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Gambling Licenses

The Philippines Gambling Commission (PAGCOR)

The Philippines Gambling Commission, aka PAGCOR, was created through a Presidential Decree and it is controlled and owned by the government. For right now, they are the third biggest money maker for the Philippines government. They think that by the year of 2020, they will be able to lead the Philippines to be the top gaming and entertainment location for the region of ASEAN. In doing this, they will have a lot of revenue coming in that will help to fund the nation-building programs. They do have a solid goal set for themselves and their mission is pretty simple to understand. They have the desire to make an environment which will help to grow the industry of gaming and entertainment, they also want to create and uphold mandatory frame-work that will help in keeping the integrity of this industry good. There are a lot of companies that are just looking to make money for their own good out there, businesses like this one are very good because casino operators know that the PAGCOR has more than money, they also have the trust of the government.

The Philippines Gambling Commission (PAGCOR)
3/F PAGCOR House, 1330 Roxas Boulevard
Ermita, Manila 1000
Telephone: +632-521-1542 loc. 376
Email: gldd@pagcor.ph ; keepitfun@pagcor.ph
Website: www.pagcor.ph

Benefits of Having an Online Gambling License in the Philippines

There are a lot of good reasons to get a gambling license from the Philippines Gambling Commission, such as:

  • An online gambling license will allow the holder of the license to operate in the allowed countries.

  • The license will actually help to protect the business that the license is issued to.

  • The reputation of the business will be great because a business without a license is not a very trustworthy business at all!

  • The business will have the ability to develop more as far as online games are concerned.

  • The money used to get the license will help the government of the Philippines.

Types of Licenses Offered by The Philippines Gambling Commission

There are only a few licenses that are offered by the Philippines Gambling Commission (The PAGCOR). Here are the licenses that they offer, along with some of the fees associated with them:

  1. Offshore Gaming License

            Application and PROCESSING FEES
            (Onetime fee)
            e-Casino:USD 50,000.00
            Sports Betting:USD 40,000.00
      2. Offshore Gaming Agent Accreditation
          Application and PROCESSING FEES
          (Onetime fee)
          USD 20,000.00
      3. Gaming Software/Platform Provider Registration 
          Application and PROCESSING FEES
          (Onetime fee)
          USD 20,000.00
      4. Gaming Support Provider Registration
         Application and PROCESSING FEES
         (Onetime fee)
         USD 20,000.00
      5. Data Streaming/Content Provider
         Application and PROCESSING FEES
         (Onetime fee)
         USD 40,000.00
      6. BPO
         Application and PROCESSING FEES
         (Onetime fee)
         USD 50,000.00

The History of The Philippines Gambling Commission (The PAGCOR)

After the Philippines Gambling Commission (The PAGCOR) had first been established, they made a contract with the PCOC so that the PCOC would be able to operate their floating casino during the year of 1977 and it was in Manila Bay. Although that casino taught the gambling commission a lesson and from then on, they would only license the land casinos (the lesson being that the boat caught fire).  During the year of 1983, the decree was set in motion that would make it so that the PAGCOR would have to contribute as the governing corporation that would conduct and establish all gaming pools and also casinos that were located within the country. During the year of 1986, however, the business changed the direction they were going and became an organization to help the government with money.


The Philippines Gambling Commission (The PAGCOR) is a trustworthy business that is just trying to help the government so that the country can be helped more. Online casinos that are looking to get a license to operate their casino should certainly check out the PAGCOR. Gambling commissions are very important to casinos, so are licenses. With the proper license, a casino operator will gain a better reputation and they will get more customers coming to and from their site. The licenses are also good for those that are looking not just to help their reputation, but also will help a casino get the access that they need to operate in specific countries. So far, they have not been unfair to any business and they only have good reviews online, meaning that they are safe and able to be trusted by casino operators that are looking to expand their business.

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