do I determine a slot’s volatility?

You can do it yourself by researching the slot on the provider’s official site. Alternatively, you can get a detailed review of a slot on this site.

How do I find the top low variance slot?
Focus on looking for the slot that suits your needs. You can rely on this site for help.

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