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eGaming Montenegro: Making Millionaires
eGaming Montenegro: Making Millionaires

eGaming Montenegro: Making Millionaires

eGaming Montenegro Gambling License

Founded in 2011, eGambling Montenegro is a relatively new endeavor. It was operating under the radar of popular online casino rating sites until it increased its number of operators at about 2014. But, with the increase of operators came the rise in the number of Montenegro licensed casino sites that were blacklisted by some websites, as they were reportedly having issues with questionable and non-original software, mostly from NetEnt and Novomatic.
Online gaming licensing is a serious thing and should be taken as such. Online casinos operate with real money and confidential client data, like credit card numbers and such, and so the software and the security systems need to be top of the line and reliable for players to participate.

eGaming Montenegro: Making Millionaires
E-Gambling Montenegro d.o.o.
Registration number: 50615951
81000 Podgorica, Moskovska br. 65.

Montenegro Online Gaming Claims to Make 'Millionaires'

Following off the success of the movie ‘Casino Royale’, Montenegro Online gaming is promising its players the James Bond lifestyle, filled with fast cars and hot women.
It shouldn’t even be necessary to comment on this since it is obvious how ridiculous it sounds. Web Garden creates E-Gambling Montenegro, it is difficult to say at this point what other names of agencies they may pull down with them, as it is quite possible they are simply using non-original software, without any connection to the brand they claim it comes from.
They also state that their E-Gambling site is regulated by the Games of Chance Administration, which is the authority for Montenegro.
They claim their license is highly prized, but this is false; prized licenses can only come from countries that have already done this for a while, like Malta or other European Union countries for instance - if you are looking for an excellent example of a gambling law, you should consider the United States, Canada, U.K., Australia & New Zealand, Asia, etc.
Competent licensing Jurisdictions come from Alderney, Antigua & Barbuda, Belize, Costa Rica, Curacao, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Kahnawake, Malta, and Panama.
Any significant review sites do not list Montenegro licensing. Casinos officially listed as licensed in E-Gambling Montenegro are Couldbet Casino, and some major gambling sites already blacklist 2winbet Casino. 2 win bet casino, and you will probably have a problem opening the Cloudbet Casino site if you have a good antivirus installed or an AdBlocker.
Other casinos regulated by E-Gambling Montenegro are SpeedHoldEm, BluffABit, and NovaBoom, and they are all blacklisted by major and trusted gambling sites.
If you spend only a small portion of your time reading the reviews for Montenegro eGambling, you’ll see that everybody marked them as questionable.
And, it is true that this licensor has become very popular with shady practices. There have been reports that several of the licensed casinos are found to have non-genuine (stolen) software, usually Net Entertainment and Novomatic.
There are also reports of licensors faking licenses from jurisdictions they don’t possess, like the Curacao license, and that they have retroactively changed the terms and conditions after the players agreed to them and invested money in gambling there.
The facts are that these sites are shady at best, and thus, you need to avoid them and learn more about how to protect yourself if you are an online gambler.

Do Your Research

As said, online gaming casinos and live online gaming casinos handle real money. If you are already an experienced player, chances are you already done some real money betting online.
Most good online casino sites offer some credit to newcomers serving as a welcoming gift and a test. You can’t earn real money, but you don’t have to spend any either. You use it to test out the games offered, find your way around and get used to the platform they offer.
Now, when your test period is over, and you want to play for real money, that’s when you need to consider safety and security, as well as the reputation that site has.
To help in this matter, there are several sites on the web, such as ours, that have dedicated their work to collecting and constantly updating the data on these sites — sort of keeping tabs on everything.
Here you will find lists of genuine and trusted online gaming sites, and you can also find blacklisted sites that can’t be trusted with your data.
It is the same as the live online gaming sites. Whether they have a live dealer or a virtual one, they need excellent licensed software and a reliable security system.
With live dealer sites, the dealers working there also need to be licensed and checked out most of the time. A good live dealer online gaming site runs a background check on their dealers, and only employs dealers with a proper license.
Now, it is a common thing to hear that online casino operators are dirty or that virtual casino programs are rigged, but this is a misconception. A good online casino with a virtual program operates on a PRNG system. PRNG is short for a pseudorandom number generator, and it is used to draw cards, numbers, and such. These programs are all required by the state to have a good license.
The live dealers also need something often called a ‘vendor license’. This means they are licensed by the Major Licensing Jurisdictions, though some get their license from Malta.
You should note that a good license must come from a country with a competent gambling authority. If for instance, a site or a dealer has a license from Costa Rica, they are simply referring to a license for starting up an online business. This only means they are licensed to sell stuff online, not to own a gambling business. Those sites should be avoided and are probably already blacklisted.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Stay connected and in the loop. Our site has a vast number of members, and it offers every member the chance to leave his feedback or rating on a website. Our community has been built for the sole purpose to improve the online gaming world through online socializing.
Also, as mentioned before, we always check up on sites out there and update our lists. If you are considering a new website for online gaming, you should first check out if it’s in any of our lists. If it is a very new site and you can’t find it on any list, then you should be patient and chat with our members about it. There is a good chance that you will find people also interested in the same thing so you can gain useful information beforehand.
You should also consider the manufacturer for the site’s software when checking out the website. Though, this is not as reliable as the previous method for many false sites will falsely advertise a good and known manufacturer, when in fact the software is non-original.

Other Online Gambling Opportunities

Every online gaming site needs a license, no exceptions. If it’s a slot machine gaming site, a card game site, live or virtual, or other…it doesn’t matter. They all need it.

Also, sports betting sites are popular, though they can’t fall into the same category as gaming sites, they offer a decent and reliable way of betting.

Our Contribution

We offer you the chance to become a part of a community existing for improving the online gambling world and ensuring the safety for everyone. By participating and socializing on our site, you will find like-minded people, gain exciting and useful information, and enhance your pleasure in online gaming. So, please join us and participate, as we give our small contribution to the online gaming world.
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